‘Hiphoponomics’: Delaware Military Academy teacher uses rap to teach economics
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‘Hiphoponomics’: Delaware Military Academy teacher uses rap to teach economics

🎵 You’re crazy! Demand for labor is elastic! 🎵 🎵 I order off touch screens, not a behind the counter fat kid 🎵 🎵 not in every sector, 🎵 🎵 so let’s keep it scholastic 🎵 🎵 But a 15 dollar wage in fast food would be rather drastic 🎵 🎵 They need a living wage 🎵 🎵 You don’t care about the poor 🎵 🎵 They be emptying their paychecks🎵 🎵 every time they hit the store 🎵 🎵 A sense of morality is at this argument’s core 🎵 🎵 That’s why we absolutely need 🎵 🎵 this rising price floor 🎵 Well, I’ve been rapping since high school and even middle school, and I always loved it when teachers would assign us creative projects like this. It’s one thing to just memorize and regurgitate content, but I was always inspired when we had to learn something, synthesize it and create something meaningful out of it to share with peers. And I was really blessed: My friends growing up we always had this competition of who could be more creative so we were all into sports, all into music and arts, too, so I really felt fortunate to grow up in that sort of context — my buddies Phil and Dan always pushing each other in that way. So and when I became a teacher, it became immediately clear that this was going to be an asset for me, that I could do this with students. I started doing this when I was a student teacher at Christiana High School. I continued with it at Pencader Charter and wasn’t until I entered the master of economics education and entrepreneurship at University of Delaware two years ago, which gave me the incentive to really get serious with this and develop albums, which I’ve done for the last two years on Soundcloud, and that has been extremely tiring and rewarding and just loads of fun. I look forward to doing it for years to come. The students love it, and they’ve been extremely, they’ve been extremely supportive of me because they know I’ve been doing this as a part of my graduate’s, graduate coursework in University of Delaware. It’s just really gratifying to see them have fun in class with it, but it wouldn’t be worth it for me if it was just fun. There needs to be a depth of content knowledge that is happening for it to be worthwhile, and for me to have both of those things is like a dream come true that we’re having fun, there’s energy, and people are getting excited in class, but there’s not like a lack of, you know, we’re climbing the intellectual ladder with these things in a non-superficial way, and that excite, excites me to no end. So I can definitely want to keep this up.

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