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How This University Gave Students With Debt the Ultimate Gift | NowThis

They’re like, ‘You can’t register until you pay its balance.; It was like $4,000 and I was like, ‘I have a house. I have have a car. I have bills. I have to feed myself. Like, I can’t just give you $4,000. This is not feasible for me right now.’ It was like maybe$900 is for Wayne State? So it wasn’t too bad, but it was enough where I didn’t have it. The student debt crisis is the defining issue of our generation. There is this shared frustration that students are required to take on so much personal debt to achieve something that is basically required to access economic opportunity. If you owe $1,500, we’re gonna forgive $500 the first semester, $500 the second, $500 the spring, summer, and then you have a zero balance. We just literally wipe it off the books. Taking so many classes and, working two part time jobs, and helping and take care of my grandmother, who was ill at the time, was extremely stressful. My son was 3 years old when we lost my fiancé. I went into a tailspin of emotions that, you know, no one wants to experience and college was the furthest thing from my mind. I love my job and I love the position that I have but I always wanted to do more. I wanted to go back. It was like maybe $900 is a for Wayne State? Maybe that much? So wasn’t too bad, but it was enough where I didn’t have it. I have a good job, but my job could be better if I had my degree already and I know that for a fact. Like, I’ve had CFOs in CEOs, in the city, tell me directly, like, ‘You have to have your degree.’ Like for jobs like that, they can’t hire you if you don’t meet certain qualifications. I had to start a whole new 4-year program over. The money that I should have had, I had already spent it, basically, in the first part of this program that I wasted my time on, basically. They were like, ‘You can’t register to pay his balance.’ Like $4,000, and I was like– Cause I’m like, ‘I have life. Like, I have a house. I have a car. I have bills. I have to feed myself. Like, I can’t just give you $4,000. Like, this is not feasible for me right now. My friends Ciara, she was showing me this video and then she was like, ‘Whatever balance you owe, like, they’ll help you get it down to the point where you can reroll to finish your classes.’ We allow them to reengage as currently enrolled students and every semester that they are successfulx–and that means taking at least six hours, you know, getting a 2.5 GPA and working toward graduation goals, every semester they’re successful, we forgive a third of that balance. We just literally wipe it off the books. The Warrior Way Back program looked and said, ‘No worries, we’ll take care of it. You got one class to go in order to achieve what you need to get done. Let’s make this happen.’ For them to actually implement a program to focus on getting the students back–it’s surprising but it’s really important. It was good that they did that. For me, Warrior Way Back is more of a social justice mentality and mindset in higher education that we are knocking down those barriers for students to basically reach their potential. That’s successful in and of itself. You find strength in the strangest or the most beautiful places and the most beautiful place is my son. And the memory of my fiancé. He wanted me to go forward and get this degree. And he pushed me. He was like my biggest cheerleader. You still get that notion in the back of your head, like, ‘Have I done everything that needs to get done in order to get to this degree? And to know that is over with and that, you know, I finally have that official paper is a great feeling.

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25 thoughts on “How This University Gave Students With Debt the Ultimate Gift | NowThis

  1. I decided to go to WGU since they let you work on school 24/7 and because you can take as many classes as you can pass in one 6 month term. I like that since these 4 year colleges are so expensive. Maybe I can graduate faster and save money. We’ll see.

  2. you would think student loans would be cheaper in detroit because its a shithole but even with all those shootings its still expensive.

  3. You blind godless creatures of satan are being led astray by slick talking liberal professors, every last one of you that follow this channel and the college professor peddling their opinions as facts but instead are lies and hate….making them the opposition to love and bipartisanship which keeps this country free and safe. Come back to America Democrats ….
    Im A union Democrat that has been forced out cause of my race gender and religion….Democrats no longer support me or my brothers and sisters

  4. Not going to fix the country’s problem of student debt but it’s a good start especially for those recipients of it.

  5. Those students will be more inclined to give back in order for someone else in similar positions to be able to graduate. That's the best part.

  6. I feel like this story is missing something. I think this would be a great program/offer for ALL students in proven financial crisis. The first kid, he only owes $4k but he owns a house, a car…I struggled paying rent in a dump for 7-years…4 of them after college to payback student loans. Now, if he had kids and a wife to take care of, I might be more sympathetic…but for $4k? Dude, work it out, maybe sell the car and take PT or sell the house and rent…just seems like this one took on more than he can pay for THEN his education fell to the wayside. IMO. I only hear part of the story, maybe there is more. 🤔

  7. Educucstion is free in Scotland and in England if you go to university you only have to pay back two percent off paycheck only if you earn over 24 grand a year. America is backwards with education healthcare and guns.

  8. We seriously need education reform on all levels. If Europe is capable of providing extremely low cost higher education, there is no reason why the US cant.

  9. colleges and universities shouldn't behave like they are running a fortune 500 company but money produces greed and utilities have to be paid along with taxes…our countries systems have all been compromised by the ideas and propaganda of "capitalism"…banks drugs schools guns police and many more are all victims of their own overheads and budgets but whoever has the most money wins and that is what needs to change…the value of nothing is still nothing but the love of money

  10. This financial student debt crisis is proof that public schools are a failure at teaching children what they really need to succeed in the real should be mandatory that all public schools teach personal finance that way young adults like these would know that lots of debt is a fast road to poverty

  11. It's refreshing to hear the swamp of student debt is being forgiven it has lead to many a dream deferred.
    But what cannot be forgiven and unseen is those Jeans Brah really!!! WHY did you take your sisters Jean's? Wears his wallet in his socks with the money he saved.

  12. The reason they dont pay off their debts is they are not taught money management. I guess someone is going to pay off their expensive house they cant afford, or their brand new car they cant afford. Instead of giving them money teach them wise financial decisions.

  13. Ya, great to see parents do not plan for their children's futures anymore, and someone else picks up the tab, sure this will make them appericiate it more, as they did nothing for it! Oh, and where is the white or Asian students, wtf???

  14. I went to a majority black community college. As soon as the student loan money was handed out about 80% of my classmates never showed up again. They got their free money and that's that. They didn't care about the long term consequences.

  15. so i dont deserve student loan help because i am white? seems pretty racist to me! but hey, you can't be racist towards white people according to nut job liberals

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