High school students honor Sutherland Springs with documentary
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High school students honor Sutherland Springs with documentary

for the past year rebuilding and healing has been a part of the subtle in Springs community the new church now just months away from being completed and families there are getting used to a new normal that healing process is the subject of a documentary by Kennedy High School students that documentary now is state you il film finalists Erika Hernandez spoke with a student behind that project and give us a look at this heartwarming documentary on November 5th 2017 at 11:20 a.m. in Sutherland Springs Texas one of the most horrific events in American history occurred senior Mary Summerlin narrates the documentary she directed and roped she along with other members of the digital media Club at Kennedy High School created nine documentaries this year and hers called the gift of healing is now a UIL state finalists we just wanted to let everyone know how they’re doing and that they’re coping and that they’re healing the seven minute documentary speaks with heroes Jonny Lang Gondorff and Steven Willeford as well as with pastor Frank Pomeroy and shows how the community continues with their lives the students came to Sutherland Springs on the one-year anniversary to shoot parts of their documentary all of it very surreal and emotional I’m close to it so I figured I would do something because it means something to me the gift of healing will be shown at the state UIL Film Festival next Tuesday as one of the top six finalists there is a sense of pride when you get to watch your creation in front of people who had never seen it before on a large screen whether they win or not Mary and her classmates are just happy that they were able to pay tribute to Sutherland Springs I hope the judges can just see that we made it from our heart and we really care about this Sutherland Springs overcame what had happened early that Sunday morning evil did not win Erica and on this case at 12 News

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