How to Use Google Classroom
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How to Use Google Classroom

Hi! This is a short video to introduce you to
Google Classroom, the app we use for our online classes. First, make sure you are signed in to your
school account. This is the account you were given during
orientation that ends with If you forgot your school account, you can
find it by going to and clicking on “Google Classroom.” When you login to Classroom, you’ll see
all your classes listed. If you haven’t started the class yet, you’ll
first need to click Join. After you enter a section, you’ll see the
class stream. This is where new assignments will be posted
and where you can comment and ask questions. Notice that all assignments will show the
due date and the links to use for the assignment. Use these due dates to plan your week and
figure out when you will get online to study. Also remember it’s okay if you miss a deadline;
since you’re not here to get a grade, spend the time you need to do well on your assignments
so you can learn the concepts. To open an assignment, you can click directly
on the Doc to open the lesson. Once you open the lesson, take your time reading
the instructions and doing your best with each part. If you get stuck, first take a deep breath
and maybe a short break, and then try again. Remember learning new things is hard and takes
time, patience, and hard work. So if you are stuck, it’s because your mind
is trying to figure it out. So don’t give up on yourself. And if you are still stuck, you can add a
comment to ask your teacher a question. You can also post in Classroom to talk with
your classmates! When you finish the lesson, take the time
you need to proofread and review your work. There’s no rush here, so be patient as you
review what you’ve done. Then, you can turn the assignment in by clicking
“Turn in” in the top-right corner of the Doc. If you don’t see a turn in button, try refreshing
the page. You can also go back to Classroom and click
turn in from that page. Be aware that when you turn in an assignment,
it will be locked until your teacher gets a chance to review it. This means you can no longer edit it. But if you notice a mistake and want to change
something, you can click “unsubmit”, make the edits, and then turn it in again! Now here’s a great feature of Google Classroom. Your teachers can now view your assignments
and give you comments. So remember that after you turn something
in, you’re not done yet. Checking out what your teachers have to say
is a great way to keep learning and practicing. So when you get notifications about comments,
be sure to return to the assignment in Classroom, open the Doc, and read and respond to your
teacher’s comments and questions! Then, when you’ve had a chance to revise
the doc, you can resubmit it to let your teacher know you want them to check it out again. This is an important stage because it gives
you a chance to learn from your feedback as you keep working on the lesson. That’s about it. Oh and lastly, remember that there is a free
Google Classroom app on iOS and Android, where you can check on your classes and get notifications
about upcoming due dates. Thanks for watching!

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