How to become a teacher
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How to become a teacher

Speaker 1: When I realised I wanted to go
into teaching, I used to have a day off in the week working
in retail, so I tried to get into as many schools as possible just to gather some evidence
and make sure it really was something that I wanted
to do. Speaker 2: I did absolutely loads of research
on the government websites. I also did a couple of
placements as well – I did a lot of placements – I did six or seven – at different schools in
Worcester where I did my degree. Speaker 3: I knew of various routes and research
on the Internet and speaking to teachers first hand
and asking them their advice really confirmed to me that doing a programme like School Direct,
where you are in the classroom from day one, would be the route for me. Speaker 4: I had two different placements
in contrasting schools, really. Over those two placements
you have a whole range of teaching – from year 7 all the way up to year 13. And we had
academic courses delivered at university as well.   Speaker 5: You may not have a great deal of
educational experience, but, in your subject area, what
would you be expected to teach? And can you show that you either have experience and knowledge
of that, or how you would get that? Speaker 1: It’s never too late for a career
change. I think you can bring so much into teaching as well
if you go into it a bit later on. But yeah, I’d certainly be investigating my options
and getting as much work experience as possible. Speaker 5: If it is what you want, then show
that commitment. Do it. Get the application in and
commit to the career, and really embrace what it is you want to do. And apply, because,
until you try, how do you know? Speaker 6: Don’t let September pass you
by again. Make sure that you’re on that placement this

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