How to motivate students  | exam motivation | study motivation for students| saraswati school
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How to motivate students | exam motivation | study motivation for students| saraswati school

Welcome to the second episode of happy School Web series Thank you again to Saraswati World School And International Organization of Education Charter for supporting us produce this wonderful Video Wouldn’t it be great If your children were motivated independent learners That way You won’t have to scold or nag your children for anything. And it will be great time for everyone Well in today’s world this situation is rather utopian state where everything is set to perfect But in reality, this is not so. And if you see the world Right from a child to a full-grown adult everyone requires a dose of motivation. So You will find people full of demotivated attitude You will see that motivation is something very much required Let’s take the story little further in the context of students. and their academics. In the academic arena , we have categorised students in three states First is Motivated second is demotivated and third is the last one is unmotivated. And in all these three levels work Two factors that is first is Intrinsic and and the second one is extrinsic Well, little hopeless. Let’s identify who is motivated? Who is demotivated? and who is unmotivated? a student is said to be motivated if he is completely focused on his creativity without fear of mistakes A motivated student moves with the flow a demotivated student is one who starts a journey with motivation but ends up with demotivation because of various external and internal factors And the third one that is unmotivated students or unmotivated youth are one who has not yet experienced anything of motivation and they never care whether it’s independent motivated learning or fears of mistakes they know nothing and they need to kick start their motivation well all these three states are influenced by two dimensions namely intrinsic dimension and extrinsic dimension to define the intrinsic dimension we can take the example of excitement zeal, instinct attitude or which is coming from within is the intrinsic dimension of the student for motivation and companionship, friendship environment and nature these things are external and they form the extrinsic aspect of student now we have understood that motivation is such a difficult thing for a student that he requires a lot of training and lots of efforts to get this motivation but I say no big no. It is so simple and when I tell you how it is simple you will be amazed to apply this in your life. let’s talk about it. To stay motivated is such an easy task comfortable task that anybody can undertake this And youth can remain motivated for entire life with ease and comfort Let me Tell you how In Bhagwad Gita It is said that human consciousness has two hands to experience this life. The first one is your own intellect and the second one is emotions. And Well use of these two hands is required to understand life and you see that In Bhagwad Gita it is mentioned Those who can use their emotions more than anything else like intellect they whole life suffers pain and demotivation is one of the consequences of over use of emotions in day to day life. and once you understand and aware that your emotions and intellect and you can well use the intellect in day to day life then you can see that all disturbing problems in your life start to vanish. And demotivation will be the first to go so when you understand that intellect and emotions can be controlled and if you use intellect in your life then remained motivated will be the natural state of human being let me tell you a story about motivation but before that let’s have a look at what teachers and academicians have to say about motivation Life is very valuable we got it by chance one life and one target and we have only one bullet to penetrate our target if we fix our goal then we can’t be defocused can’t be demotivated ever in our life. motivation is all about appreciation and inspiration if a teacher inspires students then student can give their 100 % teachers can motivate students by boosting their self-confidence by being supportive and friendly atmosphere by praising them on their success that may help the students in getting self-confidence and teachers can Then the students who are not interested in studies Teachers need to make them understand that students can solve their problems with the help of teachers The teacher should motivate every time everyday that yes you have that power you can and once that happens Well you heard about motivation from teachers and academicians now a small story about the use of intellect and emotions. Please listen to it carefully and you will understand how to use intellect and where to suppress or control emotion This is the story of a farmer and old mule and old mule fell into well he cried for saving his life the farmer came to know of this and went to well and checked that mule is inside well and it is very difficult to take mule out of the well and the well is not in use and the mule is also very old so both the things are of no use for the farmer so he called up all his neighbours and asked them since his mule is in pain inside the well so let’s give him peace by burying him inside the well. so they started to put soil and dust inside the well, so that the mule inside can be buried and then the old mule of that farmer sees the situation and shocked and depressed that from now he is not going to live and he will die inside the well somehow at the middle of the situation his mind started to work that at the same time when farmers and neighbours started to pour soils and dust inside the well every time they pour or throw the dirt or soil inside the well he thought to put it off from his body and stay upside every time he got the soil on his body he just gets it off and raise himself upward and in this way after some time he managed to come out of the well now there are two things that worked for mule the first thing is first, he was very afraid of dying inside well and he lost his hope because his emotions overpowered him then suddenly his intellect started to work and all his situation which is going against him he used it in his favour and came out of the situation so the moral of the story is that if you can use your intellect you can change the situation even if it is not favourable to you you can make it use of for your life and put it in a better way so you can see how the use of intellect could save the life of a mule the same way as the human being we have lots of time such a situation comes when emotions overpower us at that time use of intellect can be life-saving and change the course of action well, at last, I can say what you are going to experience in your life may not be in your control or in your hand but how you experience our life is your business and its always in your control as long as you ignore your intellects and emotions overpower your mind you will face the crisis of demotivation you will face the crisis of failure you will face the crisis of stress and once your intellect start working even the odd situation goes in your favour. remember this if you are aware that you have got intellect and you can knock the intellect in any situation then there is no question of demotivated or unmotivated and last I must say that be motivated be focused and be positive don’t lose the power of positivity doesn’t lose the power of positivity it is your intellect and knowledge which is going to work in your favour don’t let it go away. Thank you So Much if you like our video do send us your comments and suggestions next Wednesday we will come back again with the new topic of your interest and same way we discuss the issue till then good bye

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