How To Get Your Crush to Like You (In Middle School)
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How To Get Your Crush to Like You (In Middle School)

Heya playa, are you in middle school and constantly
trying to figure out how to get your crush to like you? If you are then you’re definitely
gonna wanna check out my tips that I’m gonna share with you right after this. This is The
Josh Speaks. You’re watching The Josh Speaks. Every video on my channel is focused on helping
you develop the skills to be your best self. That includes being comfortable, compassionate
and confident around others. So the very first step in getting them to like you is to not
change who you are and to put your best self out on display. Think of your best self as
the version of you that is totally relaxed at home or around your friends, that’s the
one you want to put in front of your crush. A lot of times it’s easy to feel nervous or
anxious when you’re around them, but the problem is that those behaviors can easily be spotted.
So when you do find yourself being a bit anxious around them, try to think back to a moment
where you were your best self. That can be you staying at home playing video games or
hanging out with friends, that’s the kind of behavior you want to emulate. When we talk
about getting your crush to like you, perhaps the most important thing to remember is that
at the end of the day, it is their decision. There’s no magic formula to just get them
like you, it’s going to require effort on your part to set the stage for them. If they
end up not liking you, that’s fine, they aren’t mean or bad or stupid in any way. Sometimes
we want to MAKE people like us and it gets so frustrating but the reality is all you’re
doing is putting unnecessary pressure on yourself and them. The road to getting them to like
you will require you to take the time to get to know them better. The more you talk to
them, ask them questions, find out what their hobbies are, the easier it is for you to be
the person that’s always on their mind. Trust me on this, you’ll have a greater chance of
being your crush’s crush if you put yourself out there, and I’m talking specifically to
you. if you’re the kind of person that finds it easier to sit on the sidelines and admire
them from a distance, all of that is gonna change because tomorrow I want you to do something
about it. You can use a simple ice breaker like “hey so, what’s your favorite movie?”
just to get the conversation going, because any kind of conversation is a step in the
right direction. Now, just talking is not gonna get them to necessarily like you. You’re
gonna have to flirt with them and show them that you like them too. The mindset we want
them to carry forward is, hey I think this person might like me. And I’m starting to
like them too. But, the most effective way to get your crush in middle school to like
you is something you wouldn’t even expect, you gotta ask them out. Now hold on a second,
the whole reason for me not asking them out is to find out whether or not they first like
me so when I do ask them out I won’t get rejected. Why are you saying do it backwards? Simple,
by asking them to hang out, you’re showing them that you want to spend one on one quality
time together. Not to mention displaying this overwhelming sense of confidence in asking
them out is definitely something that’s going to boost you in the points of attractiveness.
By asking them out and being confident like that, you’re making them feel safe, secure
and attracted to your overall sense of being. What do you think though, are you trying to
figure out whether or not your middle school crush likes you back? Leave a comment below
and we’ll talk about it. If you’re new to the channel make sure to hit the subscribe
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of this video to my other videos that are related, how to not be shy around your crush
and how to flirt with your crush in middle school. As always guys, love and peace.

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  1. Hack: tell your crush you like them on April 1st so if they say they don’t like you back, just say it’s an April fools prank

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