How To Sneak Candy In Class! Edible DIY School Supplies! Prank Wars!
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How To Sneak Candy In Class! Edible DIY School Supplies! Prank Wars!

So this year we are gonna have some strict rules in class (chalk crunch) What was that?! I’ve got my eyes on you two Tap tap and music Ever been in class and gotten so hungry that you couldn’t concentrate? And like lunch is still hours away, well today I’m gonna show you guys some sneaky ways to get food into class That might just save your day If you’ve ever been hungry in class Hit the notification bell right now And comment hungrycorn *music beat* Hey Wengie, can I borrow your eraser? No sorry, not right now Why not?! Shh! Its a secret, look! Look look Music of Marvel Box opening See? Ohhh! Shh Wengie! Just take some and be quiet! Marvel candy sound *Gulp* Mmm Hey! No talking in class! Im trying to concentrate here Playing with…my game So, a simple eraser may not look like much but there is a hidden compartment for hiding food and it has to do with this cardboard wrapping So make sure you find an eraser with this cardboard piece I found the best kind of candy to be something small like nerds, which are the perfect size To others it will seem like youve got nerds coming out of your eraser Just cut your eraser into two small pieces like this Put one piece just a little bit into the cardboard piece and you’ll have an empty chamber Just scoop as many candies as you can into this chamber And use your other piece to hide the evidence and it’ll look just like a regular eraser Hey Wengie, can I borrow your gluestick? Oh, sorry it doesnt work Huh? Ohh, You gotta give me whatever you have hiding in there Fine Mmm These lifesavers may actually be true to their name if you find yourself hungry in class Desparate for a snack And all you need is an empty gluestick because the lifesavers are ring shaped you can actually just thread them into the glue without needing to reshape or cut them or anything its almost as if they were made to fit inside a glue stick I remember thinking i was getting cheated out of that middle piece of candy but now its finally become useful – arghh – why can’t I beat this level I mean…. What an interesting documentary Do you guys smell candy? No okay guys I am sick of you two sneaking food into my class all the time I am going to be looking through every single one of your school supplies today because I’ve had enough okay, Left: okay sure! Right okay fine! Hmmm Ahaa! I found something This *pause* this is? What is it? It’s my pencil sharpener is that okay? Fine, It doesn’t look like your hiding anything then today then. sorry! the translator is sleeping!

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100 thoughts on “How To Sneak Candy In Class! Edible DIY School Supplies! Prank Wars!

  1. If you have ever been hungry during class, make sure you hit that notification bell ❤️🦄
    Also I have this problem now that whenever I see cake or sweets, I get my song – CAKE – stuck in my head on repeat! Is this happening to anyone else or just me?
    If you haven't heard it already, here it is! 🍰🍰

  2. Title. How to sneak candy in to class. lol Wengie Pringle’s are not candy the title should be called how to sneak food in to class

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