Humane Society Field Trip | Caitie’s Classroom
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Humane Society Field Trip | Caitie’s Classroom

(happy music) – [Caitie] We’re gonna go to
the Toronto Humane Society and see some animals. Hi.
– Hi, I’m Teagan. – Hi Teagan, I’m Caitie. – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. – Welcome to the Toronto Humane Society. – Thank you so much. – We’re the largest
animal shelter in Toronto. – Wow, so you must have
a lot of animals here. – We do, did you want to go meet some? – I would love to. – Let’s go. So this is where we keep our dogs. – Oh hello. – Hello. This is Olaf. – [Caitie] And Olaf’s been adopted. – Yeah, he’s just waiting for his home. Olaf can you sit? Good boy. Here, catch. Good boy. – Good boy Olaf. Can we meet some of the dogs? – Yeah, let’s go meet some. – Oh yeah, okay. Bye Olaf.
– Bye Olaf. – Hello. Who are these guys? – So Rex is the one with the pointy ear that you’re petting right now. – Hi Rex.
– And then Ginger is right next to you, his sister. – Brother and sister. – Yeah.
– And they’re available for adoption? – They are. They’re available for adoption. And they’re quite excited to find a home. – So what are some things that somebody who wants to get a dog, some things that they should know about taking care of a dog? – Dogs need lots of food, commitment, walk time, playtime and
somebody to clean up their poop. – Aw yeah, that’s important. You do a lotta poops? Gotta clean it up. But they’re very loving. – Yes they are. And these two, these two come as a pair. They’re brother and sister so they have to find a home together. We don’t wanna separate them. – Yeah. That’s nice. It’s nice to meet you, Rex and Ginger. (gasps) Cats. Those are sweet. – [Teagan] Yeah, so this is
where we keep all our cats. – Wow.
– This is Omen. – Hi Omen. Hello. – Would you like to meet Omen? – Yes please. So if someone wants a cat, what’s something that they
should know about having a cat? – So cats, like us, need food and water. They need their hair brushed. They need that love and
attention that we all like too. – [Caitie] Yeah, just like all of us. – [Teagan] Yeah. – That’s nice and you give lots
of love and attention back. We found kittens! – [Teagan] They’re pretty cute. – Hi kittens. How old are they? – These guys are probably
almost two months old. – Two months old!
– Yeah. – They’re so sweet, so little. – Yeah. These guys are a little bit more playful than their older counter parts. (laughing) So they might need a
little bit more attention than the older guys. They need to also learn how to
use their litter boxes still. – Ah, they have to learn everything. – [Teagan] Um hmm. (laughing) – Oh wow, so you have lots
of different kind of animals up for adoption. – Yeah. Yeah, these are guinea pigs. – Aw, guinea pigs are really cute. They seem like they’d make a good pet for someone whose having their first pet. – Yeah! They’re a little bit less
work than say a dog or a cat. They still need their
house cleaned every day. They need some food and
water and they need playtime. – Oh well that’s the fun part
is playing with your pet. Wow this is neat. It looks like little ponds. – Yeah, we have a lot of turtles here. – Turtles?
– Turtles, yes. – [Caitie] Yeah, there
are a lot of turtles. – So when people get turtles, they are often little bitty
baby turtles about this big. However, as time goes on they grow and they get about this big
and they need more space. – Oh yeah, pets start out small
and they can get really big. – So when they get bigger
they need something like a pond to live in. However, a lot of people don’t
have the space in their home for a pond. – That’s true, yeah. What are these lamps that are there? – So the lamps that are there, they provide heat and vitamins
for the turtles’ shells. So the turtles without that, their shells would start
going light in color and they’d actually start
to get a little bit soft. So to keep the turtles healthy they need something called a UV light that acts like the sun to
help them stay healthy. – [Caitie] Turtles need sun, just like us. – [Teagan] Yeah. – Can we see some turtles? – Yeah, let’s check out some turtles. – Alright! Turtles would be such a neat pet if you have the space for them. They need a lotta things
like a big pond to swim in and the heat lamps. They’d be a really neat pet. There’s bunnies! – [Teagan] There’s so many bunnies. – [Caitie] Oh bunnies are so cute. So what are some things that you do to take care of the bunnies here? – So as you can see, bunnies
have a relatively big cage. They’re not like a hamster
cage; they need more space. Often they even, even though they’re in
a big cage like this, we tell people that they need
to have out of cage time too, about four hours a day. – Whoa, playing outside. – Yes. – [Caitie] They like to hop around a lot. – [Teagan] Yeah. – And what about cuddles? Do they like cuddles? – [Teagan] Yeah they like
cuddles, do you wanna cuddle? – Yeah, I would love to cuddle the bunny. Whoa this bunny is so sweet. Her name is Juniper. And I’m wearing this gown ’cause it protects the
animals from any germs. So Teagan, taking care of a pet it’s a lot of fun and a lotta love but it’s a lotta work too, isn’t it? – It is, it is, definitely. But it’s very rewarding. – Of course, yes. Well thank you so much
Teagan for showing us all the animals here. And I hope that they become
someone’s pet really soon. – No problem, thanks for visiting us. – It was great. Bye bye.
– Bye! (laughing) – Hey everybody. It’s Caitie. Thanks for joining us today. I’d love it if you would subscribe to our Caitie’s
Classroom channel and I’ll see you soon. – [Child] Whoo!

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  1. We love our Humane Society. Omen is so sweet. We foster kittens very summer and they are so much fun. I have never had a turtle before. Very nice and hope all these animals find a home. BIG Like 9

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