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How to Start a Speech

One of the first words you should say in a speech, and what are the last words you should say in a speech Now tomorrow, I don’t know how many of you are speaking, but I guarantee if you go to conferences 19 out of 20 speakers will start in one of these ways number one My name is Connor Neal. I’m from tango and this talk is about the latest trend in monitoring strategies Now all of you are sitting with a piece of paper in front of you. That says I’m Connor Neal I’ve come from Ireland, and I’m going to talk about tango 0-4 and this So by repeating what you already know? I’m giving a signal that it’s a time to get your BlackBerry out I’ve just signals that this talk is Opportunity to reconnect with blackberry make sure the office is ok, maybe get some plans together for the weekend Another way to start The lights and some of the mics working and how much time have I got Ok right ok Is it is it plugged in? and You laugh, but I guarantee tomorrow. There’s going to be some moments They get a little bit up And Why because this is for some of you the first time you see this individual. They’re here as a leader in their industry and Your kid at school presenting on giraffes does a better job That’s sad I Think there’s only three ways of starting a speech And it’s the same if you went into a bar and there’s a group of people as a networking event much like you were at before you walked into this room and Maybe I came up to a group There’s group of three people who are having a little conversation. I walk in and I say hi. I’m Connor I’m Irish 38 years old I have an interest in sailing. I like running And they’ve walked away How do you get people to engage with you when you’re networking I Say in networking the best thing you can do is walk up. I think we know someone in common Try and walk away when someone comes up and says that to you Hopefully, you’ve done your research, so you do know that you’ve know someone in common, but with LinkedIn You can find out who knows who on anyone you want? So how to start a speech? first way With a question that matters to the audience How do you phrase a problem that the audience faces in a question So that’d be the third best way of starting a speech The second best way of starting a speech with a factoid that shocks There’s more people alive today than have ever died More people alive today than have ever died There’s a lot of speeches that can follow on from there Every two minutes The energy reaching the earth from the Sun is equivalent to the whole annual usage of humanity All the energy all the cars everything moving all the lighting all the air conditioning of the world in One year is equivalent to two minutes of Sun Does that change how you think about energy So what’s a fact that shocks the audience into rethinking? and Google has transformed your ability to get at these facts Given two or three minutes you can find out one whether anything I’ve said is true But you trust me because I Look the part, and I’m from ESA those are in fact two true facts I Usually get someone come up to me and are you sure but how do they measure dead and alive But it’s true, and it’s not even close But the best way to Start a speech and the way that I hope all of you use from now forward is the same way We start a story to a child Now how do we start a story to a child? And I say oneth once upon a time And what happens when you say once upon a time I can tell you what happens when I say once upon a time my daughter leans forward gets ready to hear engages and We were all trained as kids to know when a story’s coming We also know when a teacher is about to deliver a 40 minute boring lecture that has no impact on our lives But in business You don’t hear him Jack Welsh saying once upon a time Steve Jobs doesn’t heart start his speeches once upon a time, so there’s a grown-up way of saying once upon a time and If you listen to the conversations that are interesting around you at a dinner table in A networking event if you listen to the people that are gathering the group of eight that are listening to them The way they’re talking is different the way they start is different The way you tell stories as an adult is in October was the last time I was in this room there were a hundred and twenty people in the room And I was having a little conversation with one of the world experts on public speaking and he said something to me He said something to me This had me thinking ever since He said something to me that changed What I think about what’s important in speaking? Now I can pause for about 30 seconds two or three minutes, and you want to know what he said So in Speaking in sales, we assume self-interest So if you can tell a story from your own life that Connects you to why this topic is important to you. Why you first joined the company when you first saw someone benefit And you saw how their life was changed, and I think here exploring what quality of life means for you in your business How do you affect quality of life for a customer? Because that’s where the stories that will start to connect you to the audience will come from Because stories are about people They’re not about objects they are not about things. It’s about the people behind the things If you want to tell a good story about Tango don’t talk about the software talk about the people who built the software What they do how they are what’s important to them what they sacrifice? And in your own life What does quality of life mean? What sacrifices have you made to achieve something that was more important and If you can tell stories and the audience connect with those stories then They want to hear what you have to say And all the reasons and all the benefits. They’re all written in the document and in the PowerPoint But they need to trust you And they need to care about you as a person to engage with you and then decide that they will act

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  1. Having been to Harvard for my doctorate and speaking at the UN national convention as well as speaking at congress for national human rights, the best way to start any speech is . ..


  2. I was so on-board with this video until I Googled the dead vs living thing, and realised that this guy has no interest in facts. He then says the audience trusts him – more fool them.

  3. SHOCKING TRUTH: more people have watched this video than have ever lived… or something… I dunno, cba checking my facts.

  4. AFTER some research: 7.7 Billion of people living on earth but 108 billion of people who died up to now. yes shocked because it's a wrong claim….

  5. He’s wrong. There are NOT more people alive than have ever died. Recent calculations have determined that about 6% of people that ever lived are alive today. So 7billion of about 115 billion.

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  8. Some good tips, but I was put off by the section about networking in a bar. It didn't seem to connect with anything to do with giving a speech. Why was it put in there? Notice, during that section, he touches his nose more than any other time during his speech. A body language sign of hiding and covering. He comes across as somewhat lost and uncomfortable. That made me feel uncomfortable and question his credibility.

    Also it is NOT true that there are more people alive today than have ever lived! Think about it for a moment: What do we mean by 'today'? Literally, 'today', then yesterday's dead folk are counted in the 'ever lived' section. This year? then all those who died last year – the last five years all go into the 'ever lived' section. Until we define 'today', the 'factoid' is meaningless. Presenting that as true when it clearly is not, along with the section on networking in a bar really put me off the speech. I reached for my 'Blackberry'.

  9. Just a PSA, around 100 billion people have ever died, and there are only 7.5 billion today. Gotta get them FACTS STRAIGHT BABY

  10. I am BEYOND wildly ecstatic to be out of this utterly fake, calculating, superficial, duplicitous "ecosystem:" the demented world of corporate "culture." "How to Start a Speech" is more of the same.

  11. shocking fact… over 100,000,000,000,000 people have lived and died… what kind of nonsense fact is that?

  12. it doesn't matter what you watch or who you're subscribed to, you will eventually get this video in your recommended

  13. 3:30 Shocking, because not true, although it's quite a bit closer if you move "have ever died" past the sperm cell delivering its fateful payload (whether the egg wants it or not), past the first trimester, past the first birthday, all the way to six years old. Some cultures wouldn't give you a real name until you were well and truly off the tit, because so many false alarms.

  14. Have you ever spoke subjects or more starlet in the beginning in different ways then going too the end of the subject then the middle then the beginning again and made sense on what your defining.

  15. wow, this guy is getting paid for making a noise with his mouth hole. what a complete and utter twat. stfu, seriously. needs a hard elbow to the jaw. cunt.

  16. Fact check: There are 7 billion currently on Earth. It is loosely estimated that over 100 Billion have lived on Earth in the past 50,000 years. The statistic is not true and will never be true as the Earth could never sustain more than 100 billion people at one time.

  17. At first, I thought this was a lot of "hot air." It took a while before Mr. Neil really got my attention. In the end of his 8 minute and 40 second speech, he did touch a cord. Granted, it wasn't life changing. Nor did the feeling of an epiphany overwhelm me, but, yeah. I get it. He could have done this in 4 minutes, I'm thinking. But, point taken. He connected the dots and made sense. Well done!

  18. How could this have possibly received over 5k thumbs down? This is quite possibly THE BEST YouTube video I have EVER watched!
    Thank you, Conor. I have learned much from you.
    This has most definitely boosted my confidence. I look forward to seeing more from you-I hope I can find some more out on the net! Or a book?

  19. "There's more people alive today than have ever died…" – that's definitely a factoid –

  20. 1:45 he said there's only 3 ways but i thought should have been "there are". can anyone explain to me this? i'm a engllish learner

  21. Finally fresh air:) also this too

  22. Don't start your speech with a lie! There are more people alive today than have ever died?! That's so wrong! 95 billion people have lived on Earth. That's not even remotely close!

  23. Peace be upon you.
    The best words to start a conversation and end it as God described it in all his books is
    (Alsalam Alekom). It Means Peace be upon you. Try it with the hardest people as a Judge then you will win his/her heart.
    Peace be upon you all. 👌👍

  24. After hearing his lyrics how to start a speech you will have to come up with something completely different. Use your own mind. Try to be original.
    I know that Jehovah's Witnesses (a stinking rich Christian cult) are taught to ask OPEN questions. With the difference that you have to wait for an answer, while as the speaker you have to give the answer yourself.
    My suggestion? Start with a nice short joke. Then at least the ice is broken between you and your audience.

  25. I disagree with the "I'm Connor Neil" opening being redundant. It's not a signal to whip out your Blackberry, Iit's a signal to put down your Blackberry and pay attention.

  26. 1)Once upon a time, 2)skydiving was safer than driving, 3) and I think we both know Andrew from accounting. Ladies keep your hands to yourself, that line was so good I don't think you can give consent.

  27. the irony is he was a bit boring and too long winded really .just get on with it and come to the point faster you windy slap head.

  28. with ears like his and mine…we can always waste some time….our ears will get attention …at any "cheers!" convention…

  29. Factoid actually means something false., not a small fact. It is a mistake. What does humanoid or asteroid mean? Look it up. it means falsely like. Of course, there is the term, "Usage". People can use a word in the wrong way and after 10 to 20 years it can become, "correct", BUT???

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