How to use games for kindergarten classroom management
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How to use games for kindergarten classroom management

Competition is my secret tool in managing
kindergarten classes of all ages and sizes. Let me show you my favourite classroom management
game. At the beginning of every lesson I divide
the class into teams. This is usually the tables that they are seated at or, in large
classes, areas of the room. The team could be made up of about 4 to 6 children. I give the class a topic and ask them to choose
a team name. For example, I might say, 禅oday, you are all fruit. Choose a team name. They
will choose names like, team banana, or team apple. Write the names of each team on the corner
of your board. Throughout the lesson you will award the team
a star for everything that they do well. I usually give stars for speaking English,
tidying up first, sitting up ready, handing in their papers, helping each other, being
polite to me and to each other, not running in class, lining up quietly and so on. It
can be anything that you decide. Remind them throughout the lesson that they
could get their team a star. They will instantly listen! The team with the most stars at the end of
the day gets to line up first and leave class before everyone else. I try to distribute points evenly and get
different groups to win on different days so they continue to remain interested. It痴 a real team effort so they all work
together to try to be the best.

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