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66 thoughts on “How to Transfer from Community College to a Four-Year University

  1. Really? I attend a CC, and I actually like it. I mean, is not the bezt nor wat i wanted, but is something. I can tell u this, tho…. it is making me slack. is so easy.

  2. I know… but hell naw! the hell ima fall for it. The minute I feel like I am about to have a slack attitude I slap myself back on track. lol.

  3. holy crap, your right. Thats exactly what happened to me. I thought I was alone. I did really good in High School and have slacked off in CCollege. Barely transferring after 6 yrs.

  4. The biggest tip from experience I can share is this – speak with the counselor AT the 4 year university you are going to asking what you can do/take to qualify for their school, ask about scholarships, etc. etc.

    Do NOT talk to the community college counselor you are attending or going to attend. I've found that sometimes they want to retain students in the community college so that they have or retain more funding depending on student numbers. I repeat…! Do not…!

  5. @combatdstar That would be Santa Monica City College. Similar to the way PCC has with Art Center and other tech university around there, I forget the name, its nearby. And similar to the way LATTC has also a connection to USC and FIDM, but not as clear or successful. I don't know what the heck LACC connects you to? Hollywood?

  6. @clickmeforgoodtime so lets say you did alrigt in high school like a 2.3 gpa average and you go to a community college are they more lkely to accept you in than straight out of high school im a sophmore in hugh school about to be a junior

  7. @cuzaca

    Depends on the college. If you have a 2.3, then you MAY or may not get accepted. If you have something special about you (star athlete, war hero, great artist, etc.) you may get accepted. Also, it depends on your SAT/ACT scores and the rigor of your classes. If your a sophomore, you can definitely bring that GPA up, you still have 2.5 more semesters(?) to do it before applying to college. If you don't get into your college, then try community college, there's still a good chance. 🙂

  8. hey guys here is more up and coming info on transferring from community college to a 4-year university. Whether you want to you transfer to your local state school or stanford or harvard or cornell, it's all possible. Just search for Melba Madrigal.

  9. The tuition at Community college is lower because the schools have no facilities, so all you pay for are the classes/textbooks. I can tell you from experience, it's not worth the money you save. And if you're like me, and the community college doesn't offer you're major, you're gonna end up spending 4 years in another college once you transfer. So you end up paying more than just going straight because you now have to pay for reg college + community college. Not worth it at all.

  10. if you go 2 years to a C.C then you transfer to a university, do you start as a freshman again or you start as a junior and just go 2 years?

  11. @stacyrios209 You transfer as a junior. Lol if you start over as a freshman it wouldn't be worth it, would it?

    Basically, you finish all your general education requirements really cheap at a CC and then focus on your major once you transfer.

  12. @TokyoNerd Well, I can tell you that my experience at a CC here in California was different. All my units transferred, all my major preparation classes are done, and I didn't have to pay a ridiculous amount of money on general education requirements. This fall, I'm attending UCLA as a junior and I think it was definitely worth it.
    But yeah, depending on what major you have, you need to do a little research…

  13. @jacqueline716 do you mind telling me which CC you were attending? I am planning to go to Green River Community College. What do you think about that one? Thanks 🙂

  14. @halovir I attended Santa Monica College in California. I'm not familiar with Green River, but you should look into an honors program there if they have one. It really helps to stand out when you're applying to schools like UCLA and UC Berkeley.

  15. @jacqueline716 Thank you so much for your advice, I haven't considered that one. I am looking for colleges that have neuroscience as a major, which I have no luck on. Do you know if Santa Monica has major in neuroscience?

  16. @halovir You're welcome 🙂 SMC doesn't offer a neuroscience major, but it doesn't really matter if you're not planning on getting an AA. If your goal is to transfer to say, UCLA and get a B.S in neuroscience, you can still get all the general education requirements done at a community college. If you check assist.org, you can see the articulation agreement which lists the courses that you need to take for neuroscience (biology, chemistry, physics, math, etc.). However, assist.org is only for CA.

  17. @jacqueline716 hi there, i hope you dont mind me asking you questions again 🙂 i looked up SMC, and immediately fell in love with it! from what i've heard though, its really hard to get into classes there due to the numbers of students, hence most people finish more than 2 years. How shld I make sure I get all classes I want?

  18. @halovir No problem, I actually enjoy answering questions 🙂 I had no problems getting any of my classes because I was in the Scholars Program (which is what SMC's honors program is called). If you are part of that program, you get a priority enrollment date (usually you get to enroll over a week before regular students do). All the scholars students I know transferred in 2 years…a few didn't but that's because they chose to "take it slow" with less than 12 units per semester.

  19. @halovir Also, many people who have late enrollment dates crash classes to get on the waiting list. However, when you crash classes, it's like a lottery so there's no guarantee you will get in the class). Some professors don't allow people to crash and add their class though. Thankfully, I never had to crash a class…it's a hassle.

  20. @jacqueline716 I really am glad you enjoy answering question! 😀 Good on you for having everything under control! That's what you get for being a smart cookie~! How do I apply to the Scholars Program? I am not the smartest in every class, but in average, I guess 10% of all classes. Is it really competitive? I am just afraid I'd have to spend more than 2 years there. There are even people who spend 5 years in CC; which I think is a lil bit too long

  21. @halovir lol thanks! Applying consists of sending in a packet with the application, a letter of recommendation, a 500-word essay on "who you were, who you are, and who you would like to be," and a transcript. Don't worry, you don't have to have straight A's (the minimum is a 3.0 I believe). You also must show that you are eligible for English 1. If you type in "Scholars Program Santa Monica College" on Google, it will direct you to the website for more information.

  22. @halovir I'm sure that if you take enough units every semester, you'll be fine. Even if you're low on units, you can take the optional summer and winter sessions (which are 6 weeks long). Two years ago, I was worried about transferring on time too but if you plan accordingly and don't slack, you'll be fine, trust me.

  23. @halovir And even if happen to not get into SMC's Scholars Program, there are a lot of other good CCs (like Pasadena City College) which also have an honors program with high transfer rates to UCLA, USC, UC Berkeley, etc.

    But yeah, 5 yrs. is crazy! That's more than double the amount of time I took…I'm going to assume that the person had a full-time job or other burdensome responsibilities besides school.

  24. @jacqueline716 long reply ftw! you shld know how helpful you are to a clueless student like me. re: the letter of recommendation, how long should it be and what should it focus on? i hope my teachers wouldnt hate me for giving them another job this late –" do i have to send the original thing or by email is fine?

  25. @halovir I remember my 500 word essay was a little less than a page (typed, single spaced). If you have Microsoft Word, the "word count" will tell you how under/over the limit you are. You don't have to make it exactly 500 words, but try to get as close as possible. My teacher's letter of recommendation was only a few paragraphs (less than a page)..I'm sure it won't take them too long to write it. The original letter and the other required papers have to be sent all in one package.

  26. @halovir The letter that my teacher wrote was very general…she just wrote about how I am a student with a lot of potential, how I'm a pleasure to have in class, have creative insights and leadership qualities (which I don't think I do lol). I'm sure if you just ask your teacher to write a letter recommending you to the honor's program they can figure out what to write because it doesn't have to focus on anything in particular.

  27. @jacqueline716 lately i've been checking youtube just to read your reply lol~! i'll ask my teacher to do it then thanks! btw did you get an AA? because if i dont get it, how can i transfer to uni majoring in neuroscience when SMC doesnt offer neuro?

  28. @halovir I've been checking YT more often recently too lol…I did not get an AA. I just transferred to uni…once you get a BA (or in your case, a BS), the AA is not of any use. Yes, you can definitely transfer to a university majoring in neuroscience even though the community college doesn't offer that particular major. The first two years, you'll just be completing your preparation for the major.

  29. @halovir Btw, I looked up some stats for neuroscience transfers to UCLA…thought you might find it useful:In 2010, there were 103 neuroscience transfer applicants; 34 were admitted (33.01%). Looks like you have a pretty good shot at admission! It's much better than the freshman admit rate, which is usually 20-25%…

  30. @halovir Also, those transfer statistics include regular, non-honors students, so if you take into account the honors program, the likelihood of admission into that major increases a lot…

  31. @jacqueline716 it is useful! it makes me happy now 🙂 is that statistics from SMC or for all CC? do you know how can I check what do the uni wants me to do in CC in order to prepare for my neuro major? I emailed the people in the uni, but I havent gotten any reply yet

  32. @halovir Those statistics include transfers from all community colleges. If you plan on attending a California community college and transferring to a UC, then you should check Assist.org. That website lists all the specific preparation requirements for the neuroscience major (biology, chemistry, physics, statistics/math, etc.)

  33. @jacqueline716 thank you for your assistance jacqueline716! very, very much appreciated! do you mind if i add you as a friend and come by once in a while to ask about things later, or is it not a good idea?

  34. Lol I can't believe that most of the comments here are replies from 2 ppl 😛 and yet, I sat here and read it all xP quite an interesting read tho.

    sorry i needed your attention. can you enroll during the spring. based on my calculations i should be finished with my general ed and prerequisites for my major in the fall of 2013. so, if accepted by the school i want, will i be able to attend in the spring of 2014 or will i have to wait until the fall of 2014?

  36. its possible to transfer to a four year in the spring its just harder to make the switch since most of the students begin in the fall. so its not impossible just going to be a bit more difficult

  37. If you go to a community college and transfer to a University, don't you just need good grades in your Community college in order to get into a middle-tier college? Or both high school and Community college transcripts? I'm in 10th grade and I'm worried about my sophomore grades.. I have an average 2.6 Gpa and I dropped out of Algebra 1 last term, and I'm taking it now with a B+. I'm involved with key club so that helps, but I'm worried. Please help someone :/

  38. community college is not a bad choice at all,
    i took honors and advance courses in high school and graduated with a G.P.A of 3.0,
    I'm actually looking forward to transferring to a prestigious school (:

  39. Whoever came up with this system must've loved making the world complicated for young people.. I've been crawling through community collee for 5 years and only now am I finally starting to realize how everything fits together. My transfer now looms on the not-so-distant horizon and I'm figuring out things I probably should've known when I was 18.

  40. Better pro-tip;
    Most universities you call or talk to all say the same thing; we have to see official transcripts in order to make that decision if credits transfer. Generally,
    -general English classes will transfer,
    -almost no electives will,
    -there is a time limit on math credit transfers because you could forget months/years after taking classes

    Most universities cannot give you a definitive answer over the phone or even in person. You just have to take the gamble to apply and send in transcripts and wait for the office to tell you. For example if they don't accept your algebra class, you can probably just take an assessment to place you out of algebra but you won't get credit for passed classes.

  41. after i graduate i want to go to my community college for 2 years to get my basic classes out of the way. its cheaper, and if you have another 2 years to decide what to major. after getting your basics out of the way you can transfer into a university and do your major and stuff

  42. I am bound to start the first two years off at a community college. Which is better? Community, university, online college? Is Online college cheaper than a traditional classroom.

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