High School Musical doesn’t make any sense…
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High School Musical doesn’t make any sense…

So I was a 90s kid for those be wondering which I know was like nobody I grew up during the sort of like Disney cartoon Renaissance, right We had like Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Lion King, Hercules, like all these like animated musical movies And then they all just kind of went away as we moved into 2000 I guess like musicals were just not cool anymore or whatever and then 2006 came around and Disney Channel decided to take a bit of a risk and bring back the old Musical movie genre or like whatever it’s called and gave us High School Musical. Now that High School Musical has long faded from people’s minds I thought I would take a look back at this movie that grabs so many people for whatever reason. So let’s check it out, the movie starts on New Year’s Eve with a fetus Zac Efron. I mean look at this dude my goodness. Hope you packed your diapers So Troy’s on vacation with his family but he and his dad are still playing the old basketball and his mom has just about had it – “really fly all this way to play more basketball” -“Yeah” -“It’s the last night of vacation the party remember?” -“Right the party” -“The party New Year’s Eve” -“Troy, they have a kids party downstairs in the Freestyle Club” -“Kids party” -“Young adults now go” wait So I’m confused here. Is it a kid’s party or not a kid’s party All they want to know is are we gonna watch Space Jam in our pajamas or not? so Troy ends up going to the kids party which has a Karaoke stage as a main event for whatever reason he gets picked to go up there with some random girl He’s never met named Gabriella both of whom don’t really want to be there -“That anything can happen When you take a chance” “I never believed in What I cou..” I just I love his face right here when she starts to sing. He’s just like Aw crap now I gotta sing the whole rest of this dumb song. Thanks a lot. Afterwards They decided to exchange numbers out on the balcony. -“I’ll call you. I’ll call you tomorrow” -“Yeah” -“Here Put your Number in” -“You Too” How does he just know how to take a picture with her phone I mean like nowadays sure everyone has smartphones It’s all the same I guess but like back in the flip phone Nokia era taking a photo was like a whole process it’s like in movies how characters go to hotels and they just Instantly understand how to use the shower like you ever tried to use a shower in a hotel It’s like doing a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded. Let’s see here. Just put the little arrow barely touching the red and Then we flash forward to the beginning of school after winter break Troy whose surprise surprise is the cool kid in school You know, it’s got to be the hair I guess right I mean Zac Efron 2006 just a Bieber 2008 the secret to popularity has nothing to do with personality Okay, just walk around with your hair looking like a bucket on your head. You’re good to go -“Ice princess has returned from the North Pole. You know what she probably spent the holidays what she always does shopping for mirrors” *Sigh* -“You know” 2006 was a different time. We were all much tamer back then long before, you know Social media came and just turned us all into heartless monsters Then we get to meet the main antagonist of the movie Sharpay or as she apparently spells it (Skahajrpjsay) -“Oh were you going to sign up too My brother and I have stared all the supposed productions and we really welcome newcomers There are a lot of supporting roles in the show.” Man i’m having some real like high school PTSD flashbacks right now Like I said my glee video I was a theater kid. Okay. I was in show choir musicals Like let me tell you I was really cool. And there were so many Sharpays I mean even now I still Flinch when I see a blonde white girl who smiles too much. Now both Troy and Gabriella get detention because they have their cell phones out in class and so naturally they serve detention by helping the drama teacher build her sets because you know Of course, they do -“So many new faces in detention today I hope you don’t make a habit of it but the drama club can always use an extra hand and while we are working let us probe the mounting evils of…” Pre-marital Se.. anyway singing with Gabriella at the party where they didn’t watch Space Jam in their pajamas Okay, talk about a lame party. Am I right? This makes troy decided that he would in fact like to try out for the musical since singing was just you know so much gosh darn fun But he doesn’t want anyone to know so he goes to this like Indiana Jones Temple of Doom maze just to get to the auditorium Like how big can this school really be? I mean, I just see the same twenty students everywhere we go So eventually he makes it to the audition and hold on a second . It’s that report of the week sitting right there Is that review bruh? Anyway, Troy and Gabriella are late, but they sing a song anyway, just for funsies and wouldn’t you know? they get a callback which Sharpay is none too happy about now because of the callback every one of the whole school all twenty students find out that Troy auditioned for the musical and this somehow leads to everyone deciding to just like let all the skeletons out of their closets like Troy is just The Rosa Parks of his generation or something *Music cuts out probably due to copy right* You said bake my mind went to a very different place but but yes strudels are cool Sure, and then of course a bunch of other kids start joining in and telling their own secrets, which will definitely end well for everyone everyone *Same thing with the music* Self is like whatever but it ends with Gabrielle’s nachos suddenly turning into chili fries which raises a whole lot of questions But I think we’ll just move on – -“Do you see whats happening here man Our team is coming apart because of your singing thing Even the drama geeks and the brainiacs suddenly think that they can talk to us The skater dudes are mingling” “Yo” “Suddenly people think that they can do other stuff okay stuff that’s not their stuff They’ve got your things about show tunes when we’ve got a playoff game next week” Like I get that this is the whole point of the movie, you know Like Oh in high school everyone gets put into little boxes and you have to stay in your lane But like you think they could be any more on the nose here I mean like whoever wrote this movie it probably hasn’t even been to high school since they faked the moon landing because like even way back in 2006 Put me on life support no one actually thought like this if a basketball player tried out for a musical no one would care now later Gabriella goes up to The roof to find choice sitting there all by himself like a loser -“I’m sure should she keep being the coach’s son makes me practice a little harder. I guess I Don’t know what he’s gonna say when he finds out about the singing.” “You worried?” “My parents friends are always saying Your son’s the basketball guy. You must be so proud” I love this like thousand-yard stare. Troy gets midway through his sentence. You must be so proud Wait a minute. Did your not just turn into chili fries? What are they feeding us at this school? And then we get to know Gabriella’s character a little better.” I saw the way he treated Kelsi at the audition yesterday Do your friends know that guy?” “Today I’m the playmaker dude” “Then they don’t know enough about you, Troy My other schools I was the freaky math girl. It’s cool coming here and being Anyone I want to be” but you know her whole like character backstory whatever like it doesn’t even make sense A pretty girl who’s good at math and she was the freaky math girl Okay, you know what kind of girls there are in high school? You got freaky horse girl, freaky anime girl. Freaky girl Who tells you way too much about her personal life, you know what high schools don’t have freaky math girl I know this isn’t supposed to be like a true one-to-one realistic high school or whatever But like I was in high school, the pretty popular girls were also valedictorians so like this backstory doesn’t even make sense at some point later in time Gabriela meets up with Troy during practice Oh “Don’t tell me you’re good at hoops, too” “You know, I once scored 41 points on the league championship game”. “No way.” “Mm-hmm. Yeah and the same day I invented the space shuttle and microwave popcorn” Okay. Now I see why kids didn’t like you at your old school turns out the math had nothing to do with it Troy’s dad who’s also the basketball coach just a small little detail there gets upset that Gabriella is taking Troy away from basketball and Making him would you believe? Sing and kicks her out This leads to Troy and his dad having a bit of an argument about whether he should sing or not. Yes This is actually the whole conflict of the movie. “You’re something special” “yeah, well a lot of things are special Dad” “But you’re playmaker Not a singer, okay?” “Did you ever think maybe I could be both” Well, I hadn’t thought of that oh gosh down problem so movie’s over so long story short Gabriella over Hears Troy smack-talking her and the musical and then all that stuff with the world’s greatest web cam. She’s just someone I met All right. The singing thing is nothing probably just a way to keep my nerves down. I don’t know. It means nothing to me You’re my guys and this is our team Gabriella is not important. I mean seriously though. How does this even work? Like, this is 2006 Internet even now in 2018 I can’t Skype someone without feeling like I got drunk Goggles on naturally this leads to Gabriella not wanting to talk to Troy and Troy left wondering what happened So that night he goes over to her house to try and smooth things over and we see Gabriella just sitting there perfect posture hair And makeup all done perfectly Just reading a book like some little princess but I mean like, okay We all know she would have some weird face mask on, hair just done in the messiest bun You’ve ever seen fingers covered in cheeto dust. I mean, come on High School Musical. You ain’t fooling nobody afraid They might lose the Troy and Gabriella Sharpay has the audition date moved to coincide with the championship basketball game and whatever It is Gabriella does now before the big basketball game Troy and his dad have one last heart-to-heart talk. “I Know all about the pressure and probably too much of it has come from me Because what I really want is to see my son Having the time of his life playing the game we both love You give me that and I will sleep with a smile on my face no matter how the score comes out” So you want me to play so you can be happy this is kind of a weird pep talk not gonna lie It just sounds like it’s all about you dad in the end Troy and Gabriella both win Their respective tournaments or like whatever and just barely make it to the audition. -“I don’t know what’s going here but in any event it’s far too late and we have not got a pianist” -“well that’s show biz” -“We’ll sing without a piano.” -” Oh no you won’t.” “Pianist here miss Travis.” I’m sorry. What “pianist here miss Travis?”*Sounds like penis* Okay. Well, we’ll just we’ll just leave that one right there You know, it’s it’s just one of those words you don’t want to say too fast All right, and the movie ends pretty much how you think it will Troy and Gabriella get the main parts in the musical Everyone is friends kumbaya and all that stuff So like this is one of those movies that really owes success to like right place right time kind of thing You know, I mean like watching it back now as someone who liked it well enough when it came out Why did everyone latch on to this movie so much. I mean there’s whole parts of it that don’t even make sense Like I said for the time it was like this revolutionary thing to have a movie about high school kids singing, you know Like oh, let’s challenge the status quo and all that but like it has not aged well, okay I mean like the intro part to sharpey or brothers musical number -“Mucho gusto.” -” Ay que fabulosa” Something tells me this just wouldn’t fly today, you know, the world was a different place in 2006 But still you can’t deny what High School Musical started bringing you back movie musicals and all that stuff, right? So like I guess it’s not all bad Hey, guess what? This video is sponsored by Squarespace I’m sure you’ve all heard about Squarespace by now but in case you haven’t Squarespace is a website that lets you build a website all the tools and features and everything You need to make any kind of website you want It’s all right there you do it all from their websites. So you don’t need to install anything patch anything Like really it’s all just right there and no joke. It’s super easy to start building a professional-looking website Like I never use Squarespace before and I built this whole website here in just like ten minutes right now Squarespace is offering you guys 10% off your first purchase If you go to squarespace.com/Alex Meyers for those of you listening in the background or while doing homework I see you out there that’s squarespace.com /a-l-e-x- m-e-y-e-r-s with Squarespace I made this little website where I blog about things that probably would have been video essays once upon a time But you know things are a little bit different now I’ve added some stuff to the blog since the last time I talked to you guys about Squarespace So if you’re interested in reading whatever my brain regurgitated out recently Feel free to check it out if you’re thinking that you want to make your own website Squarespace is offering you guys 10% off your first purchase and 14-day free trial if you go to squarespace.com/alexmeyers. The link is in the description below So if you want to start building your own website for like your blog or your online store your band your mixtape, or I don’t know your Riverdale fanfic. Whatever do it with Squarespace. Hey everybody. Thanks for watching So as always we got some merch in the store some high school musical stuff So check it out link is below special promo code musical gets you free worldwide shipping. So if you’re interested check it out It’s there for you. Now watching this movie was nostalgic for a lot of reasons I mean number one, you know, like when this movie came out, you know, we all liked it We all latched onto this idea. For some reason. I liked it well enough when it came out, you know kids adults Everyone was just obsessed with this high school music it was like frozen But like before frozen, you know, I mean and watching it back now It’s like why did we like this movie so much because it’s like it’s just so bizarre in so many ways as someone who graduated From high school in 2006. It was just so Nostalgic to kind of look at this time back in 2006 like social media wasn’t really a thing YouTube had just started like the internet as we know it now was just starting to kind of creep up, you know But it’s like it’s so weird to go back to this time that I remember so well But High School Musical did kind of help usher in this kind of like bringing back musical movies and stuff You know now that I think about it actually like even way back in like 2001 I think Buffy did a musical episode just one I guess at the time that must have been just bizarre. Like wow this musical episode in 2001. That’s crazy But like High School Musical and glee came in they brought it back and then they just ran it into the ground I mean, so hard that even Riverdale has a musical episode, you know, it’s kind of with Bitcoin, you know Like when your grandma starts giving you Bitcoin advice like, you know, it’s time to get out It’s the same with like musical, you know episodes every when Riverdale does it, you know, it’s it’s over anyway guys Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe follow my dog Charlie on Instagram. Charlie meets pumpkin. Follow me on Twitter I try to reply to everything that I get so if you want to suggest a TV show or just just tell me your thoughts about whatever you know, uh, Send me a message. Of course. Don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel I got videos coming at least every Tuesday sometimes on Fridays as well Anyway, have a great day everybody and I’ll see you all next time

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