How To Contact a College Coach for Recruiting
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How To Contact a College Coach for Recruiting

Today we are learning how to contact a college
coach. Whats going on? Little dap! Its Anthony DeNicola, former college player,
coach and consultant with SACC. Today Im a guest coach with Online Soccer
Academy and happy to help you improve! SACC stands for student athlete coaching and
consulting. We teach players how to get recruited. Learn more and book a consulting session at There are a number of ways to contact a college
coach. The contact Im referring to is the first contact
you make with a coach. In the business world they call this a cold
contact. As a first cold contact you could call, email,
text, social media and you could even write a letter if you are really old school. Today we are learning how to email a coach! Why email? Because email is the best way to try and establish
contact with a college coach. It allows a coach to reply on their own time
if they want to. You can also include links to your recruiting
profile and highlight video in an email. You are not their bestie! Dont call a college coach out of the blue
and expect them to know you and want to speak to you. Hey Coach, this is Anthony DeNicola. You want to recruit me or what? My moms says Im like the next Messi. Thats like trying to give a Grizzly bear a
hug. Its probably not going to go well for you. Emailing a coach is harder than you think. There is a strategy to it, just like in soccer! Key Points! Key Point One. Create a Professional Email. If your email is [email protected],
[email protected] or [email protected] its time to get a professional email. Easiest way to do this is create a new gmail
email address with your first and last name. Like [email protected] Its simple, clean and professional. If your name isnt available include your middle
initial. Key Point Two. Find Emails. If youre going to contact a college coach
via email, you need find their email address. Finding an email for a college is sometimes
easy and sometimes not. You will have to be like a detective and search
a bit. One option is to go to the schools athletic
website and click staff. They usually list a coachs email there. Second option is to go to the teams page on
their school website. Like search Princeton Womens Soccer. On that page look for the coachs profile and
sometimes they list a coachs email there. If you cant find a coachs email I suggest
calling the school. Let them know you are interested in playing
soccer there and would like to know what is the best way to contact their coach. Say, May I have their email? I couldnt find it on your website. Pro tip! Create a spreadsheet listing a coachs name,
email and school and save it on your computer. This way you have a little email tree going
of all the college coaches you are contacting. Now you can easily find a coachs email when
you need to. Key Point Three. Have a Great Subject Line. You might have the best, most professionally
written email in the world with a perfect highlight video, but if the coach doesnt open
the email its worthless. Worthless! College coaches get bombarded with emails
on a daily basis. Make your email stand out with a clear, direct
subject line that would encourage a coach to open your email. A great subject line example is your full
name, grad year, position, highlight video included. Dont write The Next Messi; OPEN NOW! With a subject line like that a coach will
hit delete and not think twice about not reading your email. Key Point Four. Write a Personalized, Professional Email. Your email should flow like this; personalized
to coach, brief background on yourself, ask how to get recruited, your game schedule,
thank them and include a signature. Part one. Personalize your email to the coach you are
writing to. Just like you, coaches hate spam. If you send one email to 100 coaches they
will hit delete. State something specific about their school
and program that grabs your interest. An easy way to do this is to read one or two
of their most recent articles about their team. From this you can get some intel and say something
like Congrats on your recent win against Duke! I know you havent beaten them in program history
so that is fantastic. A comment like this shows the college coach
youve done your homework. Part two. Provide a brief background on yourself. Like a few sentences and provide a link to
your recruiting profile and highlight video if you have one. Be sure to say what your name is, your position
and that you are interested in playing for their team and what youd like to study. Be sure and say the exact name of their team
like Princeton. Write what you can offer as an asset to their
team and why youd be a good fit. Keep your email short, but you want the coach
to see your ability level. Ideally they can see this from your recruiting
profile and highlight video. This will help them decide quickly if you
could be a good fit for their program. Part three. Ask how to get recruited. Say something direct like, What do you look
for in a player and how I should I go about getting recruited by you if you think Id be
a good fit for your program? Part four. Provide your game schedules and invite them
to come watch you play. Include your jersey number. Part five. Thank them for their time and that you look
forward to speaking with them. Sign off with your full name, email address
and phone number. Key Point Six. Do a Spell Check. Remember Its a job application! Youre not writing to Santa Claus… youre
writing to your future boss. Do a spell check, make improvements, dont
write like an immature teenager. Playing college soccer is a huge commitment
and college coaches treat it as a business… because it is one! Make sure you email is professional and written
well with proper spelling and grammar. Exercise to Practice. An exercise to practice on your own is to
write an email to your high school or club coach. Text your coach ahead of time and let them
know you are practicing emailing college coaches and would like their feedback. Simply email your coach as if they were a
college coach by following the key points. Ask your coach to critique it so you can improve
your writing before sending emails to college coaches. Whats Wrong! If coaches are not replying right away and
youre not getting 20 scholarship offers in the mail every week, dont panic! Double check your emails are personalized
and similar to the key points above. Be patient. Recruiting takes time, which is why you should
start sooner than later. Plus sometimes certain rules prohibit coaches
from contacting players before they get closer to their junior and senior years, but they
still want to hear from you. Bonus Tip! Schedule a follow up! Coaches are busy, really busy. If they dont reply to your email after two
weeks send it again. Go into your sent mail, click reply and politely
let the coach know you are following up your email from two weeks ago and wanted to see
if they got it. Dont be rude, but one follow up after two
weeks shows initiative and most coaches like that. Second bonus tip. Email schools you are a less interested in
first. This will give you a great head start and
help you practice without much risk. As you improve the way you market yourself
and communicate with coaches begin writing to your dream schools! Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy
video! It was fun being a guest OSA Coach! Say little dap in the comments and let me
know what you thought! At SACC we teach players how to get recruited. Learn more and book a consulting session at My name is Anthony DeNicola and remember if
you Believe in it and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. Believe in it!

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