Humber Spring 2019 Convocation – School of Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism
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Humber Spring 2019 Convocation – School of Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism

♪>>GOOD MORNING LADIES AND LENTN AMEWE HBEREUMR C SIWE ARHE N ADTEGRUAS HI TYES S AR 201 9 19RE20CENYMO. ♪ IT’S LIKE A DIAMOND RING IS A PRECIOUS THING AND WE NEVER WANT TO LOSE IT. IT’S LIKE A FAVOURITE SONG THAT WE LOVE TO SING. N’U OWYOKN TT RETHOVGE GOT KHE H NET IK LISRRSBEE IE OTHVIN E TO SETETLLWEHE A TE.IM T ♪ ♪ ♪ IS KEAI R NHTNYIGND ACA LILE♪T WE GOTHWHE INWOIN T RHT♪ ♪ AND IISUSTHWABE PLTE♪ D’TOUNOTH WARIN TH LE GEER♪ WVEOTHEINTH LT FOVE♪ WEE TS VEOGETHER♪ ♪ IT ISIKBEIEN ♪ ♪ ♪ S RER ♪E E IN THILO TETR ♪ ♪ IT IS LE RRS THEIN ♪T T EER L E ME♪ ♪E E TS VEOGHE D’TOUNOTH WE ARIN TH LE GEER♪ KE ♪>>THANK U. ♪ MWAY DOTO WKI FAS♪ ♪AC PASANI D ♪ SRI BNK AADS MANGY Y ♪ ♪HRGHHERO AND I NEED YOU ♪ ♪ AND I MISS YOU ♪ ♪ AND N I WONDER ♪ ♪ IF I COULD FALLNTO THSKY ♪ ♪ T♪ BAU Y KW WOD LK ♪ ♪ TUSD LEIF CLD ♪ TIG ♪ THERE IS ALWAYS TIMES LIKE THISHEN THK U ER THINK OF ME ♪ ♪ BECAUSE I DON’T THINK I BELONG RUNNING ALONG IN YOUR PRECIOUS MEMORIES ♪ ♪ AND I NEED YOU ♪ ♪ AND I WILL MISS YOU ♪ II COULDALTO THEKY♪ ♪ THINK TIM♪ K ♪ A THOUSAND MILES ♪ ♪F I COULD ST S Y ♪ ♪ TONIGHT ♪ AN I♪I, DOT N’ TNT LN OW♪ ♪I, I DON’T WANT TO LET THIS GO ♪ MAKING MY WAY DOWNTOWN WALKING FAST ♪ ♪ FACES PASS AND I AM HOMEBOUND ♪ ♪ STARING BLANKLY AHEAD ♪ ♪ JUST MAKING MY WAY AHEAD THROUGH THE CROWD ♪ IF I ULFALL TO THE SKY ♪ ♪ THI TIMWOD PASS ME BY ♪ ♪ECSEOU KW WOD LK II ULJU SEE YOU ♪ OUNDIL ♪ I COULD FALL INTO THE SKY ♪ ♪ THI TE ULPA MBY♪ ♪ WLDALA OUND ♪ I F ID STULCOEEJU S Y♪ ♪ CLDUSSEYO ♪ ♪ONHT♪ ♪ TONIGHT ♪ ♪ AROUND LIKE A CIRCLE IN A SPIRAL MICHAEL WILL WITHIN THE WELL ♪ NEVER ENDING BEGINNING ON AN EVER SPINNING WHEEL. ♪ LIKE A SNOWBALL DONE A MOUNTAIN OR A KIND OF A BALLOON LIKE A CAROUSEL THAT’S BURNING ♪ ♪ RUNNING RINGS AROUND THE MOON ♪ ♪ LIKE A CLOCK WHO’S HANDS ARE SLEEPING PAST THE MINUTES THE WORLD IS LIKE AN APPLE WHIRLING SILENTLY IN SPACE. LIKE THE CIRCLES THAT YOU FIND AND THE WINDMILLS OF YOUR MIND ♪ ♪ LIKE A TUNNEL THAT YOU FOLLOW THUGA ROH TU OELITOWF S ♪ ♪OWTH DN E OWLLO CA TA RNN LERE N THSU NERISEV S♪N VE ♪IKDOA TTORHA KPS LVVOG D INANHA AA LF GNDE DR M EA♪ MEE SS IN A STREAM ♪PPS OM A PBL ♪ LIKA CLK O’HAS E EENG♪ T WLDS KEN PL♪US I FE ♪IRNG SILENTLY I♪ N WORDSHAJALEN UREAKE ♪ ♪ WHY DID SUMMER GO SO QUICKLY ♪ ♪ LOVERS WALK ALONG THE SHORE ♪ ND♪EHEOORIS T ♪ T FGE OYOURAN♪G T WM TY LO AC♪IRED OR SPAL RNIN♪ E TU LVEWE OKN IWAOV ♪O E LO O HERAI♪ ♪IKA RC IA ♪ ♪ NERNDG BINNG♪ ♪LE E RCS ATOUIN♪ ON ER INNGHE ♪S AG UIN♪ ♪ T WDMLSF UR MD IN ♪ LE CILEN SPAL♪ ♪KE WHEEWIIN WEE♪ N AN E O SEREVINWHNNPIL G EE♪ ♪IKAG ♪UNNRIS G NGAR TND MN HEOO EENG♪KA OCWHS NDAR ♪ PASTHMITEOFTSAC♪ ♪HEOR IWE ♪ N ♪ ITHWIMIS YR ND ♪ ♪NDMILLALARND♪ ♪ PPMILLS OFR ND [AUSLAE] HA Y TNK,OU ♪ ♪ ♪ (MUSIC AYS TROGHOU ♪ ♪ ♪ IT IS. TAKTHE GOLD NATIAL CMPIONS ♪ ♪ ♪ NO SREINEP BIN♪ NO MORE BACKWARINTHNG♪ ♪IMFOTHK♪ CH♪TOR H CNG S VER TIMTOEA AEWAY♪ ♪ MBEHETH WL ST ♪ ♪ THEY E E ESOMING UP, ♪ ♪ THE WORLD IS IN THE HANDS ♪ ♪ ♪ TCHHEERBE Y C ♪ ♪ THE WLD WL ILGET BF US JLE B♪ THE WL LDORT ILNO♪ OU YOTO G TAN ICHGET N AI US JU YOMED ♪ AK WUP TLL DRSHE♪TO AK M♪E THE ♪ U ♪ ANDCHLLAT AHE TP.EL HEN’ THADOT UC MVEH VERNGLO ♪ NT U♪UD JILNTAYMEGE♪ D M♪E EM♪ ♪ BEFE EYORTHS AS P ♪ ♪AKUP ALL ♪ TIME BLD N LD ♪ ♪ I KW C DIT♪ ♪ IF A LD A HA ♪ THE ONLY THING WE HAVE TO DO ♪ I ASU THIS WK T ♪ ♪HEDOT ER TIM IWEUS♪WL T T T WLD WILNOGEBEER ♪ ♪ THAT THE C♪ JT U D ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ AK W♪E UP EVERYBODY ♪ ♪ WAKE UP EVERYBODY ♪ ♪ WAKUPVEBO ♪ ♪ WAKE UP ♪ ♪ WAKE ERYDY♪YBODY ♪ ♪ WE UP EVERYBODY♪ WE UP ERYBODY ♪ ♪ WAKUPVEBO NGS WOERL SO CALL T THDRMSEARI SSABRIA RODGER (EA BY EEOOMA ♪OW TSAYOWA YR EEM ♪HOM TOKE Y DN O LIKA AREADRESOU MA♪ ♪N E STILLSS A WT U D D ATOU FD ONLY PPS –♪ THUNDER ONLY HAPPENS ♪ ♪ WN IT IS RAINING ♪ ♪ WN E INASS U EA AND TH YOLLNO Y’LL OW♪ N HE GOGA T MYSEL♪IO ONS ♪ WHO WANTS TO WRAP AROUND ♪ ♪ YO♪ Y’DIKTOEL♪ ♪ A WT U ST♪IKA AREA DRIVEYO ♪ND WHAT YOHAD AND U LAST ♪ ♪ THUER OY HAENS ♪ WN ‘S RAINING ♪ ♪ PLARS OY VEOU♪ ♪ WN IT’S RAINING ♪ ♪ WOMEN THEY WILLOME WN THE WAY WHEYO YOU WILL OW ♪ ♪HUND ONLY PPS WN IRAING ♪ ♪ PYE OY VEOU♪ ♪ WN EYRELANG♪ A TY LLO CE N ♪ ♪ WHEN THE RAIN WASHES ♪ YOU WILL KNOW ♪ ♪ YOU WILL KNOW ♪ ♪ ♪ YNKHA.OU>>WE WEREKIALN OEDE OFE IMM . N F ♪ ARE TE URHI TNDMI♪ ♪BTH♪Y WAI E R CAE SE ♪ IT’S HURTING ♪ ♪ THE WALL IN THE MORNING I SEE IT COMING IN ♪ ♪ I KNOW THAT I BELIEVE THE SOMETHING ♪ ♪ I NOTE DOWN THE ROAD ♪ ♪ LOVE IS COMING ♪ A WGOG ON ♪ ANOU C YEAWH HR ATY HEY SA♪ ♪ BY WAE Y WE STE DI UANNG ♪P HE WYOREN U’ALNG WKI TRU TE WA ♪ Y W♪OUL RRILCAY ♪ ♪ AN INNER LOVE ♪ ♪ THIS IS FOR EVERYONE ♪ ♪ FELT YOU RUNNING DOWN ♪ ♪ EVERY TIME ♪ ♪ TO MY LIFE ♪ ♪ I FELT MY PARENTS ♪ ♪ RUNNING IN CIRCLES ♪ ♪ BECAUSE WE WILL ARISE ♪ ♪ MY FRAGILE MIND ♪ ♪ I LEFT THAT LIFE BEHIND ♪ ♪OH BY THE WAR ♪ ♪ I CAN SEE IT IS HURTING ♪ ♪ BUILD A WALL IN THE MORNING ♪ ♪ I FEEL IT FLYING IN ♪ ♪ I KNOW THAT I BELIEVE IN SOMETHING ♪ ♪ I KNOW DOWN THE ROAD ♪ ♪ THIS LOVE IS COMING ♪ ♪ ARE WE GOING WRONG ♪ ♪ IN THE WORLD TODAY ♪ ♪ CAN♪OUEAWI T WDR MIT Y. ♪ ♪ WARLI♪ ♪ BY THELDARORSTE E DI ANNG♪ VE♪♪♪WCAL Y TRRON IERHENNLO ♪ I HAVE BEEN LOOKING ♪ ♪ THROUGH THESE WALLS ♪ ♪ THROUGH THESE WINDOWS ♪ ♪ TO THE HIGHEST ROAD ♪ ♪I’VE BEEN ♪ ♪ LOOKING THROUGH THESE WALLS ♪ ♪ LOOKING THROUGH THESE WINDOWS ♪ ♪ TO THE HIGHEST ROAD ♪ ♪ ARE WE GOING WRONG ♪ ♪ IN THE WORLD TODAY ♪ ♪ WHEN YOUR HAND IS UNDERWATER ♪ ♪ CAN YOU HEAR WHAT ♪ ♪ THE WIND MIGHT SAY ♪ ♪ WE ARE LIVING UP ♪ ♪ BY THE WORLD WE ARE STANDING UP ♪ ♪ YOU WALK AND ARE TRUE ♪ ♪ WE WILL CARRY ON AN INNER LOVE ♪ ♪ IT’S FOR EVERYONE ♪ ♪ IT IS R YOER ♪IT’S FOR EVERYONE ♪>>HA TNK.OU (MICLAUS PYSTHUGUTROHO) ♪ (SPEAKINFOG REIGLAUAN NGS)GE ♪ YNCA CVOONNDTI A ILLEA ISVTHLEE IS YOUENFTEATH HR PE SLETAFF ORT A IFTND OEN MYLF SSE IAYIST HEES T BDAT Y TE>>N DAF E AD CEREMONYF EYLLRR E E ADTI FM.PRRAM.ALI HEE HI TY’HEREL BEARSHALNT ITH MENAS LD ICOEOE S HE AGANSTE D SHE. TRSNOREWI PDE ASINTNDRDOA R ITPOUNTOETY G THEETWIR HEGUANT FALYD MI . HR TGHEAOU RL HHLHTIGIG A SIIF GNAN FICCEORISE TAIN SND GHN SHEGEECTA BSE GAU IETHE PLE OSTHAGTOSTE RVEEIHE TIR DIOM NEXT PERSO WALAC TTHE AG MET Y ERX EMIOFTIS.MOON SOREER A TRIED ANDMEUMTO R SAUR VOINE THME.MONT IITA LES CEATN R UD STTSEN, BUTT A CEBRIOOFVEONS CD T SUS ES WL.ASEL SP (KI EANGFOIGL) N CATATGRULNSIO GRAAT.DUES ♪ I C S♪AN CAROW N♪ ♪LE ♪HEAIISON♪ ♪ I C SLL A♪ RHT SUNSHINY DAY ♪ ♪ THINK CAN ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ALLF MY D ELGS♪ ♪AVDIPPRE♪ ♪ THE IA INW ♪ IT IS GOING TO BE ♪ ♪ OF BRIGHT, BRIGHT ♪ ♪ SUN-SHINY DAY ♪ ♪ LOOKED ALL AROUND ♪ ♪ NOTHING BUT BLUE SKIES ♪ LK RAHTHE NHI BLUSK BUTS E IE♪ ♪ ♪ ♪OOALARND♪ ♪OTNGUTLUSKS ♪OO STRG NOTNGUTLUSKS ♪ I CANEELELYOW♪ ♪HEAIISON ♪ A OTAESN WAY♪ ♪ON AREHEARCLDS♪ IT’GOG B♪ ♪ BGH BGH ♪ ♪N-IN DAY♪ GOINGO ARIT SUN-SHY Y T PPE]US TNK>>HA Y. ♪ STINTOS ISORNGE MU F ARHUERUS. WE ARE HERE TO ENTERTAIN THE WONDFUGRUAONAR TS MOIN IMINJOHN LNO ♪ IMAGINE THERE’S NCOTRS I’TT RDO ♪OTNGO LL♪ ♪OR DIE FOR ♪ ♪ NO REGI, O ♪ ♪ IM LININEA ♪ ♪U Y SAY ♪ ♪M A DR♪♪I’♪ ON ♪E ♪OI SOMAYED U YO♪LLWI JOIUS♪N ♪ ND A WHELD ♪ ♪ WL ILS AE IMAGINE THERE’S NO ♪ ♪ EASY AS YOU TRY ♪ ♪ NO HELL BELOW US ♪ ♪ ABOVE US ONLY SKY ♪ ♪ IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE ♪ ♪ LIVING FOR THE DAY ♪ IMA A PNELLOSIOSS NS♪♪ NO ED GERGE ♪ A BROTHERHOOD OF MAN ♪ ♪ IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE ♪ ♪ SHARING ALL THE WORLD ♪ Y♪AY P SO HE DA♪MEY ♪ Y WL OUIL UINJO♪♪ E I T WLDHEORILLI WL VEONS ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ IGINE ALLOSSSNS♪ ♪ WONDEYOCA♪ ♪ IGINE ALLHEEOE ♪ ♪HARING ALL TH♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ B I’MOT♪ ♪ THE ONLY ONE ♪ ♪ HE MEDAY ♪ ♪ YOU WILL JOIN US ♪ ♪ IN THE WORLD ♪ WILL BE AS E ♪ ♪ IGI A T PPL♪ ♪ AS E ♪ IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE ♪ ♪>>NK. ♪ (PAINTED ON CANVAS-GREGORY PORTER) ♪ WE ARE LIKE CHILDREN ♪ ♪ PAINTED ON CANVAS ♪ ♪ PICKING UP SHADES AS WE GO ♪ ♪ WE START OFF WITH GESSO ♪ ♪ BRUSHED ON BY PEOPLE ♪ ♪WE KNOW ♪ ♪ CAN I USE THE COLOURS YOU CHOOSE TO HAVE SOME SAY WHAT YOU CHOOSE ♪ ♪ CAN I USE SOME GREEN AND BLUE ♪ OF INHAPA TISUTT P U♪N ♪ ♪ ♪OURRI ATOESRED OL LYUR♪ O HS ♪ ♪IKTLMO A BEYNDRDEAEN ♪ ND AIF♪ LE E OACPEE ♪ ♪SP TE ACK AE IR VW MYIEE♪ ♪ A INDE AVYOY EUS ♪ HAO DOM SVEY SAE YATWHSE UOU C♪ I G SE ETOMEEANGRN BLD ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪WE LI CE KEHIN RE ♪ WE PATEE IND AN CSE♪VAS ♪ PICKING USHADES ♪ ♪ AS WE GO ♪ ♪ WE START OFF WITH GESSO ♪ ♪ BSH ON PPL♪ ♪WENOW ♪ ♪ATCH YOU♪ ♪ AYOGO♪ ♪ AND ADMIRE MY VIEW ♪ ♪ CAN HE MEAY♪ ♪ATOU USE♪ ♪TEBA ANDN YER AIRE ♪ ♪ VW ♪ PAIEDN NVES♪EN ♪WEE JU LIK ♪ ♪HIRE ♪ ♪AN HE SO S WH YOU US♪ ♪DO IAVE A SA♪ PAINTED ♪ ♪PAINTED ♪ ♪ C ISE SOME G TAPICEST CAIO …RETNI TUPAMRE. ♪ WE ALL HAVE PAIN ♪ WALHAVE SORROW ♪ ♪ BUT IF WE ARE WISE TRE AS ALWAYS. ♪ ♪ TOMORRO♪ ♪ LEAN ON ME ♪ WBER ND♪ WHE I YL LP♪ OU AR C♪N ORY ♪R W’TE NG♪ ♪ U IILNTL IL W EDNE ♪ ♪LESW PLOE ALYO PW URRI ♪ ♪ IF I HAVE THINGS ♪ ♪ THAT YOU CABOOW ♪ TSE THINGS THAT YOU WILL NOTEL♪ LET SHOW ♪ LN ME ♪ ♪HEYOARNOT RO ♪’LBE YR♪ CRYN ♪ IT WILL BELONG ♪ ♪ UNTO I WILL NEED ♪ OM SY OD T♪ANLE♪N ♪CMETHL ROER W♪YON EDNE HAN♪ D ♪ O O♪IGAVPRM ♪ OU YLDOUERNDD AN ♪ WE L OM SEDY ♪ ♪ TO LEAN ON ♪ LEAN ON ME ♪ ♪ WHEN YOU ARE NOT STRONG ♪ ♪ I’LL BE YOUR FRIEND ♪ ♪ I WILL HELP YOU ♪ ♪ CARRY ON ♪ ♪FOR IF WON’T BE LONG ♪ ♪ UNTIL I WILL NEED ♪ ♪ SOMODTOEAON♪ ♪ LEAN ON ME ♪ ♪ ONE YOUREOTTRG ♪ IILL BE YOUR FRND ♪ ♪ WILL HEL♪ ♪ CARRY ON ♪ ♪FOR IT WON’T BE LONG ♪ ♪IM GOING TO NEED ♪ ♪ SOMEBY TOEAON ♪ LEAN ON ME ♪ ♪ WN U E NOT STRONG ♪ ♪ I WILL BE YOUR FRIEND ♪ ♪ I WILL HELP YOU ♪ ♪ CARRY ON ♪ ♪IT WON’T BE LONG ♪ ♪ UNTIL I WILL NEED ♪ ♪ SOMEBODY TO ♪ ♪ LEAN ON ♪ ♪ CALL ME ♪ ♪ CALL ME ♪ ♪ CALL ME ♪ ♪ CALL ME ♪ ♪ CALL ME ♪ ♪ CALL ME♪ ♪ CALL ME ♪ CL ♪ BROTHER ♪ YOUEEA ND♪R ♪E L EDODEBOM ♪ TLE O♪ ♪ JT HAVE PBL TT U’UNRSND♪ ♪E L EDOMOD♪ ♪O ANN ♪ WHEN YOU ARNOSTNG ONE ♪ ♪ IT WILL NOT BE LONG ♪ ♪ UNT I WL NEED ♪ ♪ SOMEBODY TO LEAN ON ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ CALL ME ♪ ♪ALME♪ ♪ CL ME ♪UST LLE ANYME♪ AL CME♪L OL CO .LEOLCE THE S BGEAN CRINE>>OOMOIN ERYE, WEOMTO9 NVATN RE heus y he en en perfoedthd dng ts rnhag teatnay clmeHuerothtuntfr o udtsroouchBaorfiMuc ogms odtin ivaetofceiMugrDero pamhov muca gens clinJa, n i N E AR5 NG AT. 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ITHCILE ♪ROUR♪ ♪F FEN LE P♪CEE ASAT♪ MEOM♪ ♪ PLEE LEATMEOM♪ ♪ PLAMENEO THAI LLEMBE♪ ♪HAI N CA ♪ ♪HEVEI IANINTH SG ♪NEY GHY ♪RALLG ERTE NDFL♪ BUTHEATFOOTO LLE LLE WH♪ ♪OM ON WNOM I A WEA♪T OME ♪LEE LEAT ME ME♪ ♪IVME PASCEBRE HE GE O ME NG♪ ♪ND C RAL♪REMB ♪HE IFOD SE ♪ A ANE♪ ♪ ♪ AND C RAL♪MERE♪ ER ♪ELRA ♪ ♪ CEBTE ME M♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ PLEE LEAT♪ ♪MEOM♪ ♪LEE LEAT♪ MEOM♪ [AUS (BPIS) ♪ ♪ ♪>>GOOD MORNING, PLEASE BE SEATED. onel tthmeo 20 Ce 19ontica LA Mou.o ospalHof y,ititRemesroh menay Ru Fs ichdiisba,er tieach d s re yrvasr stouMaerfsu tse Ceni tmoesayod e d Wkeullio ge re cenyodmo tayacy owdgknleg in Ak,gobiwns no “ a”acPlof Ble k deacAl” ir”n Oje weib iqisablanae ua. nggeIts unlyitue suaald g erKangbena Z, bie mbthHu digr ctealonioctfon ris Inge puspl beoeswe tetenhe d rnnoheho o sref Okearntio anthkeLaime ScooranGegiay B gH ROOOTIAR OMEO T PPLOF PIPRES V SALITERCOU INR FOONCTRCTEN NEIO AOF. da aTonowecked awlge hndrou ras oms in ockofur aesane pr oee Y INEBYDURONT ONGCIE MO URATRMPL EAFO P.TY PLSED OLE PLTHAPSENTAU UIL EYAVTH HBE IE ENNTCEDUD. 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2 thoughts on “Humber Spring 2019 Convocation – School of Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism

  1. Hey anyone studying Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle this fall 2019? Contact me, Im nervous but excited 😍

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