How to Write a College Application Essay that Stands Out
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How to Write a College Application Essay that Stands Out

Students ask me all the time if their essays
make a difference and the short answer is, absolutely yes. I was extremely anxious about
writing my college essay.I had a really hard time thinking of a topic. At first I didn’t
know what to write about. The pressure was definitely there. I was really nervous that
maybe they wouldn’t get to the essay, they wouldn’t pay attention to it. When I pick
up an application the first thing I like to read is the student’s essay. Essays can really
be a significant tip factor in our final decision. The essay is something you can really bring
yourself into and really let the admissions directors know who you are. Who I am on paper
is not who I am in person. The rest of my application was a bunch of stuffy numbers
and grades. It’s really just a free space to talk about yourself and what about you
is different from everyone else. The one thing I wanted to do was stand out. Every year I
read about 2,000 essays. That’s a lot of writing. Now what makes an essay stand out? Some of
the best essays I’ve read are essays where people are just being themselves. It’s about
how much of you you can put into your essay. How passionate are you about something. It’s
really going to make a difference in the whole group of applications if you can make the
person remember you. That was really the only way they could see who I was as a person . We’re
looking for all those different kinds of people to add to what Boston University is. Everyone
has something unique about themselves. Everyone’s story is different. For me that actually was
marching band. I ended up writing about why I wanted to be a teacher. I actually wrote
about one of my experiences playing hockey. You don’t need to have a story that’s one
in a million. You can have story that everyone has but it’s about making it yours. Once you
find that topic, it’s all about just writing and re-writing. The main chunk of the work
is actually in revising. Please proofread. Proofread, proofread, proofread. As many people
as you can get to read your essay, the better. My dad edited all my essays and everything.
I had my guidance councilor read my essay and I had my English teacher read my essay.
I had to cut out a bunch of awesome sentences that I thought were great. Keep your story
concise. When it says 500 words, you really have to make sure it’s actually 500 words.
I think mine was 600 words, I cheated. That is when you’ll get that perfect essay and
that’s when you know you’re ready to click that submit button and enjoy that heavenly
moment. It was pretty sweet.

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