How Can You Connect Parents Into Your School Family? A Preschool Teacher Shows The Way
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How Can You Connect Parents Into Your School Family? A Preschool Teacher Shows The Way

At some point, we have all thought… “Those parents just don’t care.” The skills of Conscious Discipline help us see
the best in ourselves and in others. See what is possible when we are willing to
learn new skills and let go of old beliefs. I remember a child that I had in my
classroom one year, and I used to have a really hard time
connecting with my families, I was very stand-offish before Conscious Discipline, and my families were the parents were the parents, and the children were the children, but now it’s a conscious effort to
connect with families the same way that we connect with our children. So I had a family, and my teaching
partner and I had noticed this particular child was coming in in the same clothes every day, along with his mother who was bringing him to school each day. She was also wearing the same clothes and so I noticed that and I talked with my
teaching partner about it and so we talked to the family one afternoon and
asked them if there was a way that we could be helpful to their family. I had access to some
resources in our community, and as fortunate as we were we were able
to provide their family with an apartment that they could afford. We
were able to furnish their apartment with furniture, and we were able to help them find
clothing. They had a spoon, they had a bowl, they had three cups and it
was interesting too because it goes back
to judgment. I remember the first week of school this particular
child he laid on the floor all the time. Even when it was meal time, he wanted to eat on the floor. If we had judged the child, it would have, we would have approached it in such a
different way rather than just noticing that this was something that was
happening. And he sat on the floor, he wanted to sit on the
floor because they never have furniture in their place before, they never had
anything to sit on, so I’ll just never forget the mom coming
back and talking to me and being so unbelievably grateful that she had a
bed, she had never slept in a bed before, and that her children were going to get
to sleep in beds as children because
she did not have a bed as child. And now she brings the children to
school every day, and not only does she bring that child, but
she brings her other children who are younger, and they get greetings every morning and then
she gets a greeting as well. And there’s just an unbelievable connection with that family
but as well as our other families. So it’s just a life lesson for me that I had to be willing to let my
wall down and be willing to connect with the families before those kinds of
things could happened. But it was only because of Conscious Discipline that I
was able to do that. Experience the skills of Conscious Discipline. Transform yourself, your class, your school. Visit us today

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