Home Schooling in America: Muslim Family Weaves Religious Studies Into Learning
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Home Schooling in America: Muslim Family Weaves Religious Studies Into Learning

– My name is Sadia Shakir. I am an attorney by profession, able to meet with clients in the evening and currently, I’m homeschooling
two of my daughters and my oldest is at
the public high school. – Well my mom teaches me
most of my subjects and when she does it, she helps me a lot. – Three times a week, we
head out to the library where they meet with their
language arts teacher. They’re kinda basically doing
like the normal subjects that anybody does in terms of academics. Both my husband and I are on the same page in terms of allowing them
to pursue what they have a passion and an interest in. I think one of the main things is that we just hope that they
become critical thinkers so that’s what our hope is. – So she’s giving her
opinion based on something that she knows, so I want
you to look for that. – There definitely have been
things that we’ve incorporated, religious studies and Quranic studies that you may not be able to do
at like a traditional school especially public schools,
we can kinda tailor it to the way we want to give it to them so it kinda works out for us. (reciting Quran) When you hear the Quran, its got like a very
melodic and beautiful sound when it’s recited, as far as her decision to want to make the Quran
a focus of her education, it’s been a pleasant surprise
that she’s had that interest and we hope that we can just
continue to cultivate that. (foreign language) – Yes. – My favorite Surah from the
Quran is probably An-Nasr. – For Muslims, we pray five times a day, we recite a portion of the Quran in parts of our prayer. In terms of homeschool, I would say that for us at least as a family, the advantages kinda outweigh
the traditional school advantages, the fact that
they’re learning Arabic, that’s a huge plus. (reading in Arabic) – [Teacher] Good, keep going. (reading in Arabic) – [Teacher] No, just the past tense ’cause remember we only do it
with the past tense verb here. Okay?
– Okay. – I think what got me I guess comfortable in terms of even taking on the task of wanting to homeschool
was just seeing how my kid wanted to kinda ground
herself, asked for it herself so I was like okay maybe this is something that I can take on so
my advice for parents who are thinking about homeschooling, I would tell them that it’s not easy but it is something that anybody can do if they wanted to but the other
thing that I would tell them is that it’s not necessarily for every kid so you really have to see
what works for your child and what their needs are and
then kinda work with them in that respect.

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