High School Hoopers EXPOSED: Who Forgot to Shower?! 🚿 | SLAM Point ‘Em Out
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High School Hoopers EXPOSED: Who Forgot to Shower?! 🚿 | SLAM Point ‘Em Out

Who’s the most likely get to take a shower after practice what what Are y’all serious?, what we really do it? Who’s the most likely forget to take a shower after oh Not a single person but there’s someone on this team No, no It’s not none of us right like we We all got the same person in mind they just not here right now I’ll still take a shower though. Yeah later today. I just get comfortable in our eyes It most likely is the most likely question we are dying from we’re all pretty boys, but you type He’s just saying that cuz he’s mad Who’s the most likely? Get to take a shower after practice. You gotta remember this my roommate so he always got sons. He even his hair He got his own thing going on. Go ahead Kofi Okay, we all know how often you want a good show look Look, she I don’t know. No, I won’t be around Christmas 24/7 but he just moved in that room Look ever since he moved in even a little I Think shower every day every single day like 365 days of the year, I think so. I don’t think I’d ever think might miss a day. I think that would be nice Every every once in a while might take two. He’s stuck on 365. I might be taking 600 a year, you know But do you like? him Him you see how we all pointed him ever, but that’s a known fact You know, he know we’d be in a role he knows Best we have practice on trips we have practice for we live on a roll but we wanna maybe with that bread is what you do you Know you take a shower? Don’t put that question on that guy is the truth when one said were one When ones that people let girl know what going on What do you do on Sundays how would you do her today? Don’t don’t don’t expose her bro don’t expose them bro. Yes. That’s fair. No, that’s fair. That’s fair These two Don’t do that. Yes, bro. You always want to do something bit three to one point Wait a second for the milk before. Oh, yeah, I mean not true but I mean, even if I did it’s still the same thing, so Yes it is. You can see how much milk it is and then pour the cereal to that mountain If you had enough cereal drink the milk That’s weird the milk before you go whit will we got a point out of the cold Like not not drink out of the bowl he’ll either say I didn’t drink the milk out of the carton boy. No regions juice Please you sure you’re okay. That’s weird Orange photos. Yeah, yeah For sure do that I made shorter for my cereal first I would pull my see your face I was trying to make some noodles. I’ll put the nuzens in the boat, but no water and you bar though. I Did that plenty of time about the kid? Okay? You want to use a spoon problem You’ll see our garlic I even put respect money. I read a book. It’s porn. Come on, Trey I’m dead serious right now, but like you always tell only Son to disarm a difference You look like the type of burn that would chew the server and then drink the milk Like serious know how to defend myself on that but you can’t defend yourself cuz it’s a fact well I boarded the cereal first, but like likely to do that Rose is you You

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76 thoughts on “High School Hoopers EXPOSED: Who Forgot to Shower?! 🚿 | SLAM Point ‘Em Out

  1. Nah fam, I already pour my milk before my cereal… that’s just how you get it done🤷🏾‍♂️

  2. Slam how many more of these you got in the chamber 🤦🏽‍♂️🔥🔥🔥 you stay putting out straight heat

  3. I like how all these players know what’s in their friends best interest. All of them hold back on saying anything personal. All of these dudes at my highschool act like females and will do anything to get a laugh.

  4. Armando Bacot out the 804!!!!!! Don't forget to come back bro and inspire the youngins the city needs it!!!! Peace and love bro

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