How To Use Rap In Your Classroom
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How To Use Rap In Your Classroom

While you’re drafting lyrics and practicing Don’t get caught up in the stereotypes about rap Hip-hop is way more complex Than sunglasses and gold chains Keep these three tips in mind As you work on your masterpiece Number one: Do understand where hip-hop came from Before the 1970s, hip-hop didn’t exist It wasn’t a thing But in 1973 at a birthday party in the South Bronx Hip-hop was born The South Bronx was a mostly poor community In New York City Back then black and brown kids Who didn’t have the money or resources To take music lessons or buy instruments Started experimenting with scratching vinyl records That’s how they made the first hip-hop beats “MCs” were outgoing party hosts Who spoke over the beats ♫ In the MC world there’s no better than me ♫ They were the first rappers They rapped about what they did for fun Bragged about themselves and poked fun at friends They rapped about their daily lives And what inspired them They rapped about their struggles Growing up in poor neighborhoods And about how race affected their lives Music was artistic expression Though hip-hop was born From the creativity of underprivileged youth in New York City It’s addictive beats, clever lyrics And innovative style Helped it gain popularity around the world Number 2: Do be yourself Whatever way you talk, dress and look is great It’s you When you rap, be yourself In other words, don’t be a poseur A poser is someone who tries to be something they’re not Hip-hop artists rap about their experiences And who they are Their past and present and dreams
for the future When a rapper pretends to be who he or she is not And gets found out Fans and fellow rappers call them out Being a poseur is being dishonest about who you are Being your authentic self Being who you truly are, is always a good look So don’t dress like something you’re not Don’t speak like something you’re not if you If don’t want to rap, don’t rap Read your lyrics like a poem Act them out Or rap Just do you And number 3: Do understand what you’re rapping or writing about It’s hard to rap about something you don’t know about There’s a lot going on when you write rap lyrics It’s got a rhyme. It’s got to have rhythm It’s got to make sense And it’s better if it’s clever and fun If you’re trying to do all those things But you don’t really understand what you’re writing about It’s not going to work So learn as much as you can about your topic And ask questions Once you’ve got a good handle on your topic Then you’re ready to start writing And remember You can always use questions and curiosities In your writing topic “This was our first time writing a rap” There’s a lot more to performing your rhymes But if you keep these basic tips in mind You’ll be off to a fantastic start

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10 thoughts on “How To Use Rap In Your Classroom

  1. theres a lot more to performing your rhymes, but if you keep these basic tips in mind, you'll be absolutely fine

  2. This was a great video, very informative and motivational, yet not so complicated as to discourage. Thanks for your efforts! I loved those kids at the end

  3. Ooh, I love the way this channel introduced me to Rap. I do some free verse poetry, I'd love to do write some freestyle to Rap haha

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