HUGE Back to School Supplies GIVEAWAY – iPad Mini, Makeup +more!
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HUGE Back to School Supplies GIVEAWAY – iPad Mini, Makeup +more!

– [Voiceover] Today on eleventhgorgeous. – But. – But. – But. – But. – But. – Thumbs up if you have a hamburger in a headlock right now. – What? (giggles) – Woot-woot. – I just shoved it up
my nose I am so sorry. – Excuse me?
– Excuse me? – Shut up. – Shut up. – Just for the freakin weekend. – iPads, what? – Okay. (lively music) Hey guys. Oops. – We did it. – Again.
– Again. – We played with your heart. – Got lost in the game. – Of the giveaways. – Yeah. – Yeah. – Yeah. Okay so, we thought we’d do this one a little bit different. – We wanted to do another back-to-school giveaway, but. – But. – But. – But. – But. – It’s getting a little close here and we’re kind of thinking about it, thinking, thinking with our little brains we’re like, how fun would it be if we were like,
back-to-school, end of summer… – So fun. – and entering into fall. – Mash it all up together. So we’re just kind of making this a fun… – End of summer, back-to-school, here comes fall, get excited giveaway. – There it is. She just said it. We just did it. We’re gong to show you all the goodies that you are going to win. How do you win? – Check down there but
here’s a little rundown. – Got to be a subscriber to this channel and other side of eg. – Yes and then leave
us a comment down below for the You Tube portion telling us– – What do you love to do most in the fall. – I love Halloween. – I love Halloween, I love football games, I love like that crispness in the air. – Yeah. – So leave us a comment down below telling all of that. – I love all the new candles by Bath and Body Works that are fall. I love everything about fall. – Okay, so that’s how
you enter for You Tube and then for Twitter, you got to click down below, we’ll have
a link where it says, I’m entering eleventhgorgeous’ humongous amazing giveaway. – Make sure you’re also
following us on Twitter and bonus, if you want to
follow us on Instagram, I mean I think we post a lot of good stuff over there. – For the Facebook. – Facebook as well and I mean we do have a vine if you guys didn’t know. – We’re going to have that all listed down below so if you didn’t catch any of that, you can go read it and just make sure you
follow all the directions and now we’re going to show you what you’re going to win. – There’s going to be two winners. – There’s going to be two winners. You Tube and Twitter. First things first. – We got you the Two Faced Five Star Favorites. – Yes, it’s got an eyeliner, a primer, a mascara, all those things all in here and they’re pretty decent sizes. – They’re deluxe sizes heck yeah. – Got that. – First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream because Stefanie loves this so much– – I do. You know what? We’re passing on the love to you guys. – You know you’re getting
in to fall and winter and that’s when my skin gets kind of dry and angry. This is good for winter time. – All right, we got the Righteous Butter by Soap and Glory. It’s a body moisturizer. – And we also got you the Hand Food Hydrating Hand Cream. So you’ll both get a set. – Oh you know what? This came in that little thing. – I think we have a smaller version. – It smells so good. – It does smell good y’all. – Woot-woot. – Can you guys tell that we like, we love the cash register area. They’ve got all the little
fun kind of goodies. – I mean, it’s the best
way to try things out without committing for life because whoever is like, I’m going to use that moisturizer for the rest of my life. – Who wants to commit for life? – What? – (strains to lift bag) I’m not even exaggerating. – Not even kidding. All right, we got you each one of the big candles and we
got watermelon-lemonade. – What did she just say? Watermelon-lemonada. – I don’t know. (giggles) Watermelon-lemonade and
mango-coconut coolers. – Which I’ve never smelled or seen the mango-coconut cooler. Smells so good. – It’s cool and watermelon-lemonade, it’s like one sweet watermelon, four juicy Meyer lemons, one bright sunny day. It’s like a recipe.
– Recipe. – but not.
– But not. But the packaging’s so cute. – So cute. – And just, it’s so cute. Well the mason jar candles were two for 20 so we thought that would be a fun way to get some little fall candles plus I love the mason jars. They’re so dang cute. – The summer candles right now are 50 percent off. You don’t have to do the two for 22, they’re just all 50 percent off. So if your Bath and Body
Works still has them and they’re also available online. You can get a good deal on candles. Maybelline you want to
save them for next year. – So for fall candles we got caramel-pumpkin swirl and then, pumpkin-pecan waffles
which we’ve had this one and we love it. They all just smell like
good bakery yuminess. – Another thing they had a lot of stuff 50 percent off like a lot of their summer type stuff. This is the Endless Weekend
Wave and Shine Hair mist. So, it’s going to give you waves and it’s going to give you shine. – And it’s going to smell good. – In your hair. – We got Velvet Sugar Body Mist. Why am I having a brain fart? I don’t know, I don’t know. I just shoved it up my nose. I am so sorry. (giggles) – I got that lotion for Christmas and I love it.
– She loves it. – They won’t mind if I spray it right? Like, (squirting sounds). I totally used it, I’m just kidding. – Two (mumbles) each for you guys. So there’s peach-pecan cupcake which is kind of summery for the peaches and then Cozy Vanilla Cream for the fall. – This one’s kind of both fall. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and
Mister Fox Sugar Maple. – They both smell really good. – What’s next? – I don’t know S, what’s next? – I don’t know T, where
should we go from here? – I think we have to go to Target. – All right Target, Target. This is not the only bag. – You guys wait. – There’s like five. – What? Target. – What? – Okay. – What. – Okay. – What? – Okay. We got you a purse. – How cute is it? It kind of reminds of us of the Phillip Lim bag. – It’s no Phillip Lim but it’s very cute.
– It’s not. But it looks like the one they had and if I’m being honest, I like this one better because it’s bigger.
– Bigger. That Phillip Lim bag is tiny. So this is a good size. – I’m so excited. (mumbles). – I just said I’m so
excited like this is mine. – I know. – I’m so excited for you to have it. – Yeah. This is just going to
be all over the place. – All over it rando, rando.
– All over the place. We got some Herbal Essence Dry Shampoo. – I’ve never tried this before. – First day clean feel. So we were thinking that we just wanted to do some different things. – Yeah. – So we’re just throwing some different stuff in there. – Shaking it up. And this one is a good example of that. It’s the Pitch Perfect Blu-ray and this is a favorite movie of ours. It’s been on HBO a lot lately and I watch it every time. – If you guys watch our videos, you’ll hear us quote it from time to time. I mean, let’s be honest. – We love it. – Excuse me?
– Excuse me? This has Blu-ray DVD and digital copy. Put it on your iPad or your whatever. – I forgot you can do that. – I mean if you had one. – Yeah which, you might not have one. – We don’t want You Tube and TV to rot your brain. – And you guys might not have tablets, or Kindles or anything
that you can read on, we got you actual, I’m still winking, physical books, we got these two books.
– Yay. This is the new one,
well I don’t know how new but I know that it’s not– – That old. – And Paper Towns by John Green. – And then we got you– – He’s got a lot of stuff. Has he been just busy writing. – If I Stay. – Goodness gracious. – Which is in theaters now but I think that Paper Towns is going to be a movie. – I think it is too.
– Is that what you said Maybellineellinee? – Unless it’s Looking for Alaska. I don’t know which one, I don’t know which one it is. – Books yay. – And I love physical books. They’re really cute to put in your room on a bookcase. – Yeah, I will never.
– And they smell good. (slow motion voice) I will never. – This one might be staying on my bookcase and I might be giving you another one because I accidentally– – Don’t you have one? – Kissed it. – Not this one. – What do we do? – We put our hater blockers on baby. I don’t know why I said baby. (giggles) – These are the sunglasses I think we put these in another giveaway plus I have a pair of my own. – And she rocked them at the beach. – Yeah, you guys like them so we thought, hey they like them so we’ll get more of them. – They’re like Ray Ban status, I mean not Ray Ban status but style and they’ve got these cute little studs
– Cute little studs. Which by the way, I don’t know if we even said we felt this giveaway was kind of fun because some people don’t like the back-to-school giveaways because not everyone’s in school or not everyone wants back-to-school stuff so we thought it would be fun to shake it up and stuff. – It’s an all ages like older people might appreciate it more but young people will still be happy to get it.
– They’ll love it. I would be happy to get
all this stuff, shut up. – Shut up. – I didn’t say anything. I don’t think she says but, anyway. Almost thought about
getting that movie too. – Oh yeah I know. – I know. – So good. – This is a product
that I have been loving. We bought it in (mumbles) a long time ago – And we really liked it. – I hate squeezing lotion in my hands and then putting it all over my legs.
– But also something about this spray just feel different. – Yeah. – It just feels slicker and better. – Well if feels light
and pure on the skin. – It just makes me look like I went to the beach. – Fast absorbing non-greasy. It’s the St. Ives Fresh Hydration Lotion in coconut milk and orchid extract. I killed it at the beach
putting it on my legs. – I didn’t know you had it at the beach. – Yeah. – You totally didn’t share it with me. – I’m sorry. – It was on the counter the whole time.
– You suck. – It was on the counter
the whole time. (giggles) – We got these cute little make-up bags because I don’t know, you might have some make-up you want to put in it. You might, we might give you some more to put in it, I don’t know. – These are some of our
favorite make-up wipes. They are the Target Cleansing Towelettes and there’s 30 whole wipes in there baby. – And they’re wet. – And thick and great. – Thick and wet. – Yep, that’s just how we like it. – We’ve been loving some, loving some Maybellineellineelline
polish so we got you a Maybellineellinealline
polish in the color– – Blue Bombshell. – A girl could use a bombshell. – Yeah you are. – It’s electric. – It is electric. – And why don’t I own this? – I know, I know. – I think it’s brighter than Pacific Blue. – We got the L’Oreal
Voluminous Miss Menga. So your eyes will be totally manga.
– Totally manga. (laughing) – (mumbles) – I love it. – The packaging’s so cute
with those little pandas. – Why do they put pandas? It’s like panda girl lashes. Whey don’t they put them
on the fricken mascara? – Your parents might hate us for this. – So get their permission… – Please. – before you use this product. – But I will say it is very,
very temporary, like very. If you guys saw my hair
on the way to the beach, I had like a pinky-purpley thing going on. It literally lasted what? Three days Maybellineellinee? – Yeah. – So it’s the new Garnier Color Styler. – Like Maybellineellinee you could
put it in your hair on Friday after school and then by
Monday when you go back to school, it’d probably be washed out. – Just for the freakin weekend. – But they’ve got pink,
purple, blue, orange and red, well it says bronze attitude. – It’s like a caramel
like yeah, it’s bronzy. But I used the purple, it kind of faded to a pink so it was fun. – Pro tip here because
we’ve applied it once. So what you’re going to want to do is, it says you don’t have to wash it out but Stef says it leaves if feeling like… – Crunchy. – rediduy and gross. – And see what I don’t get is you’re going to wash your hair anyways because it’s a two to three shampoo color. So go ahead and when you put it on– – wash it out. – What about,
could you not shampoo it out? Could you just rinse it to get that feeling out Maybellineellinee? – Maybellineellinee, Maybellineellinee. – And then the shampoo won’t strip it as much. – Maybellineellinee,
just you’re going to want to rinse it out because it really crunches up in your hair and it’s not cute. – And how long did you
leave it in your hair? – Oh gosh. What happened is I got freaked out and so I was like, oh gosh, and so I rinsed out really like right after I put it in and you saw how much stayed in
there, it’s pretty good. – If you guys want us to
make a video on this– – Let us know. – but we probably won’t be able to read it in the comments down below so tweat us at 11thgeorgeous. – Maybelline we’ll do it tonight. – Yeah, let us know. And when you shampoo
your hair, the Wet Brush. – Just brush it out with the Wet Brush. – Yeah, this wouldn’t be an eg giveaway without some secret deodorant. This is in the scent Paris Romantic Rose– – Our favorite. – because it is our fav and it needs a little animated– – EG approved. – Yeah, or a like a little animated like two blondes popping up like yeah. It smells so good. – It does smell good. – Seriously, I have it on today. (sniffs) – (sniffs) Might have forgotten
deodorant, just sayin. – We were in a hurry to go get there– – This is not a hamburger
under my arm pit. – (giggles) She got a
hamburger in a headlock (giggles) and it’s full of onions. (laughs) Your wall of gum. – I was so going there with it– – You’re wall of gum. – and I just didn’t make it there. – But why does it smell like onions? Not yours, everyone’s. – No but why do we describe it as onions? It doesn’t really smell like onions. – Yes it does. Okay, okay, okay, tweet us and tell us what you think– – Tell me what it smells like. – No. – It’s not that bad. – No, no, no, no, no, no. Tweet us and tell us what you guys think what funky arm pits smell like because I want to know
how you describe it. This is the raspberry-rain and you guys, this was in the travely section and I was like this is such
a cute compact little size. – Everybody loves Skintimate right? Am I right ladies? Remember the make-up bag
we talked about earlier? – We got you some make-up. – Well we all ready talked
about mascara. (giggles) – Yeah we did, okay. – We got more make-up. This is something I’ve been loving and it is Sonia Kashuk Beautifying Blush so it’s going to be beautiful. – But does it make you beautiful? – Absolutely, so it’s in the color pink and it’s just a nice soft pink. – All right, this is one of my favorite lip products it is Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm. This one is in Audacious which is one of my favorites, she has one of my other favorites. – Unapologetic. – I love both of them. This one’s a good orangy color and that one’s a good like corraly. They’re both really bright. – She was wearing this out one day and got a lot of questions on it. – I did didn’t I? – And then, we got you this Pixi Lip Balm. We’ve gotten a couple of these in like (mumbles) birchbox some were like that and we got one in the
color of Coral Crush. – This one is Honey Nector. It’s more of a neutral. – Neu. – They have a clear one
and I want it so bad because I love the scent because it’s MAC. – So it is a deeply
moisturizing tinted lip balm. – Shea butter to be exact. – Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba. (singing)
– Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba. (singing) (coughs) – Are you choking on the fun? – It’s the spit. The spittle will do it every time. Oh my God you guys,
this is the second time we’ve given away iPads, what? – Okay, I spit on the corner of my mouth. Yeah, we had fun giving it away last time we thought, why not this time? – iPad mini 16 gig and white with wi-fi. – Wi-fi with wee-fee. – Wee-fee. – You can put your movie
on here and watch it – So now you’ll have a tablet. – With PitchPerfect on it. You got a make-up bag with make-up, you got a purse with… purse stuff and a brush. – You got hair color, you
got candles, you got– – Dry shampoos. – Stuff for your hands. – Waver, hair waver. – Lotion, it puts the lotion in a giveaway
– Candles. It puts the lotion in the purse. You guys, oh my gosh. We don’t even own iPads. There are going to be
two winners like we said. You’ve got to be subscribed to eleventhgeourgous and our second channel which is– – Now permanently TNS
– TNS. E backwards. – Okay, everyone needs a little TNS. – Everyone does need a little TNS. – Yeah so. – Do that. Follow us on Twitter,
follow us on Instagram, follow us on Vine, follow us on Facebook, wait like us on Facebook?
– Facebook, tweet, click to tweet the I’m in (mumbles) giveaway. – (mumbles) – Yeah, it just happened. Don’t forget to be very sure that you tweet us and let us know what you call funky arm pits. – Don’t forget, don’t forget. – This was serious, what
is she talking about? And there was something
else that I forgot. – The hair color, if they want to see the hair color. – Yes, if you want us to
do a hair color video. – Because we said we’re going to dye our hair and that’s when we bought the stuff. – Yeah. – And so we want to do like fun- – Unicorn. unicorn hair, so we might do like different colors on our hair. – If you enjoy this video, you know what to do. – You know what to do. You don’t have to do it to be entered in this giveaway but if you enjoyed it. – And if you really
just had so many laughs. – If you had so much fun and you’re so excited for it, do it. – And you never thought we would have talked about having a hamburger in a headlock. – Thumbs up if you have a hamburger in a headlock right now. – What? (laughs) We’re so excited to do this giveaway for all of our egg head family because we wouldn’t be here
– We appreciate you guys so much – without you guys.
– and we– – We’re so close to a
million egg head strong, – What? I don’t even believe it. – What? – What? – Okay. – You better believe that we’re going to have the most gigantic giveaway. – Just know that even more giveaways, epic giveaways are to come. – Oh, I found a little food. – P.S. this is totally off topic but next year we’re going to be doing a little thing
called the Tube Cruise. – Oh yeah, the Tube Cruise. – We’re really excited about that. August 2015 we’ll have a link to their website down below. We’re going to be on a
cruise for like four days hanging out with you guys. – Oh my gosh you guys
need to come along and– – Hang out with us. – Epic. – I’ve never been on a cruse. – So we can be seasick together. – Yeah, will you guys hold my hair back if I’m seasick? (giggles) I’m really scared. Tweet us if you’re going
to go on the Tube Cruise. – There’s a lot of other people going. A lot of people being announced. It’s still a year out
so it’s still very new and your ticket is being on a boat. So you don’t have to buy a ticket and then pay to be on it. What you pay for your room is your ticket because you’re on a boat and that’s just. – And then we can all get together and be like– – We’re on a boat. – What? I’m on a boat. Everybody look at me, I’m on a boat. – So this has been the
longest video of our lives. – You’re welcome. – Don’t forget all the
rules are down there. We love you. – Yes we do. Come on million at headstrong. You guys can do it. We love you so much. So-so much and we’re going to talk to you guys in another video so very soon. How soon? – Very soon. – So very soon. – We sure will see you very soon. Bye guys.
– Bye guys. (blows kisses)

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