How to use Skype to teach English online
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How to use Skype to teach English online

Hi Thanks to the internet, it‘s now possible
to teach people miles away from where you are Here, we’re going to look at how to use
Skype to host a virtual classroom. You’ll need
a good internet connection, a mic – either one that’s inbuilt on
your computer or an external one. and, of course, you’ll need Skype installed
on your computer. Skype is good for teaching speaking, listening,
and grammar. With speaking lessons, you’ll be able to
concentrate on fluency and pronunciation. You can record what your students say off
Skype and play it back to them, focussing on language points and homing in on any problems
they have with pronunciation. With listening exercises, you can use videos
and podcasts. Prepare beforehand your questions on PowerPoint
slides, share your desktop, and use that as your virtual whiteboard. PowerPoint slides and sharing your desktop
will also work for grammar work. You can use any tool you have on your computer
to help with the grammar point you wish to cover. If you have adult students, why not use social
media to give them further support? Set up a Facebook group or use a Twitter hashtag
– for example #RosasEnglishClass – to give them a chance to network between themselves
and practise their writing. If you have younger students under the age
of 18, make sure to get their parents’ written permission before engaging with them on social
media and to provide them with guidance on how to keep safe online. For more tips on teaching English, subscribe
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  1. Is there a whiteboard application that comes with Skype. I heard there is in Skype for business but I couldn't figure it out as not a business. İ would appreciate if someone gave me.advice

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