High School Students surprised with Hamilton tickets
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High School Students surprised with Hamilton tickets

– We’re gonna get to take… (crowd cheering) – I found out that Hamilton
was gonna be coming to Richmond and the Altria Theater. And I immediately was like, “I wanna go.” Like, “I have to go.” Like, “There’s no doubt, I have to go.” – She was telling me about Hamilton and Hamilton is coming
and how she loves it and she knows every song off of YouTube. And I said, “Well, really?” And then we looked up the
prices and we’re like, “Whoa.” (laughs) – When I wrote the letter, I was like, I know I have to write about,
like, Miss Siedlarczyk. She’s just incredible, she’s amazing, like, in and outside of the classroom. I asked her, I was like, “Is it possible “for me to, like, send
it to important people “in our community to see
if there’s a possibility “that we can get some tickets?” We sent it out to so many places. Like, I don’t even know
where it went through, like, where did it channel through? And we did get a lot of
rejections, we got a lot of no’s. – Richmond Public Schools, the teachers and your students are
part of our community. We are so excited that,
Flory, we wanna help make your dream come true. – It will help bring
something that they love and are familiar with, music, theater, art and make it relevant within history. – To my surprise, today, I was like… Like, I didn’t know that
this was gonna happen. Like, my whole class
was gonna be able to go. I didn’t know that a hundred other RPS students were gonna go just because of this one letter I wrote. – I’m just so excited for
them to get this opportunity. It’s just awesome. We’re talking about kids who normally wouldn’t get to experience
something like this. These people have rolled
out the red carpet for them and I’m just really overjoyed right now. – I’m truly, like, blessed
and I’m truly thankful for, like, Dominion Energy
for giving me this opportunity and I’m just grateful.

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