How One Principal Transformed His School With Student-Centered Learning
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How One Principal Transformed His School With Student-Centered Learning

(children chattering) – [Male] Hurry up! Let’s go! (bell ringing) – Alright, alright, good morning good morning, good morning. We’ve got a very special announcement from one of our student leaders. – So, in New Zealand, there was a tragedy that occurred at two mosques, and I just wanted to make a special moment of silence for the 50 lives that
were lost in that tragedy. – Minute of silence begins now. Hey, great job, I’m proud of you. Love you. Alright, terrific job. Remember, put your
cellphones in your lockers. Remember, take care of
your business today– I’ve been at Fred Lynn a year and a half and we were for a long time considered one of the toughest schools
in the state of Virginia. We struggled academically,
student discipline students engaging in their process. Good morning, good morning. Morning girls. Morning. Have a good day. George, have a great day. We’ve managed to turn this
around in a year and a half. (children chattering) – In the beginning, people were so frustrated with the
way things were going that there really wasn’t a lot
of student centered learning. I think most people were just trying to keep their head above water with giving worksheets,
reading out of the book and that was pretty much all you saw. – We’ve made a number of changes in our building to be student focused. One of the things that I’ve
done everywhere I’ve gone is I’ve moved my office to
the middle of the school. My job is to be in front of my kids available for my kids, ready for my kids helping my kids, and serving my kids. (skateboard rolling) – When I came to this
school in sixth grade the building looked ugly. All white, yellow colors, and that’s it. Then Mr. Brewer came and then he changed the whole look of the school. He has a lot of motivation
stuff on the walls. He took down the mirror, and he put motivation pictures
and who inspired us. – [Hamish] The murals go beyond just being a cosmetic upgrade to a building. Your building becomes the
expectation you set for it. – I want you to look at the
number line on the bottom. Okay? I am a big proponent of flexible seating. I love the idea of kid
being able to come in and pick where they sit,
and pick how they learn. It’s about the kids. It’s what’s best for the kids. It’s not necessarily what’s easy for me or what’s best for me,
when kids feel loved and respected, they’re
willing to take more risks and that’s what I’m seeing. – Our participation in the classroom is up because they’re excited to come to school participate in the learning process which means student discipline has come way down because
kids are behaving. They know the expectation,
and they want to participate They want to impress. They want to show you what they can do because of our student
centered learning approach.

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  2. This school sucks there is bullying that happens almost everyday kids getting pushed or called names ive seen it happen a lot of times cuz sadly thats the school i go to

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