How not to learn English:  12 tips from 17 expert teachers
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How not to learn English: 12 tips from 17 expert teachers

Hi there, Vladimir here
with another video about how not to learn English One of the most absurd things
I have ever seen on the internet and
off the internet is native speakers telling us
how to learn their native language the vast majority being
native English speakers telling us
how to learn English it just makes no sense whatsoever it is like me telling you
what it feels like to be a woman to have period pains
or to give birth it is ridiculous utterly absurd you have to have mastered
a foreign language as an adult in order to give advice on
how to learn a foreign language otherwise you run the risk of
embarrassing yourself or even worse misleading your students. it is one thing
to make pronunciation videos or vocabulary videos
or spelling videos, what I call: being a human dictionary the moment you start
giving advice and start calling yourself
a language teacher is the moment you assume
teaching responsibility is the moment you are gonna be held accountable
for the things you say Here is some of the pieces of advice
tips on how to learn English from some of the top expert
English teachers on YouTube nobody has ever learned a foreign language
watching YouTube videos of talking heads

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34 thoughts on “How not to learn English: 12 tips from 17 expert teachers

  1. Hey, Vladimir:
    Your work is very straightforward, and I admire you for it.

    As I study most of the time by myself. I have learned to be selective and I believe that is your intention here.

    what I mean..I follow some of these "teachers-youtubers" and agree that there is a lotta bullshit, but there are good things too..

    But here (in this video) you made your point.
    Don't you have problems showing these guys?

  2. in this video you showed us 3 people who mastered English as a foreign language….English is NOT their native language and so they also deserve respect….for example Vira Sadlak 2:49 or Isabel 4:06 or Lydia Machová 4:23 and 4:34.

    With regard to the English native speakers as English teachers I totally agree with you….no one of these teachers has ever showed us how they speak fluently in another language.

  3. I appreciate one of your thoughts which is developing input before output and it could help me so much. You are marvelous teacher I have ever seen. Every single word that you say is absolutely right to those native speakers.

  4. Sir,one of the suggestions is missing. People want to learn English as a foreign language faster than ever. Here is my advice. The fastest way to learn English language is by traveling to English speaking countries. No online teacher have ever given this advice so far to their viewers. Go to America or Australia or Canada or Britrain. You will be amazed how fast you will master learning English. It sounds expensive but outcome is unimaginable. So, travel guys and let me know whether your English has improved or not. Stop worrying about other methods.Once you visit English speaking countries, you will have no other option left but to speak English. Do not worry about the mistakes. You will get over it once you start speaking English. Cool your brain and travel English apeaking countries and learn English faster than ever. Sir thank you.

  5. Vladmir, how are you?
    Learning a foreign language is a long journey. 99% of the people is looking for easy achievements, without spent too much energy and time. The figth is for the 1%. Keep up the great work.

  6. I’ve been following Canguro English for some months because is one of the YouTube channels are supportive with many of the principles you stand for Vladimir. It is true he present a lot of studies and interviews but as part of a wide open space for diverse theories on cognitive science. Maybe you could give it a second try. He has never presented magic solutions for language acquisition and insisted learning English doesn’t really need a teacher to succeed.

  7. Nearly time I didn't see new youtube videos from you… Some videos are removed. I don't know which problem happened to you but all of your works are great, it's useful for me. Why don't you continue post it?

    Anyway thanks so much for what you are doing. It's different from the rest.

    Take care of yourself <3

  8. The reason I trust you is because you actually learnt English as a second language they were born with English as a first language you actually know how you did it they assume

  9. Dear Vladimir, thanks a lot for your help. I really appreciate you. Where are you? Im waiting your new clip for a long time. Have a nice week. Best regards, Sergey.

  10. I think you are not familiar with Lydia Machová . She is perfect example for us who knows 9 different langugages and perfect interpreter. It means the way you experience struggle with one language she got through 9 of them. 🙂

  11. Boring! Christian Saunders from Canguro English is the best teacher of English that I've come across. He speaks slowly with clear pronunciation. He uses the keep it simple approach with great examples of the topic. He uses scientific studies about how cognitive language systems work in the brain, which helps students to understand why they should try certain techniques over others. And most importantly, he uses humor to keep the lessons fun and interesting. Because of this, his lessons are full of value.
    Unfortunately, your video was boring and offered almost nothing of value. Sorry Vladmir. D minus.

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