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High School Track Team

Hey, hey, man Something bothering you? Well now that Erased is done. I have nothing to watch. Oh c’mon, don’t be silly. That’s the beauty of crunchyroll. There is always something to watch Like what? Well you and everyone can check out this season’s new lineup of quite promising animes like KiznAiver Bungo stray dogs and Re: ZERO with yet another free trial by using the link crunchyroll.com/domics Whoa awesome!! YEAH!! I still miss erased though. Yeah. It was a pretty good anime. Wasn’t it? I mean can you believe the killer was- MUSIC/INTRO (Domics) Back in senior year of high school. I had just recently broken up, but, well dumped by my Ex at the time (rip) Jessica, I mean as much as I didn’t deserve someone like her I was still sad you know being dumped just does something to you and your self-esteem And I definitely needed something new to keep me occupied and help me move on I did have Taekwondo but my other Ex was still also there I had video games But that also got pretty lonely at times (relatable) I really just wanted to surround myself with people which was kind of odd coming from an introvert (0_o) So I decided to join a sports team Yeah While I like playing certain sports, I never really thought I was good enough to be part of a team Especially in America where they take sports like EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY (Over dramatized) on top of that my short height Definitely put me at a disadvantage in many aspects as much as I want to believe you when you tell me nonsense Dom You could do anything if you put your mind into it. I’m just being honest and realistic (dat face tho) I’m not the main Protagonist of some sports anime where I have some sort of dormant hidden talent that can only be awakened through a 24 episode Arc Anyway, I checked out which teams were available and I decided to join the track team it was a simple concept sport you literally just have to run (duh) I Might have been heavily influenced by all the animes I watched as a kid, but just being able to move really fast appealed to me by the way don’t run like this -.- I had a kid tried to run like this on the team and my coach totally roasted them and ruined their dreams of being Hokage This wasn’t my first time doing track anyway, so I thought it would be fun to do it again There was however this connotation that if you did track it was because you didn’t make the cut from another sports team but it was kind of obvious who joined the team because they Genuinely liked track and those who joined just because their friends didn’t wanted to hang out late after school Anyway, I signed up and the first practice was a week later I show up and see a few familiar faces some of which were my friends So I was glad that I had people to talk to but there were some familiar faces that I did not particularly find appealing My Ex along with buttface McGee that. She started seeing soon after we broke up and by soon I mean like days like not even a week WHY ARE YOU TESTING ME!!! So I had to deal with that and it was funny because I knew that they knew that I was uncomfortable seeing them together So they tried super hard to like be subtle about their relationship like when we had to stretch They purposefully like be away from each other or if we have to do certain running activities they try to be in separate groups But whether it was out of respect and understanding for me Or I don’t know fear that only lasted like 2 or 3 practices until they decided to just do whatever they want in Hindsight. I guess it was kind of a good thing that they were there I saw them as rivals that motivated me to push myself to my limits and after a while it stopped being about trying to beat them but more about trying to build my self-discipline I mean, I still didn’t enjoy their presence, but after a while. You kind of just stopped minding it Track was a great outlet for me and helped me get my mind off a lot of things it also helped me boost my confidence Because whenever we went to track meets. I was pretty much always the shortest kid on the track It’s pretty damn intimidating being there on the starting line And you look at your competitors towering over you with their long Lamppost looking ass limbs like you know one of their strides equal like three of yours (lmao) But you can still compete with them on even grounds But one of my fondest memories in my time during track was when my coach asked me to be the anchor leg for the four By four hundred meter relay, which is basically the person who runs the last stretch now I wasn’t the fastest sprinter on the team I can admit that much but my coach did see how much my times improved over the weeks and practice and thought I could handle this responsibility as much of an honor as it was Bricks were coming out of my butthole because I was so nervous and worried that I’d let the team down (nice) *GUNSHOT Oh jeez okay, we can do this. Okay. Come on Steven give us a strong start yeah okay, okay, you’re last but That’s okay cuz cuz Mark’s gonna pick it up from there. We’re not that far behind (3rd). Yeah Okay, okay, okay. Good good Okay, second is good. Okay. Let’s go. Let’s go mark. Yeah Okay, okay after Daniel. Okay? It’s me Okay, no worries Daniel’s a boost. Okay. He’ll get us a good lead. Come on. Come on. Come on Okay, okay. Don’t don’t focus on the lead. Okay, just just make just make the smooth transition and GO!!!! And I just frickin went full ham adrenaline Super Saiyan Captain Falcon mode I bolted it and ran as fast as my short Hamster legs could go Final hundred meters last stretch there was no one in front of me I was so surprised and in such disbelief that I just had to peek and one thing our coach told us never to do was Look back, but I did I think and there may be two guys on my tail just that oh crap This is pretty close realization. Gave me the extra boost to summon up. Whatever energy. I had left and expand my lead gap We won. Well not the whole track meet But we won that specific event and while it may seem like a small accomplishment for some it meant a huge deal for me. #Achievement So I guess moral of the story is if you’re trying to decide What sports team to join pick the one with your accident or someone you hate I don’t know just looking at them will piss you off so much that you’ll be able to run like Sonic Also, just following up on what I mentioned earlier you guys can sign up for a 30 day free trial of crunchyroll premium By going to crunchyroll.com/domics or by clicking on the link in the description What does premium membership get you? unlimited anime,Manga and drama titles. Newest episodes as soon as one hour after airing in Japan professionally subtitled episodes Advertisement free and in 1080p and on top of that the app is available on pretty much every device Thanks again to crunchyroll for sponsoring this video. Hope you all enjoy your anime marathons 🙂

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100 thoughts on “High School Track Team

  1. Bro, i understand your short problems. I'm like really short, and I swim, and, it's like a 5'4" freshman me vs some 6'6" collage student. I know said student, but still, he scary.

  2. Use Marcus stroman's saying hdmh or height dkesnt measure heart he is a Canadian baseball pitcher and he is one of the shortest around 5'10 ish and most pitchers are around 6'00 or taller hdmh

  3. JoJo's bizarre Adventure:stardust crusaders

    Fake kakyion :*jotaro-kun, lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick,, lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick I lick!! *

    Jotaro: (ง ͠° ͟ʖ #)ง , (punch=ora),, oraoraoraoraoraoraoraroraoraoraoraoraoraoroaoroaoroaoraoraoraoraora.

    Fake kakyion:💀☠️

  4. Who else got a nacho cheese fry Ad. and decided to like the Ad. cause your bored and hungry…

    Only me?…okay .-.

  5. Hey join my club I’m like what u said at the start apart from the ex’s part I don’t have any neither a gf
    Ik I’m lonely

  6. I got bubble guts when he started talking about the 4×4. U really start overthinking everything right before it's your turn to run

  7. It's actually a pretty good advice, wanna be the best than before?Just be with the person who pisses you off when ya look at em

  8. I wanna join cross country at my school, but my heart likes to torture me when I move too much 😀 faaaaaantastic

  9. Me: watching video by my mom

    Mom: here’s the anime add looks at Me in very weird

    Me: Dies on the inside

    Me.exe has stopped working /:

  10. It’s kinda funny because i said 3 years ago i never thought about track but now that I’m on my highschool tennis team (which i kinda regret now) I really should have done track. Running was always an outlet for my stress and anger. Regret REGRET REGREEEETTT

  11. so imma tell a (kinda) smol story
    in yr 2 (2015) i went to the districts athletics carnival, and i was doing 100m i think (i was also short) and it started
    and i was kinda far behind everyone else, i wasnt last tho.
    at that time you could choose what events what you wanted to participate in, but now that im in yr 6, you get told what events you qualified for. i got 1st in 100m 200m and 2nd in 800m (i have terrible stamina btw, im more of a sprinter) and then 3rd or 4th in long jump
    oh how much i have improved and grown

    im on the taller side now lol

  12. Dom: also. Please. Try. Not. To. Run. Like. This.. *shows a drawing of someone running on his toes* one of my track mates tried to run like this and my coach totally roasted him and ruined his dream of being *inserts the name which idk how to spell*

    Some viewer that runs on his toes: *unsubscribes to domics and cries in the corner*

  13. I've played pretty much every sport. Like we are talking over 100 sports. Track and field included. i was the fastest….. or the 2nd fastest. Sometimes i was faster and sometimes the other guy who ran was faster. It was fun

    edit – comment if you participated in track and field as a kid shirtless

  14. * SPOILERS *

    ERASED is a good anime with an upsetting ending. All of that just so she can have a child without him being the father. They fell in love and the guy went back 3 times just to save 1 person's life. But she just couldn't wait a decade to marry a person who she truly loves. GAY!

  15. This is where I come in to spoil erased because literally no one can stop me but I won’t because it’s such a great anime and you just have to watch it and I was surprised when the killer was you should know who but it was also a sad anime at the same time and I’ve already watched it like 6 times it’s so good

  16. Track is my favorite sport!!! The 4×400 happened almost exactly the same for me at our last home meet of the season! It was great to watch this!!

  17. This was actually kind of inspiring!
    I half want to join track and field now! (I mean, I am short… 4'10" with running shoes on)
    But I think I'll do Cross Country because I am already getting better at long distance. (And the High School coached are complete jerks and only care for the above average kids, rather than everyone. (On the track team)).

    Thanks for inspiring me to remember to keep going no matter what Domics!!

  18. At 1:33 is actually really relatable for me because I do play volleyball a lot and I've seen 13 year old kids as tall or taller than adults.

  19. The bit where you got anxiety due to the race, genuinely made me feel anxious because I know how you feel. Jeez the fear of letting people down really made me hate sports.

  20. actually all of my athletic classmates are smaller than me both of the athletic kids are 14 and 13 and older than me
    and they are fast as heck they can lift themselves easily because of their light weight so like yeah

  21. Well… Have you ever tried to unlock any hidden powers over a 24episode ark?
    It wouldn't be that hard just post a viddieo of you exercising once a week

  22. So I’ve never done track but I’m on two swim teams and one time I was in a relay. For anyone that doesn’t know when someone in a relay finishes their lap they go under to diving block to touch the wall. I was the last person in the relay and accidentally jumped ON TOP OF the previous person because I had gone like a fourth of a second too early and their legs were sticking out. Yeah not fun

  23. I did track and dude I really thought it would be fun but bitch I got like last in mail run.. I got the time like 13 min something like I was sooooo embarrassed so I quit a day after I joined…

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