How to teach kids about germs
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How to teach kids about germs

Hi I’m Dr. Jennifer Ponder and I’m an
associate professor in the School of Education at UAB. I’m here today to talk
to you a little bit about how to help young children stay healthy during the
flu season. I’ve spent a lot of time in classrooms over the years and one of the
things that educators try to do is to help young children understand complex
and abstract concepts through demonstrations. So today we’re going to
do a little demonstration that you can use with your young children to help
them understand how germs spread. So today we will be using some hand
lotion so you take a little bit of hand lotion, rub it in on your hands and then
you take just some regular glitter and put it in the center of your hand to
simulate germs and so you can show children that if you sneeze or if you
cough into your hand that the glitter represents the germs and then when you
close your hand and open it back up you see how easily the germs can spread and
then to take that a step further and to show them that if they touch their
friend’s hand that those germs then spread on to the next person. Another
thing that we try to focus on with young children is to help them understand the
basics of hand-washing and good hygiene and so oftentimes when
they go to wash their hands they will just give it a one over with water or
maybe a little bit of soap but it’s important to show them that the germs
don’t wash off with just a once-over so we want to really teach them how
important it is to use soap and to scrub their hands
in order to get all of the germs off so that they do not pass illnesses on to
their friends

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