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14 thoughts on “High School Teacher Vlog #22 | A Week in the Life of A Teacher (Week 10)

  1. I have definitely had weeks like that! I hear you about emails regarding student feedback! Hope your weekend was good, Best Wishes from a High School History teacher from England- I love your Vlogs!!

  2. Good morning! 😀 This is a very great video. I just graduated with my Master's degree in Elementary Education a few days ago! 😀 Even though we have those rough moments, I always try to remain positive through it all, and I also try to forget about whatever craziness happened throughout that day! Have a great start to the week! 😀

  3. I can totally relate. My principal did a walk through on MONDAY. These are unannounced. Luckily my students were engaged and working collaboratively to prepare for their test. They took their cues from me and ignored that he was even in the room. I never change what I'm doing when anyone walks in my room.

  4. James, we all have those weeks! It was refreshing to see a great teacher like yourself experiences the same hardships as the rest of us.  Thanks for your vlogs, I love them.  Better luck next week, and I hope you find the COW key!!

  5. Well, these weeks happen! Sorry for you! I hope the observation went well. Your activity with the "plastic coins" is awesome. Love it! 😀 Try to rest for the up-coming monday! 😀

  6. Thanks for watching! Have you had a similar experience? If so, comment below. I'd love to hear about it and how you managed to overcome it!

  7. This is my favorite of your videos up to now. I identify with so many of the struggles you had. So real. Also: your classroom is lovely. I hope your week is going better.

  8. Oh no ! I had a similar day not too long ago . One of those I should have stayed at home or can I just start this day over.

  9. Click on the timestamps below to skip around (more detailed version in description box). Thanks for watching!
    Monday (0:15) – I discuss some technology troubles (for a blended learning experience).
    Tuesday (2:42) – An overview of the stations' activity for Tuesday and modifying it for Wednesday.
    Wednesday (8:33) – Evaluation day and clips of what my students were doing.
    Thursday (9:15) – Venting about the work week.
    Friday (15:56) – Recapping Friday

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