How to insert Educaplay activities in Google Classroom
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How to insert Educaplay activities in Google Classroom

Hello, and welcome to this tutorial on
how to Set up the automatic integration of Educaplay activities in Google Classroom
– Google’s educational platform. To link the two platforms you only need to have an account in Google as well as in
Educaplay account to develop educational multimedia content.
Once logged into Educaplay go to the tab “My Educaplay”. You’ll see that
among the options for each activity there is one to publish them in Google Classroom.
Just click. Once selected, the browser will redirect you automatically to Google
Classroom. The first time you access the platform you’ll be asked to give your
permission and to confirm that Educaplay is a trusted source. If you have
created more than one class, you’ll be given the option to choose in which one
you want to publish the activity. From this moment on, students will be able
to access the class and, thanks to the effective integration between the two
platforms, the grades they are given will be reflected automatically in Google
Classroom- allowing the teacher to track results in real time. In conclusion,
Educaplay’s integration into Google Classroom is extremely simple, effective and fast.
Now is the time to revitalize your classes- taking advantage of these
two incredible educational platforms.

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