How Long One’s Beard Should Be?
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How Long One’s Beard Should Be?

with regards to the minimum and maximum
in fact there are over seven or eight opinions on the issue and you find you
know some ULEMA very few in classical period and it’s become very common in
our period to claim that you cannot touch the beard at all let it grow even
if it goes down to the floor now this is something that you in fact you do not
find any of the classical ULEMA that I have researched and Allah knows best
who sent this but this is opinion that has been popularized by certain certain
scholars and they say you cannot touch the beard at all on the other hand and
the other extreme you have people who say it is obligatory that you must trim
the beard after a certain length and they usually say after one fistful and
in the middle there are four or five positions how can it be in the middle
well some say it is Mustahab to trim some say it is mustahab not to trim some say
you’re allowed to trim below the fist length some say you confer from the
sides and not from those from the bottom etc so there’s many different opinions
out there looking at all of them and their evidence is one thing is quite
clear the Prophet SAW said I’m commanded growing the beard this has
been reported in over five or six traditions most of which are in Bukhari
and Muslim in Muslim Ahmed It was in Tirmdhi the Prophet SAW said he said don’t pluck it so when he said don’t pluck the beard and let it to grow
this is quite clear that this is an obligation that we must follow it it is
reported by at least three of the Sahaba and at least ten of the tabiun that
they used to trim their beards some of them after a fistful some of them only
during hajj and umrah but over you know 10 of the early scholars of islam used
to trim their beards to some fashion and this shows us that they understood from
the command of the prophets SAW that the prohibition is not to trim but
the prohibition is to not have a beard so they understood that if you if you
trim it after a fistful if you trim it after a like this does not contradict
the hadith or the Prophet SAW to grow the beard growing the beard means you grow
it it doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to touch at all it means you have something
called a beard so the fact that these early Sahaba and tabiaun trimmed to
a certain level some later scholars would then say ok since they trimmed
only to a fistful this is the minimum requirement but the question right
here in a hold on a sec if the sahaba tabiaoun only trim to a fistful does
that make it a legal ruling in our religion some would say yes it does
that is a position of many ULEMA and i remember I do not agree with this basic or Usuuli
principle and I would say the fact that the Sahaba or tabiaun trimmed
to a fistful shows us the maximum that it shows us is that this is a good
length and it is a mustahab length to have to claim that a person is sinful
for trimming less more than a fistful if you like I mean having a beard less than
a fistful to claim a person is disobeying Allah and His Messenger I
think that’s very very harsh statement to derive from the actions of the Sahaba
and Tabiaun I think that the most that can be derived is that the beard
has an optimal length and that optimal length is a fistful if somebody has a
beard that is of a smaller length and a fistful I do not think that such a
person is sinful at all he has not disobeyed Allah and His Messenger you
might say it is makrooh you might if you sum if somebody said this I would see
where they’re coming from and it could even the argue it is MOBA and not makuu
so the question is what is the bare minimum well the bare minimum for this
needs to be needs to be looked at linguistically what is a lahia and the
majority position of the linguists and the grammarians is that a Lahiat the arabic word for a beard is that which grows on the cheeks and the chin there is one
very strange opinion minority opinion that the beard is only that which grows
on the chin so you find some of the modern duaat and scholars shave
everything except what grows on the chin and they say this is a very minimum of
alaihe and they have some evidence because they have some linguistic
grammarians that support it but the majority position which has been held by
the majority of linguists including given an eminent I see it including even
one board including an Fela body and others I’ll have to look up some more
names but the majority position has been that the beard is that which grows on
the cheeks and the chin therefore if a person has facial hair that constitutes
a beard when you look at it you think this is a beard then I think that a
person has met the bare minimum obligation and they are not sinful for
it I do not think the Sharia has a minimum in
terms of centimeters in terms of I think this is going a little bit too we’re
getting a little bit too you know what about the what’s very common now where
it’s just like a thin line but yeah the draw line the draw line this if somebody
looks at it and I really don’t think this is called a beard even in the
English language I mean I think this is a facial hair that no shaving for two
days I mean I think a reasonable amount of hair and here’s the point now who
defines what is reasonable I don’t have a precise definition I mean when you see
a beard you know what it is it’s not you cannot nobody takes a measuring tape and
measures how long the hairs are what it is I think this is a bit too precise but
but what you’re talking about that pencil line which is less than you know
one millimeter and you know the hair is literally just not shaved for two days
that doesn’t quite constitute a beard because it’s not the full cheeks it’s
not the full cheekbones and the full chin that a person has hair on in any
case so to shave the hair of the upper cheeks and the hair beneath the chin on
the throat this is pretty much unanimous consensus allowed I mean there’s hardly
any difference to shave the hair that’s below the eyebrows for example below the
eyes right really high up on the cheek on the cheek upper cheekbone until shave
the hair on the throat this does not constitute the beard because that’s not
the beard that’s other facial hair but but to shave more and more down to the
cheek to just get that pencil line as you said I think that that is
problematic and it doesn’t do justice to the beard so I would say if a person
uses your average trimmer that is found in the supermarket’s right in the trim
to a reasonable length and they shave and they have a fashionable beard if you
like and that’s very common amongst Muslims I would say they have done the
minimum they are not sinful but it is mustahab
and it is encouraged to grow it longer and I would say the optimum amount would
should be to have a fistful because that is what the Sahaba did I would say it is
definitely must to have to have that long of a beard and Allah knows best you

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