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100 thoughts on “How to Figure Out Your Life After Graduating College | DailyVee 512

  1. litterally tearing up right now… this message hit a home run with me. I'm a graduated Bio-Engineer and doing job interviews right now, but my real passion is being an anxiety and stress coach, and helping people through my channel. Feel like being pulled in multiple directions, but I'll see what eventually happens!
    Peaceee ✌️

  2. Kind of naive no? I mean yeah follow your dreams but be able to take care of yourself, maybe you don't want to live in a commune with 8 other people, maybe you want the 9-5 with two weeks vacation a year and a pickup truck

  3. Man.. this is not only for the people who Graduating College.. this is so much more. I'm at work now.. And I think it's the first time that I listen to this one. It's a great video.. Thank you Gary and Garyveeteam!

  4. you make my life a better one, each day, each content you deliver, thank you for always pushing us towards doing the maximum risk, thank you for asking us to take the route that we feel will make us happier, thank you gary vee for being a true role model

  5. Amazing speech, I have watched it and heard words that I really needed to hear at the right moment. When I struggle to pick one of two options. Thank you, or thank the YouTube deep learning for showing me this video.

  6. Do you think college is necessary for success? Im thinking of dropping out of college to pursue what i really want in life, which is building a brand using the internet. Im currently a 4th year engineering student in the philippines, and for me, im just waisting time, effort, and money when i go to school five times a week. I wanna start building a brand right away, but my time is limited due to school requirements, so i could only do so much. What do you guys think?

  7. To say I’m lost, is a understatement.

    For me, my first year of college has made me realize that I have no idea what I want to do. I get horrible, and I mean almost unbearable, anxiety flashes where it feels like I fall into a temporary state of depression. And this is caused by me feeling completely lost and not knowing what I want to do with my life.

    I feel like I’m just wasting money in college, but at the same time I feel obligated to be there just because “you must go to college to be successful”. And I know you don’t have to go to college to get good paying jobs (STEM) but I feel like if I don’t go I’ll be a failure working a shitty low paying job that I’ll be stuck at and I’ll be seen as a bum.

  8. Hello Gary. I'm Giulia and I'm 21. 
    I recently decided to stop studying physics at college after 2.5 years of trying hard and living miserably. My parents gave me this opportunity and I'm so grateful for what they've been doing all these years but I felt like I was being a loser if I stayed stuck in there.
    Watching this video I had lots of tears streaming down my cheeks cause I'm realising I have so many limiting beliefs and fears about what to do next, cause the truth is that I jumped off the train without having the slightest clue of what to do now that I've screwed my Plan A. 
    Currently my biggest project is earning money so that I can travel the world and do those high risk activities you talk about… To be 100% honest, I'm very afraid of what my parents (mainly) and closest friend will think and I'm afraid of feeling a loser. I'm also afraid I won't find my passion cause right now I feel literally lost.
    I gotta make that shift and make fear my best friend, it has to fuel me not to stop me.
    If someone can relate I'd love to hear his/her story, feel free to reach out.

    Thank you Gary for your endless source of good content

  9. thanks for the video gary, sometimes i need a reminder to not simply be safe or practical but do the highest risk action that will lead to personal fulfillment. cheers!

  10. This is the second time that I writing this comment but It doesn't matter if I had to write it 1000 times! Thank you Gary! I feel so identified by this video that I will watch over and over again until I get the guts enough to say to my parents and family how truly I want and how feel about the things around me!

  11. "This is when you need to be ridiculous." Love it. This should be stamped on every graduating student's diploma.

  12. Thanks garyvee, I from brazil and decided to leave the last year of the college and return my city and start my bussiness after this video.

  13. I'm terrified yet excited. I just made a decision to go to China and teach. The numbers work out and I can actually save money and utilise my time. Don't be safe, take risks and see what happens.

  14. This video is so moving and inspiring and awakening.
    I'm a 22 year old and have a good job in IT at a good company in Canada. No school debt. I live close to work and takes me like 5 minutes to drive there. The point is, my life currently exemplifies what society want a 22 year old to attain.
    BUT, I still feel like I'm doing something wrong. I'm anxious most of the times, get depressed on the weekends. There are so many things I want to learn, so many ideas that I want to execute, but don't have that determination to continue what I start.
    I know I sound silly but life feels lifeless.

  15. I'm 18 and I've dropped out of Uni after 4 months. I work 2 jobs 5 days a week. I feel i have no clue what to do and I'm sorta lost in life but this video made me realise that my life has only really just started (outside of school). Thanks!

  16. I like this guy :] I went with the grain but on my own terms… After doing undergrad on a campus to satisfy my one and only parent's expectation of me (transfer to save money and only pay 2 years of uni housing), I went straight to grad school to live independently and not move home and look for a job over the next year like some of my peers.

    I took an accredited online grad degree from a low tuition public uni (not expensive private even though I got in), take on as few loans as possible to sustain myself and travel to different states and living with roommates cheaply.

    You can't expect to stay in one place and be happy. You need to thrust yourself into the unknown and discover new environments, new people, and new experiences before you regret it! Embrace new cultures! I feel I can look back on these experiences and have stories to tell friends, family and future kids maybe (don't want kids since I'm in my 20s right now, and maybe not till mid 30s or later, I'm a guy).

    I will graduate in May 2019 with a business degree and feel confident with it and travel experiences in hand to help me pursue my goals. I have even saved up to move to a different state find new roommates and experiences after graduating.

    I am excited because I've looked at careers in my new state which has an affordable cost of living and a strong economy. I've gotten a few offers already but I plan on applying to more places after moving so it's easier to interview. 🙂

    I've checked out the CEOs of some of my favorite companies to consider for work and definitely aspire to be like them. 🙂

    I'm so excited for this new journey! I feel sad that my friends and family would rather be perpetually stuck in my old home state doing the same thing they have been doing for years in the same place, but that's their prerogative not mine.

    I want to travel more still! After working in my new state and saving money to do so.

    I haven't been out of the country yet, so that's next rather than just the baby steps of U.S. continental travel.

    I want to check out Tokyo, Budapest, UK, NZ, BC, Indonesia and more global places, even work there with a visa!. :] I also want to try living in "expensive" places like Hawaii or NYC with roomies (relatively expensive compared to other states) to see if I will like doing that. There's no reward with no risk! 🙂

  17. Every single second of this video is nothing but 100% fire wisdom. Im just gonna sit here and soak it all in!. I'm on my way to making that first step. Living my passion. Love you man, you helped me so much !!

  18. Yo… Yall need to stop with this stupid sad music in the background. I wanna learn not get depressed about life

  19. What if you think it's too late. There's too many situations already in your life by 25 that you didn't do that "thing". You still feel like you lack the tool or drive to go forward and make the right decisions so you don't have that feeling in 5-10-15 years.

  20. This is something I had an urgent need to hear. I've held a lot of self doubt for the last few years surrounding whether or not I'll be happy once I start working. Hearing in very simple terms, "work for the person you want to be for no money, and make money with another job" seems so obvious, and it is something that lots of my professors, mentors, and my parents have been alluding to in roundabout ways. But hearing it put forth simply and directly is literally such a release on this enormous pressure I've been putting on myself since I started college four years ago. Thank you so much for posting this video.

  21. I get goosebumps every time I see your videos. Your confidence is out of this world Sir! Hats off to you. Been a constant fan and follower! Love from India.

  22. The music isn't loud enough. Please I am not here for motivation, I love music so could u please turn it all the f**kin way up.
    Thank you

  23. But in reality esp for Asians you wouldn't be able to say NO to your parents when they asked for your help in the family business… even though I watched this and thought how awesome the idea was still I could not make it happen

  24. Great Content Gary Vee, you're a freakin legend! You really inspired for me to start my own Amazon business and Youtube Channel – Thank You!

  25. I just showed this video to my Mom and we had a long conversation about college, money, and jobs and I think we made a breakthrough. Thanks Gary for this amazing content, I don't think I would have had this conversation if it wasn't for this video. Keep doing what you do!

  26. Guys, can you give a very short summary of this video. Since my listening skills is not good in English, I didn’t get a point of it. But I really want to get it. Please, someone explain in few sentences

  27. The only reason your parents want you to go to school and get a good job is so they can brag to their relatives. Fucking culture toxicity…

  28. Gary: "They're putting classes that have nothing to do with the future, right?"

    Everyone in the room and including myself: "YESSS"

    Gotta love uni <3

  29. 23 here…did exactly what society wanted me to do, got that job after 4 years of college and I can tell that this is not what I want to do and it sucks not knowing what to do because I do not want to be stuck in this loop hole every single fucking day.

  30. Working an extra 2 hours a night on studying, and getting a 4.0 gpa gave me a ROI of $19,000 in scholarships. But you think I should stop studying and browse Instagram… Lol kys

  31. This is Exactly How I am feeling right now. I am finishing school in December and I have no idea what I want to do afterwards. Any advice?

  32. Crazy. Just got back from a trip of a lifetime soley due to people like Gary V. I'm 20K in debt. Everyone keeps asking me if I regret it…and I keep telling them NO. Because if I didn't do it…if I didn't take out the loan to do the things I actually wanted…I NEVER would have got round to do it period. Had I played it safe, chances are that not doing it, especially at this time of my life would have led me to talking about it on my death bed as Gary said. You talk about what you didn't do, not what you did. Besides I'm still <30. Stop playing the game backwards my friends.

  33. 4 years ago i decided to play it safe and started to study facility management at college. Now 4 years later I got my piece of paper and I hope that I never have to use it because I hate it. Directly after college I started doing what i always wanted, help people get healthy and building my own business in personal training. A very competitive market dominated by men. I just found this channel and I really think it will motivate me the next few years while i’m busy grinding!

  34. follow your passion. okay, but I dont even know what mine is. I wish I knew it, cuz I swear once I figure out what that is, I am ready to give up everything just to do it. I am so desperate, does passion even exist?

  35. Gary my man, this one is gold, nice editing by the team too! alot of wisdom in this words…great job guys! gonna re-watch it tomorrow. This one is definitely im my top 10 dailyvee ! Thanks for the advices !

  36. The issue here is that my dream at the moment is becoming an engineering prof and that's a dream you very much have to piss away your life to hope to achieve. What I do know is I'll much rather take the interesting lower pay research work over being an 80k/year document transcriber

  37. i am still not happy with where my goals are, and I could say I thought that I had everything planned out. It still a jounrey that I am still dealing with. I am very passionate about working in the healthcare field. I choose not to live uncomfortable for the rest of my life

  38. I just graduated with a design degree and am going to take a year working a 10 hr job to pursue being an illustrator before locking myself into a design firm. This video was perfect thanks

  39. One day, we’ll have computers doing all the shit that office workers do now, so we won’t even have the “I’m Doing It For Society” excuse. Because we’ll have invented them.

  40. As a high school student, I'm gonna rewatch this every morning (3:40 – end) until I accomplish what I want, which is living on my own, working as a web developer that studied from books and practise, not university.

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