how to set up a planner for college // back to school 2019
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how to set up a planner for college // back to school 2019

As we’ve been exploring during this back to
school series, organization and effective time management are key to a balanced study
routine. The basis of any time management system for
school or college is your academic planner. Today we will be exploring a digital and a
traditional notebook-type planner and how to properly set them up for a new academic
year with simple methods. For the traditional setup, I’ve picked an
18 Months Moleskine Planner. This planner features the typical spread containing
a week on one page with a page for notes. I always felt like this combo was perfect
to effectively schedule tasks and academic events while also keeping enough space for
a comprehensive list on the right side. You can use a planner like this to use the
organization method in “How to Become a Straight-A Student”, a book we’ve discussed in last week’s
video. Keeping this setup as simple as it gets, we’ll
start by filling up the notebook’s schedule. A practical tip is to fill in all of your
classes first and then pre-schedule some regular study sessions during the week. Even if you have to move things around later,
time blocking these sessions as part of your study routine can give you a boost of motivation
and discipline in the long run. Once you have dates for most of your assignments,
quizes and exams, it can be useful to use a monthly spread to schedule them. Although weekly spreads give you freedom to
write things down with more detail, a month-at-a-glance gives you a better perception of your future
work load. To simplify the whole process of writing down
tasks related to the same classes over and over again, I like to use a color code per
course. You can either use stickers or colored pens
for this. It’s a decorative element for your planner
that actually serves a useful purpose. To plan things for the week, I’ll be using
the right page to brainstorm and list all the tasks I need to complete for the week
without any specific order of urgency or importance. Every time I know I need to complete a certain
task in a certain week, I’ll flip over to that time frame and jot it down in the right
page of my planner. Once I am able to understand the time I’ll
have available during those seven days, I’ll migrate the tasks from the right page and
assign them specific days and timeslots in the left page. Each time a task is migrated you can either
cross them over or use a cross to signal that the task has been successfully scheduled. And that’s pretty much it for the most basic
and simple academic planner setup. You don’t need a complicated setup or organization
system to stay on track with all of your work so keeping it simple in the beginning and
building it up from there can be very useful in the long run. For our digital setup, we’ll be using “My
Study Life”, which is a free app that runs on all devices and your web-browser as well. You can sign in with your google account so
it guarantees that everything you plan is synched between all platforms. My Study Life features 4 main components that
you can use for your setup: a calendar with a layout very similar to the ones you can
find in other mainstream calendar apps; a main list for tasks, a schedule and a place
where you can input important information about exams and assignments. Before you start adding your information,
it’s important to go to “settings” and redefine your preferences. Your default start time, class duration, as
well as the time format and starting week day are all settings you should update before
you do anything else on “My Study Life”. After you setup your preferences, you should
start by adding a new academic year. This initial setup will allow you to add classes,
a schedule and assign a color code for your tasks. By adding class information, you’ll be also
automatically creating your schedule in the schedule tab. The repeating format will be set up according
to your initial preferences, so you can either have the same classes every week, or with
other type of rotation. After setting up your classes and schedule
you can start filling in information about assignments, tests, quizes and group work
in your dedicated exams tab. Finally, the tasks tab should be used for
everyday work, like doing homework, solving problems and do your class readings. As always, it’s important to use detailed
information while scheduling tasks. You can schedule both assignments, reminders
and revision, which allows you to use the reminder slash task system we were devising
in our paper planner. When you click a scheduled task, you’re also
able to set your completion rate, which is particularly useful for long-term tasks like
a project or a long session of reading. As all web-enabled time management apps, my
Study Life relies on a password so you can access it anywhere. If you’re using your Google account to get
it, then you’re using the same account that has a lot of sensitive and personal information,
which is essential to keep protected and for that there’s no one out there better than
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anyone who clicks that link. I hope you enjoyed today’s video and i will
see you next week. Bye guys!

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