How Black High School Students Are Hurt by Modern-Day Segregation | NowThis
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How Black High School Students Are Hurt by Modern-Day Segregation | NowThis

the mold the carpet the walls itself the
classroom the teachers everything that you need in the school or could use in
the school it’s not there at this point it’s just like a daycare for teenagers
students at block High School in rural Louisiana say conditions at their school
are so bad that they’re struggling to get an education that building there be
building it is completely unsafe but we still do go in there as far as using the
auditorium these are the textbooks they were given at the beginning of the
school year teachers across the country continue to go on strike but public
education in rural areas gets little national attention we traveled to
Catahoula Parish Louisiana one of the poorest parishes one of the poorest
states in the country to see why students are speaking out in what
conditions and deep south schools are like more than six decades after
desegregation they try to make you a world history teacher geography teacher
and a a CT prim and a standardized test you prep teacher and are you certified
free I’m almost certain I the physical education their athletic coats Bennie
volt inspired his students to speak out I thought history for a while I thought
I taught the amendments you know the First Amendment you have the right to
protest it made you teach history so you said okay I’ll teach him history I’ll
teach him the history of protein history world’s a coverage sign of the protest
and black high school you know what you’re doing how you
expect me to do block high school is situated in Jonesville the poorest
section of Catahoula parish nearly 70% of seniors are black and about 60% of
students here do not go on to college after graduation but 13 miles away
there’s another school in the same school district that looks a lot
different nearly 90 percent of the senior class here is white they perform
better academically and enroll in college at a higher rate so we just
tried to film inside Harrisonburg high school but the superintendent won’t let
our cameras inside they don’t want the principal’s to talk to us on camera but
there’s a clear notable difference in how the school looks compared to black
high school dr. Gilley Freeman is in charge of all schools in the district
including block and Harrisonburg high school when we talked to students and we
talked to families at black high school they compared it to Harrisonburg they
say Harrisonburg has beautiful facilities why do you think they’re
saying there’s such a difference several of the other schools communities with
past Bondi’s she’s specifically around facility renovation and refurbishment
and in the recent years Johnsville hasn’t passed any such issue to address
their schools Freeman says that the state of Louisiana gives a set amount of
money to school districts but individual towns can raise additional money by
issuing a bond or a tax this has allowed them to do is to create inside a single
school district high schools that are really inequitable in terms of their
funding when it comes to facility maintenance in a way that creates
schools that are economically segregated and usually segregated Belinda Davis is
a public policy professor in education advocate at Louisiana State University
we showed her video from inside block high school the entire school board a
Catahoula parish ought to be ashamed halli school and that district that is
in that kind of shape do you think it’s fair the system as it is right now well
that’s a perception issue overall funding for public education for a
district has reduced over the period of time the demographics and the population
of our parish has decreased and quite frankly because of economic conditions
are a lack of business and industry Block high school graduate Tomiko blood
saw works as an accountant at a local sheriff’s office
she says the school districts budget shows how unequal the funding is this is
their 2018-2019 budget Jonesville has three schools that they’re funding this
is some amount of revenue that’s brought in for just Jonesville schools upkeep
for the building and the grounds come out to be about $22,000 you have to
divide that by three schools is that enough money no it’s going to get fixed
no not compared to the other schools but you come to Harrisonburg one school they
get a total of $20,000 $20,000 whereas black high school is getting like 7,000
yes these parents are getting ready to meet
with school board members in the superintendent to demand that block High
School get fixed how did that meeting go what’s gonna happen is
to a matter of integrity and accountability are they going to be a
board and district of their word is thought to do what we need them to do
for the vision of our children and whether or not they’re going to hold the
necessary people accountable one potential solution that people talk
about to fix the schools here is just to consolidate all the schools in the
district but we just got off the phone with a school board member who says that
parents at Harrisonburg high school don’t want their kids going to the same
school as bloc students because of their quote moral character I have some
friends to go to Harrison Berry school but they’ve talked about this in and
came back and my friends are no longer friends with them because of the
comments and things that they’ve said what kind of comments racial comments
students there have said things about students and teachers look what kind of
things like I’m not coming down to teach those animals or you know stuff like
that sure cold wants to go to college but she
says she’s not ready honestly I don’t know what I’m going to do after high
school I might go to college and I might go into the army because I don’t think
I’m mentally prepared for college as far as the education that I’ve lacked so far
and I just don’t want to really go through that struggle so you don’t you
don’t feel like this school has prepared you for college no sure you don’t feel
like you’ve gotten the education you need
who do you think should be held accountable for this honestly I think
they all should be held accountable because it starts at the top
it takes us children to protest to have people like you come down and talk to us
it’s been going on far too long and they go a little too late

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100 thoughts on “How Black High School Students Are Hurt by Modern-Day Segregation | NowThis

  1. When you put kids in such conditions and then shame them for not being able to get jobs and go to college and be as successful as they could be as young adults is also a problem and then if you know the white kids parents could afford to make that school look decent then how about you put a bigger portion to the school that’s community cannot afford to pay for better. People want to talk about discipline when you are in a wreck then what are you supposed to act like?

  2. Afro-Americans should just move to Europe instead. You're always welcome and will be treated with respect.

  3. I went to pretty nice school that's mostly white. The buildings were nice but teachers sucked in my opinion.

  4. If we put more money into education we probably wouldn’t need more money for prison in the future

  5. Block Highschool looks worse than Harrison Centeral Highschool and we have rats the size of small dogs (Norwegian rats) and we have old books like them and we have no new equipment and the only new thing we have gotten the entire time while I am here was an expanson to the lunchroom and we can't even rase any money for a large chunk for our organizations because of the jacked up fundraing schedule and we have books in the library that are falling apart at the seams. While Divbervile getting most of the money from the school board. The dang city of Gulfport dose not care about my school at all but not enough of the students care to change that fact.

  6. Speaks sarcastically
    America REALLLLLLYYYYYYY has its priorities right

  7. A meeting to fix up the school and only like 4 parents show up??? Nothing's going to change! That one portion was extremely telling. This black community needs to put their part in as well, and more need to fight for change.

  8. Wow, this is F**k up on so many levels… just because we don't see racism in our everyday lives doesn't mean it's not there

  9. Don’t join the army.. this is what they want. They’d rather see you skip college and get deployed instead. I know too many veterans who walk the streets talking to themselves.. We have so many homeless veterans in this country and the VA system is a joke really. You are too smart not to go on to college. Not trying to dishonor our veterans, but we should pushing our youths a little harder into college since this is where the success is. This is part of a plan for black kids, either school to prison pipeline or school to deployment..

  10. The government has constructed a schooling system so that children do not become too powerful or too intelligent hence why they don’t teach money skills and life skills which are fundamentally the bases of your adult life. This is also why you are told to go to college and pursue a degree so that you end up with massive amounts of debt and give your money to the government. They make not going to college seem like you’ll be a bum all your life, but if you do your research and see how many people make millions, you’d be surprised by how many are successful; Bill Gates. They don’t want us to be intelligent. So what’s the best way to combat civilian intelligence? Corrupt the schooling system and make curriculum harder so that the children don’t understand. Take the CPM program that is in place of normal math topics such as algebra, geometry, trig, etc, which are still taught just each subject gets integrated into the next; hence the name “integrated math” The CPM program tells the teachers to place students in groups of four, this is so that they can work on social skills and practice working in a group especially with people you don’t know. There’s no problem with that right? Well, the teachers aren’t allowed to teach the lesson bc the book essentially has “all” the sources you need. Except for the fact that a lot of the time the students do not know enough to understand (due to previous years of just getting by) or the questions are written to where even some of the teachers have to guide you through it to show you. The whole basis of this is to work on your social skills, but what do you do when you have a table full of people that don’t know what to do (happens a lot in these integrated classes)? You fail. You get a team test which is only 10% of your grade (standard for all integrated classes I believe) which isn’t really a lot but when they add up it’s detrimental to your grade. The teacher also isn’t allowed to help the students until the time given for the problem is over AND even then the teacher will tell you they can’t help you Bc the class is ran on a timed schedule and in order for them to get through the lesson they cannot go back and teach some of the problems. This is bad for obvious reasons. Another thing is that the grades from previous years before the integrated system the children’s grades for math averaged about a C to a C+. Could you guess the average now? D-F!!! I cannot understand how school systems let this continue when it’s blatantly obvious that ITS NOT HELPING!!!! OH WAIT, the district gets paid by the government to install this system into public school systems in California. And I know all this Bc I have experienced this for the last 2 years of my high school math career. The information about the district getting paid came from the head of the math department at my school (my math teacher). The worst part is even the teachers acknowledge this system sucks but they can’t do anything about it unless parents pursue action against the district. And that is the problem I have with public school a lot of public school systems.

  11. I was born and raised in Louisiana. And this is a fact, Black schools are over looked and are left to rot. The Black community as a whole is completely ignored. Only time we get recognized is when it's time to fill up the Prisons and Satellite camps.

  12. Get out and vote. If you don't like how your city is functioning, do your duty and get out there and vote them out.

  13. This has nothing to do with racism purely a marketing tactic. When the school demographic is lower income funding will be less.

  14. “moral character” lollllollllllll racist white people posing black people as “inherently bad.” perpetuates the narrative

  15. tears in my eyes. And then there's those people that say modern-day racism and segregation doesn't exist. I- …like where does it NOT exist should be the real question

  16. Bruh I went to a broke school but it was understandable because people would want the most and do the least like not pay taxes or raise funds these rich schools pay taxes and donate most of these kids goof off but God knows the truth thoe I only speak of wht I been threw.

  17. “The schools we go to are reflections of the society that created them. Nobody is going to give you the education you need to overthrow them. Nobody is going to teach you your true history, teach you your true heroes, if they know that that knowledge will help set you free.”
    ― Assata Shakur 🤷🏾‍♂️

  18. Her character says lot about her self. Wow hope she join the air Force or a branch of the military.

  19. "thats a perception issue" BRUH WTF!!! so the mold literally growing off the walls is a perception issue, what is it some type of optical illusion that messes with your eyes. no bruh. those are cold hard facts you cant face

  20. This breaks my heart. These children are our future and they haven’t been given a fair shot when it comes to their education. I would bet my bottom dollar that some of them have the most brilliant brains but haven’t been given the essential tools to develop them. It’s sad that even still we’re going through this. Smh.

  21. In these Last Days… All you really need to know is how to Count and read. A Degree is not going to get you anywhere but in a HOMELESS SHELTER because of Debt. WAKE UP SHEEPLE. All they teach in Schools are LIES anyway. My Daughter is Home Schooled. I HATE teaching her this Bullsh!t that I know isn't true. Find family and friends that will help you HOME SCHOOL. WORK AS A TEAM. That's what I do. If there is a WILL… There is ALWAYS A WAY.

  22. What is modern day segregation? People can live wherever they want. No one wants to live in black communities because they are poor and ghetto.

  23. Don't be fooled. This girl is their most fine representative of that high school. She's probably the Valedictorian. Most of those students are hopeless.

  24. Lol school bonds are not free money and passing a bond when you enrollment is in decline will just create unmanageable debt. Useless, misleading video.

  25. Let's talk about how white students are hurt by forced integration, forced on us by juice who don't want anyone else in their own little schools.

  26. Kids are precious & we live in a culture of family life but its really important to wait & be financially ready to raise kids in a safe environment. Dysfunctional schools are not the root cause of these problems.

  27. I don't care whether you're a Democrat or Republican, you have to admit that those conditions for ANY student to have to try learning in is absolutely appalling.

  28. Lemme guess..Democrat controlled states? LOL. Gotta love Democrats they know how to treat their blacks. But wait…dont Democrats already get all 95% of black votes since 1920’s? Really worked out well, disnt it? President Johnson was right all along— blacks will vote Democrat for the next 2 hundred years.

  29. Horrible. Racist superintendent perpetuates the nonsense. How do you blame not having a school bond measure passed to why that high school is in disrepair? I don't see how those types of people sleep at night. Then the parents for Harrisburg or Harrison dont want to combined the school's? "Those animals"? People are heartless and selfish.

  30. Most white kids are smarter this is how the education works with race ( JEWS – 1 ( THE SMARTEST PEOPLE ), JAPAN – 2 , WHITE – 3 , CHINA – 4, INDIA – 4,5 , BLACK AND BROWN – 6,7.

    And it mostly comes to parents like in most europe countries parents teach that education is everything the parents tell ( like for me ) doesn't matter what you get a education in but what matters that you get a education at what you like the more you learn the better and that you will never need to carry education on your back. Thats why I really respect the japanese people and there culture I love there language it is hard but is beautiful the same with russian, french and english xD most of the languages are beautiful in europe.

    And for the little child yes teachers make a big part of it but you also have a big part because you can have the worst teacher on planet but if you really want to you will become the best just by reading books and looking up info out of interest so the one to blame is yourself and your parents for not teaching you that

  31. How do we expect our country to be successful when we ignore the most important things for young people such as education and economic opportunity??? So sad

  32. Oh, thirteen thousand dollars a year in maintenance is somehow going to make kids educationally unequal? Pure BS. The only thing that makes a difference in education is the drive of the student to get educated. Fredrick Douglas didn't have electricity or running water or flush toilets, but he became the greatest black orator in history. Fredrick Douglas didn't even have teacher but he had the internal drive to learn. The problems with the schools is that the kids destroy these schools. Look at the broken windows. Kids only get what they put into school. This girl who doesn't feel she is ready for college; how many books did she read during high school? I guarantee none.

  33. This dip stick, "Who should be held accountable" question. Each student should hold themselves accountable. Everybody is a victim. In reality these kids are victims of themslves and their parents poor parenting skills.

  34. This is a community problem. The citizens of that district do not want any new taxes so they got no new school stuff. Must be full of democrats, they are under the belief that everything is free. I went to school where it was mostly blacks. The school was fine except for the daily racism displayed by the black students there against anyone who was not black. This is not a racial issue, its people of that district not wanting to put money into thier public education system

  35. Massive urbanisation and military are the best ways of moving huge capitals.. nobody cares a lot about education and diminishing gap in term of possibilities 😢

  36. People don’t want the real answer why this so called school is failing…..I’ll give a hint. It’s not the school, teachers, or administrators.

  37. I wonder where Shir’Cold is today. Wishing her plenty of blessings in the Army or wherever she went. If she ever decides to go to college, I hope she’ll look me up at Talladega.

  38. your government can buy guns and other military weapons to basically kill people in countries such my home country syria but you can't even put money into schools? that says a lot

  39. This is why Trump is doing so well there. I have been to rural areas in US, its like 3rd world countries. When their manufacturing jobs got sent to China and Mexico they literally lost everything.

  40. This is what America looks like in the South. Except, as a mixed race individual the racist comments come from both sides, black and white by the way. Don’t just think that the white kids are the only ones.

  41. Get a better job, earn more money and move to a nicer neighborhood with better schools and access to jobs. Nicer areas have nicer homes with higher property taxes and revenues from businesses and city services.

  42. Did i really just hear them say they raise money for select schools (mainly white) useing tax money!!!!!!!!

  43. Why can't blacks commit the most murders, rapes and robberies per capita everywhere in the world without being discriminated against

  44. You all realize that the budget of the local schoolboard is directly proportionate to the taxes and fundraising of the immediate neighborhood as well as overall test scores and graduation rates of said school. In laymans terms, stop living off wellfare and teach your kid to do better in school.

  45. But, but…and the wall?, uncle Trump said that we need to build a 8 billion wall.

  46. This is outrageous. I'm so tired of the injustice in this country.
    Man if I had the money I would definitely fix up that high school. Everyone deserves an education.

  47. It starts in the home! And newsflash: successful people who have money (black OR white) and have raised there children properly are going to use their resources to ensure that their children are in schools where their children’s classmates have also been raised properly and have been taught the importance of learning. The awful conditions (broken homes) that these poor children are being raised in only exacerbates the learning challenges they’re sure to have in the public school system. It’s the sad truth.

  48. they built a beautiful brand new high school in a majority minority neighborhood where i was raised. less than a year later it looked like fallujah after a round of blanket bombing. i'm am not wondering why people don't see it fit to invest money in these schools.

  49. Dr. Freeman frustrates me so bad her words and existence tried so hard to hide her racist mindset, but she couldn't hide it people like her are the reason there is so much inequality to this day.

  50. I know the US is a much wealthier country, but as a Canadian, this school looks fine to me. Not only were our textbooks old and damaged, but we never had enough of them, so they needed to be shared. Our heating didn't function properly so we had to wear our winter jackets in class. There was a cockroach infestation on the bottom floor. We never had a cafeteria. Over here, funding for schools is distributed evenly based on need, but there was never enough of it for repairs. That said, in my experience, none of this has prevented students from performing well. If you look at results from the 2015 PISA examination, Canada placed 6th while the US ranked dead-last among OECD members being beaten out by significantly poorer countries such as Vietnam.

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