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100 thoughts on “How to teach and train your brain to Get What You Really Want ? – John Assaraf

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    You will learn a step by step process.

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  2. You are so right "commitment" is the only decision that works, it is not will power it is commitment.'
    Since making a commitment to become healthy it has made all the difference in my ability to lose weight
    and doing efforts to overcome my basic physical problems. Tony Robins teaches this very way to change ones self.
    You are so believable. Thank You

  3. He is very rich in the knowledge of changing and using the mind, gives accurate information you need. May god bless John Assaraf. Thank you.

  4. Thanks to you and John Assaraf for this knowledge and game plan!!! I have already put it into practice. (The definition of insanity: keep doing the SAME THING, and expecting different results!!!). I am going to live differently from now on!!!
    Thanks again!!!

  5. I need a deeper speaker who knows more about the fate of human individuals. Too simplistic to claim that you just have to have a good enough reason for change, otherwise your reason not to, take charge. I guess this LOA is only for ppl already quite successful, with health, family, work.
    Idl that doing without I also dl the claim not to be with losers: When extremely down, ill and isolated in exhaustion and mistreatment, a loser companion is better than none, cause isolation makes crazy in the long run, and gives human malnutrition.Have listened and practised f years and am depressed at how much time and effort I put in to no use because I still need the personal assistence, mentor, therapist,doctor, get back all they have taken from me.
    Why use a young, halting, french interviewer? It disturbs the flow of the speech, he steals it for a personal lesson, unprofessional and disturbing. Hurt envy and resentment that he got promoted and not more competent, serious me.

  6. I am too tired of living a mediocre life. This interview is refreshing. i am committed to doing the work to be legendary.

  7. I love it. I am a follower of Dr. Louice L Hay. I am doing it somethimes. But got breaks. Now sure I will give one hour for my improvement to acquire myself. And become more and more a human being with humanity, kindness, love, respect, achivement and harmony. This is not a promise to you or Dr. John Assaraf but it is to me to become myself more and more. Love it, very very kind that you and Dr. John share this.

  8. Faith in Action is the key to attract what you desire and and consistently committed in what you desire to achieve and receive in life…
    The law of Attraction states you believe you see and you achieve.
    But a grate mistakes in it. The power of Atttraction is simple love. How you will harness this power simple feeling everyday grateful.. put whole your heart, mind and soul to what you like to do everyday. Do not wait and day dream go out and manifest it.. Whatever a mind conceive it shall achieve…
    Think , feel , see and manifest it doing Action consistently fully committed to what you desire..

    In addition, believe in your self train your brain to attract whatever you desire in life and start to fully commit your mind, soul and heart to it you will achieve grate success by simply put love in everything you do..

    God is the source of law of Attraction
    He is love
    Without love this world will never be
    Without love universe is barren
    Without love nothing will came in to existace
    Love is the positive force that attracts all forces in alignment
    Love is the essence of life issues
    God is love….

  9. Thank you very much for you inspiration
    I downloaded everything you say.
    I will put it into action and see how it manifest..
    God bless

  10. Thank you David and John… Listening to this video made me realize to look at myself, my brain, my aspirations differently. I will once again listen to this.

  11. He is very eloquent and easy to listen to speaker/teacher; some are jarring to listen to; I find most are and it is a turn off from the beginning. John is soothing and effective.

  12. This is so beautiful! I love John and you David are awesome for creating this sacred space for people to be inspired and know we are one and it is possible to be happy and fulfilled if we work at it with our mighty power as spiritual beings that we are. Much gratitude this is the best interview with John Assaraf I have ever seen! Genna

  13. Interesting but even if we have the skills and experience we still need a reason why. Most of these people are always talking about the surface and not really going into the depths of the mind and how the system creates and shapes the idenity. This is just another one of those surface antidotes.

  14. Thanks for sharing this video with us am from Algérien live now am 27 years old and I believe in my self a lot because of you

  15. This is really the BEST I have heard from all the videos. Just have to put it into practice
    Thank you for sharing. "Now I see….. said the blind man"

  16. One of the best interviews which I have ever watched and I learned a lot of things from this interview with John Assaraf he is a great mentor.

  17. No one can achieve their financial goals without the help of the people who privately own the politically oriented funny money supply. If you were not born with a connection to this small elite group of people, then it doesn't matter how brilliant you are, you're not going to make your dreams come true. It takes an insider to make a success in today's clowncracy.

  18. Educational and Inspiring, enjoyed the entire 1:10:56, thank you Mr Assaraf and Mr Laroche continue your good work of encouragement, also good info for prison institutions.

  19. I was thrilled about this man until he talked about "losers." Wow. How judgmental and arrogant or maybe ignorant is a better word. Look at the life of Christ. It would appear he's a "loser" according to this man's input. Some people appear like losers because they're actually suffering on behalf of others, as Christ did. But the deeper Christ descended, the greater he rose. I agree we need to be wise with who we hang out with, but that depends on where we're at, it has nothing to do with anyone being a loser. Those who are suffering deserve our compassion. We could all claim to be losers as evidenced by we're still on this planet experiencing life again, and again, and again, still reincarnating until we get it right. There's no such thing as a loser.

  20. John Assaraf. Today it's Wednesday 16, 10,2019..
    It's day I will flow what you saying..
    I have been listening 15years..
    I never being serious..but today
    It's day I will change. Thank you John greating from Somali 💝

  21. A very interesting approach and I believe it to be viable. I think that anyone who applies your method will succeed. That being said, I must add that it is not for everyone and I'm sure that you agree. Someone once said that there are never less than three ways to accomplish the same result" ( I'm paraphrasing ). There are other approaches; some are just as difficult and some much easier, however, I believe they all require commitment as you say. Now, here is where we may disagree.
    You mention ways to motivate yourself but you only mention [extrinsic] motivation which is very difficult to do when it involves changing behavior. Studies have shown that this "carrot and the stick" approach can not only be difficult but, may even be counter-productive. We find that building or establishing a desire in the client (intrinsic motivation) is much more effective. Hypnotherapy, for example, is a powerful way to establish and build intrinsic motivation because it can be applied directly into the subconscious mind bypassing critical analysis. What do you think?

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  24. The gem bombs this guy was dropping with his personal story at the end are so good I had to take notes. Thank you. I'm 100% committed to change my financial situation with actions!
    As a side note for anybody who wants to help others to do so, I'm here to accept your offers.. Your welcome. 😊💕

  25. finance , leglal,maeketing,sales, operation tecnology, mamaging and its liek a rubics cube … to run a bussiness 3*# small bussiness but hug is like 16*16 math possibitity are inc and you have to recognize patterns and know what movement tot make first do 1 self2 someoen else 3 so

  26. its so crazy how watching the same videos in different time of your life can be similar but at the same so different as if one learns to experience things differently its pretty cool. nevertheless wishing i had experience this video the way I am the first time I watched it. But now time to GOYA and do that one HR of being the nova I was born to be Amen

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  28. 2019 .11.13. I have been crying while I'm listening to this audio..truly to change is something difficult bt I'm going to follow your advice . Thax 4 sharing

  29. Need to access Hidden Self, beneath conscious mind. It should Desire, Believe, Also have deserving feeling, know what and how it will be incorporated in life post manifestation

  30. You don't actually "NEED" most of the things that you think you want or think are important. Don't buy into the "Things will make me happy" bullshit!

  31. Why do you want to use your brain? It does not actually use it, it creates or disturbs the brain. The question is: Why do you want to disturb (the brain) mee too? Obviously, the question arises from the answer before it.

  32. You’re the VERYVERY best. Wow amazingly talented. I hope I can do it. I hope someone can help me teaching my dreams and ambitions.

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