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I Chopped My Hair Off – Glow Up For Back To School / JustJordan33

(gentle music) – Hi guys! It’s Jordan, and today I’m gonna be trying to have a major glow up. So I was just sitting here
eating my chicken pot pie with a smiley face in it
that I made for myself. – [Girl] Ah, there’s chicken pot pie! (laughs) – And I was like, you know what I really want to do right now? I want to cut my hair. And so I’ve been wanting
to cut my hair for months, but I’ve been like, okay, look at this. It’s like, it’s really, really long. It goes to like my booty, and I want to cut it
up to like right here. And that’s like a drastic
change and like that’s like a ton of hair if
you know what I mean. I feel like… And I wish I could donate it, but like I can’t because it’s bleached and they don’t accept bleached hair and so like I’ve really been struggling to just like pull myself together and just do it and just cut it. – Do it.
– But like I’m too scared. – I say do it. – So I think we should
try and have a major summer glow up and cut our hair, get a new cute outfit, maybe
do like some face masks, do our nails or something and like try and maybe try out a new makeup style or something and see if I could like drastically change it all. I don’t know, we’re gonna see. Yeah, we’re here to take you along with us and document it all, so, I’m gonna eat my chicken pot pie and then I guess, maybe we’ll cut my hair, we’ll see. You guys, I’m really
freaking out right now. I finished my chicken pot pie and now we’re gonna chop
my hair and I’m so nervous. So my mama is like a master hair cutter – I don’t know about
master but I’ve done hair. – You were a cosmetologist, right? – Yes.
– For a few years. And so, like you know,
you know your stuff. And so she has always cut our hair. I’ve never ever been to a hair salon. And so, yeah okay I’m just, I don’t know, I’m really nervous. So the haircut I’m thinking
of is like, a shoulder. I could not go above shoulder, so yeah, I don’t know,
I don’t, I don’t know. Okay, what makes it
really nerve-wracking is that I literally have school pictures in like three days, and
so if this turns out bad, we’re gonna be in trouble. (laughing) – [Mom] Why would it turn out bad? – ‘Cause what if it doesn’t
work with my face shape? What if like, my hair is like really thick and what if it just like
floofs out like crazy? Or what if it’s like just too straight that it like slicks to my face like this? Also, I did a poll on
Instagram if I should cut my hair or not, let’s see the results. So I did a poll and it’s
really late at night right now. It’s currently 10:17, so like, not a lot of people are up, but this
is what we’re at right now. I said, should I cut
my hair short tonight? And 54% of the people said yes and 46% said no, so it’s like pretty split down the even, er split down the even? It’s pretty split down
the middle right now. (laughing) – We’re chopping. – Which makes it even more nerve-wracking, ’cause I was hoping
everyone would be like, yeah, just chop it off. And now everyone’s like, I don’t know. Do what you wanna do, and I’m like, I don’t know what I wanna do. – [Mom] So do you like my spray bottle? – [Cameraman] Your spray bottle? – I lost my spray bottle, – [Jordan] This is what we’re doing now. – This is what we have. – There we go, okay, so this is the haircut that I’m going for, but like the thing is, I’m really scared because my hair is super
straight and it doesn’t have like that much volume, so I’m worried that I won’t look like that and then I’ll be like, what? So that’s what I’m nervous about. But like that’s the look we’re going for. We’ll see what happens. We’re actually gonna cut it. (laughing) This is like the biggest
part of the video. This is like the main part,
like the craziest part ’cause my hair is so long. Oh, I get the first chop. – Wait, can you donate your hair to me ’cause I could use some,
a little here on the top. – Oh yes, okay I want to
cut from the left side. Actually, no I want to do the
right side because I’m fancy. Okay are you ready? I’m so scared. (laughing) Oh my gosh that’s so much, even this right here, that’s so much hair. I think I’m going insane, oh my gosh. I can’t get it. (laughing) No, what have I done? Oh no, it’s so short. – [Cameraman] It really got cut off. – Oh my gosh, it’s so short. That’s not even the shortest I want. I wanted to go shorter. – [Cameraman] Oh Jordie! – Okay Mom, chop it before
I regret my decision. Just chop it off. – [Mom] It is being chopped. – [Jordan] There’s literally
no turning back now. If I said no, I can’t. – [Cameraman] If you cut it, there’s still more there, what the heck? – [Mom] She has a lot of hair. – [Jordan] I have so much hair. The thing about my hair
is it’s really long and it’s really thick
and it’s really straight and like slippery, like slick. Like it has no texture at all. And so like, I don’t know,
this is so nerve-wracking. – [Cameraman] You should
leave it like that – [Mom] Oh no. – [Cameraman] Just leave a
big old gap in the middle. [Upbeat Music] – [Mom] Okay, feel it. – It’s gone, (laughing) it’s so short. – Okay, it looks good.
– Wow! – Oh my gosh, it’s not on my
back anymore, I’m so used to… (laughing) It’s so short
– And it’s not coming back. – There’s no split ends though, (laughing) so there we go. – [Cameraman] Yeah, there’s a
lot of ends down there though. – (gasping) Ew! Mom, what’s your face? I feel like you’re like… – I’m just excited, I think it’s great. – I thought I could
hear your mouth moving, so I thought she was going… And I was like, oh no! – Oh no, I like it, I’m excited. – Okay this is probably
getting a little boring for you guys, we’ll
pause and I guess we’ll show you the final product. – [Cameraman] You’ve still got a whole another layer up on top. – Yeah we got a lotta hair to
go, so this may take a while. Okay, so my hair is complete
and I’m gonna go look in the mirror and show you guys too. This is my first reaction,
I’m very nervous, let’s go. Here I go, oh, okay, all right. Actually, (laughing), actually I kinda like it. Okay, it’s, it’s way shorter than it was ’cause it was down to
here, that’s a lot of hair. I was expecting it to
be a little bit shorter, but I like it! Okay, now we need to like… It isn’t done yet though, like we have to still curl it and everything. oh I like it like this. Oh Mom, you did such a good job. Yay, oh my goodness. Okay, then when I curl it
and everything, it will be… Hello Logan, when we
curl it and everything, it’ll be like even shorter. Oh, it’s gonna be so cute. Oh, I’m so excited now. Oh it was real silly to go
like this and it not go down any farther, it just like, it stops. Oh that’s gonna be the best feeling when I go to shower and wash my hair. It’s gonna be so short
so I only have to use like a tiny bit of shampoo and then also, when I brush my hair, I
don’t have to go like this. I could just go like… It’s gonna feel so weird. What do you guys think? I like it I actually like it a lot. I like, I’m so happy I did this actually, I like really like it. – [Mom] I think it was that curled, and even straight, I think it’s fun. – (laughing) Don’t do this. I think I actually really like it. – Oh yay!
– Yay! I’m so happy now that I’ve
like seen it, I really like it. Okay, all right, so it is a few days after I cut my hair and it’s nighttime. So I’m like getting all ready for bed, but I think I figured
out how to style it now. Like I just curl it a little like, really kind of loose curls and like, just go with it I think? I actually really like it you guys. Like it’s a lot easier to take care of and I get ready a lot
faster in the morning now. So I really like short hair. So continuing on with the glow-up or an attempt at having a glow up, we are going to do a face mask because I feel like that’s just critical for this video, I don’t know. So this is the face mask I’m gonna use and I don’t know why, but this is my favorite face mask because literally like whenever I have like red spots or like pimples or anything like these, if I use this for like
two or three days after, they’re like completely gone. This is like a miracle worker. I have no idea why it
works so well with my skin, but it does and so this is
what I’m gonna be using. It’s so good I love it so much. You can go eat ice cream. (laughing) That’s not part of the
glow up, but it’s just fun. That would be great, we
should to that tonight actually, because I love ice cream and it sounds really good, okay. Look at this, I got this for my birthday. Isn’t it so cute? I’m a cat, (laughing) okay, okay. Let’s put on the face mask. (gentle music) Okay, I think it’s all done. (clapping) Yay, okay so that’s the face mask. I think we should go upstairs and get some ice cream because
that sounds really good and I don’t know if
that’s part of a glow up but like also, it just sounds really good. So I think we should
go upstairs and eat it. And you guys can come with me, so go get your ice cream and let’s go. We got the ice cream,
there was no chocolate, so I had to go with vanilla and then I put this magical hardening
chocolate shell on top of it. So yum, okay if you guys
want an ice cream pro tip, if you’re waiting for it to become soft before you like scoop it and
everything, look at this. See, it’s a hard shell, sorry. I got really sidetracked,
but like if you’re waiting for it to get hard, or if
you’re waiting for the ice cream to become softer before you scoop it, but like you really want ice
cream right then and there, just pop it in the microwave
for like 10 seconds. I know it sounds so weird to put ice cream in the microwave, but
like trust me, it works. And then like your ice cream will be soft and ready to scoop and delicious. Also, I want to spill some tea. Actually it’s not even tea, but like, I want to inform you guys that my pictures have already been taken
and it’s a little bit like two days after my haircut. The reason being is I chopped my hair. Like as soon as I
finished cutting my hair, I got a text message saying
that the school pictures were gonna be that next morning and I was like, what? Had I known that crucial
piece of information, I would’ve saved cutting
my hair til afterwards because I had no idea how to
style my hair or anything. Literally, it would have been a fresh, brand-new haircut and
I was like so nervous versus like if I had a few
days, I would have been able to work with it and
figure out how to curl it and everything, but like, no sweetie. My pictures, it was just straight up, just like brand-new haircut and so yeah, we took the school pictures and everything and it was, I think it
turned out good actually. But I don’t have them to show you, but we did end up taking
a photo shoot with… My mom took some photos
on the really nice camera. And so I’ll show you that picture. I think it turned out something like this, I don’t know, that’s the
picture that my mom took on our nice big camera, but I’m hoping the school pictures turned
out good because just like, right after the haircut I was like, no! But yeah, that’s the tea. All right, this is an update
on the whole haircutting situation and the summer glow up because honestly, I forgot
to film the next day, not gonna lie, oops, uh oh! So, this has been, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s been a few days since
you’ve seen the last clip and I tried something
different with my makeup, but you probably can’t even tell because it’s literally
pretty much the exact same. All I did was I made this part
more of like a cateye wing sort of thing by adding like
a darker shade right here. But honestly, I don’t think
you could tell the difference because I don’t really
know how to do makeup. I’m just kind of
experimenting, so kinda looks the exact same to me, but I don’t know. So I put my hair in a little ponytail. So literally, okay I’ve had this haircut for like two and a half weeks now I’d say, I don’t know two weeks, I don’t know. It’s been a while and I’ve got to say that it is really nice
because it’s super convenient like I could just literally just wake up and then do my hair like super fast. It takes a lot less
time than my long hair, but the only problem is, is that there’s not a lot of hairstyles
I can do with my hair. Literally I could do this
and I can leave it down and like either straight or curl it, and that’s about it, which
is nice because it makes it super easy to do, but it’s kind of hard because I mean, that’s like
the only options I have. So I don’t know, but
I still like it a lot. So I guess that’s it for today’s video. Really this video was
just to kind of show you me cutting my hair because
that was like a huge stuff that was like crazy, my hair was so long. So I just wanted to show you guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did give it a big thumbs up, subscribe to the subscribe
button from red to gray and comment down below, do
you have long or short hair? Ooh, and I’ll see you guys next time, bye.

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