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High School Gym Gets Extreme Makeover | Michele Clark High School

– All right, go take the
clip off of that one. (weights clanking) – The weight room is
like, it’s kinda compact. And it get real hot
and then you’re waiting so you kinda get irritable,
so you’re just like, “Can you do it already?” So yeah, you’re like, “Can you hurry up?” But other than that, it’s nice. – No, no, no, I ain’t doubting nobody. Go on ahead and do it. – A’ight. – One, two, three. (weights clanking) – You gotta count out loud
so you can stay breathing. – Six, seven. – There’s no bicycles,
there’s no treadmill, there’s nothing that we can
use to help us with our legs, condition-wise as like stamina instead of using squats. It’s different because it’s not just us. Because there’s the basketball team, there’s the track team, there’s the girls’ and the boys’ basketball teams, and so then it’s difficult. – 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, no bro, I can’t do it. – [Derrick] You got to 33 again? (laughing) (mid-tempo instrumental music) – Hello everybody, my
name is Kevin Simmons. I’m the Athletic Director at
Michele Clark High School. Currently we are in
need of cardio equipment as well as up-to-date weights. As you see our weight room is not in the best of conditions but we do what we can to get the job done. – [Charles] As the
principal of Michele Clark, it’s difficult to see students struggling to practice and use the weight room when there really isn’t a weight room. Giving us the opportunity
to have a new weight room would bring opportunities of
exposure, change disparity. So as you look to this, please remember Michele Clark, thank you. – All right guys, so as you
know we have two finalists. Going through the process,
talking with Optimum Nutrition, and then even working with
Chicago Public School District. We decided on one, Michele Clark. – We’re ready to go, I
think that this is something where we can get in there,
we can do an amazing job of transforming this
space, make sure it’s that safe environment that we talked about for these kids to train in. (determined instrumental music) – My name’s Makayla Frickey. I am the graphic designer
for the Lift Life Foundation. – My name is Dylan Cooper and I am the director of Bodybuilding.com’s
Lift Life Foundation. – [Makayla] The Lift Life Foundation is a non-profit organization
founded by Bodybuilding.com. We go into under-funded high
schools across the country and renovate their existing
high school weight room. (determined instrumental music) – We take them from a
very neglected space, and really just transforming them into a space where they can really
be proud of what they do and how they can transform
their bodies and their minds, all of these things in one space. So this project is definitely unique in we partnered with one
of our national partners, Optimum Nutrition, and
they’re based out of Chicago. We came together and we discovered that this would be a great opportunity for us to give back to their local community. They were able to step in
and be a part of the process. – My name is Olga Starikova and I am Senior Associate Brand
Manager for Optimum Nutrition. When we first heard about the project we were extremely excited. For Optimum, it’s a great opportunity to give back to the community. So this is something
that’s close to my heart. To be part of this project has
just been extremely exciting. – It’s all coming together where we’re gonna create something
amazing for these kids who, looking at that space,
is in really dire need. – From what we’ve seen
this is a very small space. It’s gonna be the smallest
space we’ve worked with so we gotta get very creative. (gentle uplifting music) – Whoa! Here it is. – [Kevin] It’s a work in progress but we do what we can with what we’ve got. – So I would say everything
in here is mosh-posh. We heard somebody was
throwing something away, we were like, we could use it. So really none of this
stuff we really bought. We’ve either gathered through
somebody giving it to us or, someone saying, “We
don’t need it anymore.” And then we just like, “We’ll
call it a weight room.” – So they come in here
and this is what they see. It’s you know, it’s adequate, you know I take my boys out to play some of these suburban schools and when we walk in the
school they’re like, “Oh.” And you know but, we have to make do, there’s no excuses. At least you have something, you know. We do what we can. (uplifting music) The most important two pieces of equipment we have are the bench and this squat rack. (determined instrumental music) These two machines are the lifeline to really what we have,
as well as that curl bar. – I would say the percentage
of useful equipment in this particular room
right here, maybe 50%. You see kettle bells
are here in the floor, there’s no racks or any type of system for those type of things. I’m not sure what kind of
decline this is for but, that’s not functional at all. And then you get over
here to the dumbbells that they have that were donated. There’s some hundred-pound
dumbbells on there that these kids can’t even
pick up off of the rack. – It was a very tiny, about 10 x 20 room. It had outdated equipment,
probably from the 80s in it. It was even in worse shape than it showed on their submission video. (determined instrumental music) (weights clanking) – If it touch, don’t let ’em touch that. – Getting the time to
really get to know the coach and to hear how passionate he is about the kids that come here and how unselfish he
is towards these kids, and he even said some of these kids are
like kids of his own. – Oh man, Coach Simmons has
a really good relationship. It’s like, almost like a father figure. It’s somebody that you respect, but somebody that you know that got your back no matter what. – He helped me push through stuff. When I need transportation,
he gives it to me. When I need something, when I need to just talk to him about anything
I can come straight to him and talk about it. – I’ve been trying to get all of this up for a while. When it’s supposed to work, it works. And you do right, when you try
to do right you get rewarded. They’ve worked hard and it’s gonna be such a push for them. When you guys shut it down for however long you shut it down, I just want you to cover everything up where they can’t see anything. Cover everything up and
I’ll keep ’em in the halls, and we’ll do cardio and running. However long you take, you take. (upbeat music) – It was obviously sad and disheartening to see that this is what
these kids are working with. But to me it’s like,
okay I try to envision the room as a blank slate
and what it could be if all this equipment was taken out. – That’s where we come in
and we start dissecting, finding out how can we utilize the space and make this thing even better. – Three is about where the door is. – What we didn’t realize is there was an adjoining classroom and if we could remove the
wall and open this space, we would be able to create
a much better weight room. And so, talking with
Chicago Public Schools, talking with the principal,
they were willing to give us that second room and allow us to have this bigger transformation. Through that process of understanding what those spaces looked like
and how we could open them up, we realized that there
was a small coach’s office and then there’s actually a computer lab that sat over adjacent
to the coach’s office. We realized that we could kind of create a separate cardio room, that gave us a whole ‘nother room where
we can give these kids more equipment, more functional use. All-in-all, we went from this really tiny one classroom space, to now
we’re almost 3.5 classrooms. It became a much larger space, it became a much bigger transformation. (upbeat percussive music) (weights clanking) – I’ve noticed working with the kids, something new is like, man. And it gives them a sense of rejuvenation. “Okay, we can not mess this up. We have this, this is brand new, this is all we need to get over the hump.” When in all actuality, it helps but the person, the drive you have, the
commitment to the team. That’s what gets you over. But, whatever helps them reach it, you know I’m willing to do it and, and it was just give us
a breath of fresh air. – How long has it been since
you’ve had that new feeling that the students have
built that morale and- – He doesn’t want to hear
it, when he got here. (laughs) – When he got here? – [Kevin] Yeah. – When I came to the school,
and I think any principal that goes to a new school,
they want to take on some type of culture or some
type of personality of them. (voices overlapping) – I represent Michele Clark Eagles. – Hey man, go to class! (upbeat music) – I love this school. I got a lot of connections
through this school. I got my job through this school – This school, I feel like this school it helps people get off the street. It helps people to feel
good when they come in here. – It’s a good vibe here,
like you make family here. The friends, the teachers,
everybody is real warming and they care for you. – It’s a really good support
system and also I feel like, if you need help with anything
you always got somebody. Other schools, I feel like
you missed out on that. – But what makes this school different from every other school is the principal. – Principal Anderson is like, I would say a second father. He really helped me push
through since my freshman year. – I wasn’t doing good and he was always there to help me and encourage me. So he’s helped me a lot. – So Michele Clark became a STEM school, which means that we work with students not only from the Science,
Technology, Engineering, Math, but we work with them on how to slide into college easily because now they’re more
familiar with the work. Oh my God you guys, I
thought I stopped that. I hit the wrong button. Now I just fixed it. Did I mess you guys up? – [Interviewer] No, you’re fine. – Okay, because it’s probably
gonna be one of those bleeps- (laughing) So, where do you guys
want me to start from? (gentle instrumental music) (voices overlapping) So my relationship with
the students here are, God I think I wear a lot
hats with some of them, from father to uncle to grandfather. All of those things just
become a part because I’m always looking for
ways to encourage them, ways to excite them, ways
to make them feel that they are number one at the school. For me, I wanted to build up, build up the confidence
of the students in Austin. Make them proud for where they
were and how they’re here. I wanted them also to feel empowered to be able to advocate for themselves, and I also wanted them, the
thing I always said to them is, “I want you to be able to understand how to play hard and how to work hard.” (gentle instrumental music) Michele Clark is located in the
Austin community of Chicago. It’s been an area that at one point was one of the largest areas for Chicago. So it was the largest, then
pretty soon it started shrinking just because of violence and other things, people started moving out. – You know back in the day
it was a beautiful community, you’d drive around and you’d
see so many beautiful homes and it was just a
neighborhood that was strong. And we look at Austin now
and it’s totally different. A lot of vacant homes, and
then you had outside factors, like crime, a lot of the
schools have closed down. So I think the kids don’t have that sense of community here anymore, and that’s why Clark is such
a big part of this community because there are not a lot of schools. My mom had different roles here. She was the School Resource Officer, she coached a lot of
different sports here. My mom was diagnosed with
stage IV breast cancer. She would just say say, “You know my time is gonna come soon, but
while I’m still here I’m gonna try to make the
best difference that I can.” (gentle instrumental music) – You can see that the community is a tight-knit community but you have the gangs and the drug problems which has cause a lot of the people to disappear from the neighborhoods. And when you’re talking
about Michele Clark, this is one of the best schools
in this whole neighborhood. They have all the activities going on, to keep the kids off the streets, and that’s how they do it here. (gentle instrumental music) – I think that for us,
with the Austin community there are some areas of course that are a little rougher than others. And so some of them might see some things, we’ve had shootings in the community. – Well I don’t like to
talk about this much but, I almost got shot once. We were coming out of
a store, and then like once I stepped out, ’cause
I was second to step out they started shooting right
in front of the store, and you could hear the bullets fly past. (imitates bullet whizzing by) It was like, I froze, I
didn’t know what to do, ’cause I was in shock. I don’t know how I got back in the store, to be honest. – I’m a little paranoid because I got shot over here. I was coming home from the store so, coming around the corner and some boys from all the
way across the park, they came over and started shooting at the people on my block. So as I was trying to run, I couldn’t. And then they had got me, so I couldn’t walk or nothing
so I just laid on the ground. – We want the students
in Austin to feel like they can feel safe, and that they don’t have to feel like, “If I go there, do I have to worry about blah-blah,” you know whatever it is. And that’s one of the things
we really push hard on, is that whatever you’re worried about outside, get in here ’cause we’re
gonna change all that. We’re gonna throw a scarf around you, we’re gonna do some other things with you to get your mind off of those
things and help you learn. But then we also, from a wholistic view of working with students, we’re gonna figure out how we can help you with whatever those pieces are as well. Especially even on the
weekend or when you go home. (gentle instrumental music) – [Makayla] Today we just kinda wanted to talk through our plan and
kind of your guys’ eyes on it and just work through what’s gonna be on the walls and the ceiling and just show you guys what we’re up to. (upbeat instrumental music) Olga and Trevin, we
have Mary here as well. She’s from C3 Graphics,
she’s our graphics partner, so she’ll be there installing
and helping us with all that. So, we’ll just jump in on- So my job is to talk to our vendors and design all of the aspects of the gym. So, we talked to Arsenal Strength and figured out what
color equipment we want, what design we want on the
dumbbells, on the platforms. And to go through a ton of different ideas as far as, should it say
“Michele Clark Eagle”, or should it say “Eagle Pride”, should it just be an eagle,
or should it be their logo. Should it be a really
abstract looking logo. So we go through all these different ideas and what’s gonna be best
paired with their school and their school colors
and their school pride. And right now they kill
it in school pride. Principal Anderson always dresses up in bright yellow and black for game days in his athletic wear, and so I really wanted
to bring that life into the gym and give them that safe haven, but somewhere too where they can go and feel motivated to go kick butt and lift some weights. – This project was about
a year in the making. Usually we tend to complete these projects in about four to six months. This one took us almost a year. – There was a lot of
red tape when it came to the planning process, and so we hired the union to perform the work as far painting, installing the
floor, all that kinda stuff. – Because of some of the timing and getting some of
these vendors involved, we knew that if we put everything into a 12 to 14 day window,
there was going to be most likely some sort of scheduling issue. We weren’t going to be able to accomplish everything we
wanted to in our time frame. Everybody, we are just finishing up our third day here at
Michele Clark High School. We have Optimum Nutrition
out here all week, helping us out with volunteers. It’s been a pretty great experience. Through the last three
days, we were able to get all of our wire shot. We were able to get the grid installed, and then we were able to
get the borders installed with the new tile that came
in from Reinke Supply. And so we went out for
about four or five days, completed the ceiling build-out, kinda got the stage set so when
we came back the third time, it was more about just the build-out. (upbeat percussive music) When we were about seven
days out from the reveal, we have this major push that happens. We wanted to get the flooring installed, we wanted to get the mirrors installed, we wanted to get some of
the stuff put into place so when our entire crew,
volunteers, Optimum showed up we could have everybody
running on all cylinders and really kinda brand
it, bring it back to life. – Okay, so we just
landed at Chicago O’Hare International Airport with
all of our luggage in tow and we’re headed over to Michele Clark, and we’re gonna go check it out. (upbeat percussive music) Hello. – [Charles] Hey you guys! – How’s it going? – Good, good. – This is Randy.
– Randy, how are you? So I would say it’s been
closed down for a year and for our football team,
they haven’t been able to really work out at all because
we haven’t had a weight room. I remember saying to the coach, “Now don’t let this be the
excuse why we don’t win any games because I know that you’ll
use this as your excuse.” And so he’s been pushing
them and pushing them, and so we’ve had five games
and we’ve only lost one. So now with the weight
room, it’s gonna make them even more hungry to be
like (grunts), you know. (laughing) (upbeat percussive music) – We’re gonna kinda take you in, show you some of the renovations that have taken place up to this point. Michele Clark has done some
renovations of their own. (mid-tempo instrumental music) So Catapult3, our graphics
partner has already been here. These graphics are on
the outside of the door, has a big “MCHS Weight Room” on it. We’ve covered those graphics up so when the students come in they can’t seem ’em for right now. As you pull open the door, one of the first things you’re gonna see is the ceiling graphic. This is a new concept we came up with as we were researching different things that we could do to make
these things unique. It’s super cool things that they’re doing in a lot of college gyms and weight rooms, and so we wanted to give that
same experience to these kids. Here’s the space as a whole. So now we have one long space, it’s kind of long and narrow, but it gives us about
double the square footage that we originally had to work with. And then we’ve got a new technology piece called the Avenue Digital. What it does is it’s
gonna be an educational interactive piece of equipment. If you’re a freshman or someone who doesn’t know a lot about
working out or proper form, you can go up and we
can touch that screen, you can find out all the different proper movements of how to work out. We’ve made a ton of progress over the last three or four days, the next two or three are gonna be as hard as we can go to get these things finished by Friday. We’re gonna continue on and
get this stuff put together. (lively upbeat music) It’s pretty much all
boxed up which is nice. We don’t have to cover much of it. Like they’ll see some of it, but- – [Makayla] We didn’t want
to bring in the equipment while the kids were in school. So we unloaded it onto
this back grassy area, covered it up with some tarps, and the thunder clouds started to roll in. (thunder rumbling) (pulsing percussive music) – Well, let’s just put
these inside for right now. – A lot of the athletic teams are still there after hours, so they’re all practicing and stuff. But when practice was over, I think they were all super excited. They wanted to see what was going on, they wanted to be a part of it. Some kids were trying to
take photos and be like, “I got a first look and I’m
gonna show all my friends.” And all the kids wanted
to be the one that, “Hey, can I get a sneak peek”, or “Can I come check it
out before all the rest?” Even the janitors were
wanting to get in there. (mid-tempo instrumental music) – I think that it’s gonna
take off as just another component of what we do here. And inviting the kids
to now push for health. The teachers and staff are already, “We’re gonna lose so much weight, we’re gonna start our weight challenge!” And just the excitement
that they even have that we finally have something
that is brand new for us, that we’re gonna make this happen. And even the kids are just they’re peeking through holes trying to see what you guys are doing. (laughing) Crawling on the floor, I’m like, “Stop, it’ll happen, you’ll see!” – Oh, everybody excited. The people who lift weight, the people who don’t lift weight, the people who want to lift weights but they didn’t have enough time because it was so small. Everyone’s talking about it. – I’ve heard rumors that
they’re painting everything the school colors and it’s gonna be an eagle on the wall
with a flat-screen TV. I don’t know what to expect. – Having treadmills,
having bicycles in there for people that’s injured. – Yeah, treadmill
definitely, maybe a bike, that’d be fun. – I’ve been hearing people
talk about a treadmill. I’m like, that’s like a lot. But me personally, I just need me a bench. I need me a squat bar
and I need me some curls. (upbeat music) – The equipment’s something that, it’s custom build as far as the colors, the branding and kinda get that together. It’s 19 and a half feet wide. That was the hard part because we’re trying to
fit platforms and racks and then other equipment as well. Because of the space, we
actually included the dumbbells, the bumper plates, all right there. You can just run in groups and
everything they needs there. (construction sounds) – Alright here we are, its Thursday and we’ve got a
ton accomplished at this point but we’ve got a long way to go. Right now we’re getting ready
to do our Writey Board wall. We’ve got a bunch of
accessories that showed up so we’ve got a bunch of things to get hung and get those put away. We’re still waiting on a
couple pieces of equipment to show up that were back ordered. So we’ve got those to get put together and placed in the room. We have a final clean,
some touch up paint. So yeah we’re gonna get
all the stuff accomplished, we’ll have this thing
showroom ready by tonight. – The night before the reveal, we decided to have sort
of a impromptu dinner with all of our partners,
our local partners, and partners that had flown
out from all different parts of the United States and even beyond. – I wanted to try to get
that group of people together just to kinda say thank you first of all, and show the impact of how there are so many different people who
care about these communities. Not one of us could do it on our own but if we all do our little part and all put these things together, we ultimately can create
this really cool environment and do something really fun in the end. – Look, since we got the camera
here I would like to say, this is how your office looked, this is how your office looked, this is why you cannot have an office. – It’s called organized confusion. – No, and if I look at
this I can smell it. That office is not smelling clean at all. (laughing) – It’s football man. – And those sad little
hurdles in the back. – Oh that’s, but we went down, but let me tell you, with these hurdles we went down state,
how many years Simmons? – Five. – Five years straight with these hurdles. – I’m not gonna be able to sleep tonight. – What? – I’m not gonna be able to sleep tonight. (overlapping chatter) God that’s crazy. I’m good. – I’m having all types of emotions. Like even from just, I know this is gonna sound really shallow, even from what do I wear? Like this is gonna be big. Do I wear something that I can
really do some exercise in? Or do I keep a suit on? And I if wear something to exercise in, do I make sure its black and gold? You should see, how does it look, I gotta make sure it has the eagle. So I’ve already ordered my
outfit for this occasion. No, no I haven’t. (laughing) no I really do know what I’m wearing. – I can’t you guys yet. (upbeat music) – The day of the reveal, is
always the exciting part. We get up super early, we go to the school and everybody is stoked. Cause they know that that’s the day that they’re gonna be able
to see the weight room. (up tempo music) – Kids came in, they’re super excited, we had a huge auditorium set up, the kids dressed in their yellow and black and so it kinda really
had this school spirit kind of atmosphere with it. (percussion and bagpipe music) – Good morning – [Students] Good morning. – This is an exciting time for us. And I just have to reiterate anytime you come to Michele Clark that it is always a great
day to be and eagle. (clapping) – I think that the kids, you know, they know somethings coming
but I don’t think they understand the full perspective
on what’s about to happen. What they’re gonna see, what
they’re gonna be a part of. – We’ve been under some renovations, for quite some time now. So we’re so excited for this dedication. Just so you know, I have
not even seen anything yet. I’ve been holding them, I tried
to sneak in a couple times. They tried to tase me. So I’ve been obedient and
so when you guys see it, I’ll be seeing it for
the first time as well. – I think about are they gonna be excited? Or are they gonna cry? Are they gonna just be super joyful? And it’s all of that. It’s always more than
we could ever ask for. – And so I want to bring Dylan Cooper up, who has been like instrumental, who’s been here almost day and night. At one point I thought
he was showering here. Can you guys please
thank Mr. Dylan Cooper? (applause) – Thank everybody here at
Michele Clark for having us. The Lift Life foundation is
a nonprofit organization, who has a mission to travel the country and find underfunded and
neglected weight rooms. And transform them into state of the art training
facilities for free. We have completed four renovations in Idaho, Tennessee, Indiana, Montana, and now we’re here in Chicago. (applause) (upbeat music) – So the reveal was amazing. – Y’all ready? – [Students] Yes! – I feel like this is like Move That Bus. Okay here we go! – They were counting down outside. You know, ten, nine, eight, so inside we’re all dying you know waiting to have them come through. – [Students] Five, four, three, two, one! (cheering and screaming) (uplifting music) – And it’s like they’re at
Disney Land for the first time. I mean just complete wide eyed,
looking around, like “Wow.” (upbeat music) – Their reactions are priceless. It’s one of those things where
we tell people all the time. Like until you can
experience that firsthand, you don’t really understand how emotional and how impactful that is to those kids. (upbeat music) – The little details is what makes it. I don’t know what to say. I’m speechless. I’m so happy for the kids. – This is my new house. I’m moving in after this. – It’s the best weight
room I ever saw at Clark. It’s the best weight
room and everything new, it’s real professional I like it. – Y’all made it too great cause our coaches are
gonna kill us in here. We don’t have any excuses now. – All of it, too much to take in. Its just like the heart
pounding full of excitement. Like I can’t wait to use it. Today? We can use it today? Sean! We get to use it today! – I know. – I’m like, I’m never speechless. I told them, this looks better
than my college weight room. This is … (upbeat music) Wow. – Oh my god they put our emblem here too. Our logo. You know when we would take kids on tours, when they were in the
eighth and seventh grade and say this is our weight room, I at one point was like “Don’t ever show anybody else that room, you guys just go in there and work out.” Now I’m like “Make sure
everybody sees the weight room!” (up tempo music) – You know I keep asking as
kids are walking by, like “Do you like it? Do you like it?” and they’re like “Duh. This is amazing.” this is nothing like
they’ve ever seen before. It is top of the line,
everything is brand spanking new. You know they don’t really
have words to describe how much it means to them. – That’s what I really like. – Man this is amazing. It’s work. It’s hard work. You guys look! The whole thing. – You can put the workout of the day. – Workout of the day, you
can out the whole plays. Mr. Simmons, man! – Working out you have to
have a beautiful space, and we gave them a beautiful space. Now it takes attitude,
now it takes dedication. And we will see great results
from these kids in the future. – Where’s the stereo system? (upbeat dance music) – You know Principle Anderson he was just like a kid in a candy shop. He couldn’t believe this was happening. You know all the different things, look at this, he could not believe how many different things we put in there. – Oh my god look at the light! – You haven’t seen the light have you? – I haven’t seen the light! (yells) It’s just going through my mind, I really need like everybody to leave so I can just walk through
and absorb it by myself. – It is all tailor made, to the eagles and Michele
Clark High School. And something that is completely theirs. (upbeat music) – I’m gonna be here tomorrow, the day after school, everyday. – And that’s why I continue to volunteer, a full time second job. Because there’s nothing better than that. When those kids walk in and
see it for the first time. – [Students] Live high. – It’s not just a football player, it’s like a kid in cross country
comes up and is just like “I can’t wait to get in
here and start working out.” Those are the things that comeback and you realize that
you are doing something to make a difference for
the entire student body, not just a certain group of kids. (upbeat music) When it is all said and done, conversations I had with Coach Simmons and Principle Anderson,
you know I could tell that they were still kind of in shock that this grand of a project
or this thing was theirs. But I think that over all it
gave them a sense of pride that they were able to pull this together and give it back to their students. (light piano music) – Michele Clark High School
has an incredible staff. They have people who care about them and give them all the tools and all the resources
they need to succeed. – This is gonna give them something that it’s theirs. Nobody in the city has anything like this. Now you’re unique. (overlapping chatter) Now it’s what you do with it. You just let it sit dormant or are you gonna take advantage of it? (light music) – You know they’re already wanting to do weight loss challenges and
muscle building challenges and stuff that gets the staff involved and the school involved and everything. And I just know that they’re
gonna utilize it so well. – And it’s something that nobody else has in the Chicago Public Schools. You know, nobody else
has this, this is ours. And they’re just super
thankful and proud that you know, this is something
that they got to help create. – Our part is done and now it’s their job to put in the work and
to reap the benefits of what this weight
room can bring to them. – Not only bettering their
lives through education but also knowing that, you know, physical fitness is something that can better the student body, make them a more complete
school as a whole. – It was so exciting, the
last past week and a half, I haven’t been this excited since I’ve been a kid for Christmas. This exceeded my expectations. I mean it came from, it came
from that to where it is now. It’s divine intervention,
that’s all it is. It’s a blessing for people that truly care about the kids and not about themselves. – They have been just all
over the place, so yeah, this is awesome. You guys, like, I’m amazed. I’m amazed. Thank you guys so much. (gentle music)

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100 thoughts on “High School Gym Gets Extreme Makeover | Michele Clark High School

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  2. literally 75℅ of the comments ; "mY sChOoL dOesNt eVeN hAVe a GyM"
    "i wISh tHaT I Had THaT sETuP"
    "wOw mY sCHoOls WORSE"

  3. This is great. I attended high school in Chicago. I know how it feels when you get to the suburbs and their facilities are almost on the collegiate level compared to the city. I was touched by this video.

  4. I went to school here, we hid a lot of the weights we had and messed up the room so we could get a new gym💪🏾

  5. Working out in a gym with not enough functional equipment will make you understand how beautiful and raw this feeling is. Shout out to bodybuilding for giving back.

  6. Sonoma high school looks just like the crappy old weight room… I have no. Clue if y’all can check it out it’s sonoma California, sonoma high school

  7. Wtf the original gym looks better than my local gym… and then don’t even get me started on my school gym everything in there has been donated not a cent spent to make it better

  8. Our weight room has four racks in a very small place for a 50 player football team and we also have the track team boys and girls basketball wrestling baseball soccer and boys and girls weightlifting and we make it work

  9. Omg literally every school ever uses that Philadelphia eagles logo like the one on the coaches hat including mine 😂

  10. I mean i see ways they could get stronger using that but over all its thin. I see for those kids with out knowning its impossible. Those kids can be much stronger if it was clean and better. But over all a good gym would get them qlot farther they did good they deserved this which is amazing. Im 5'4 i was 160 in high schol give or take 10 pounds depending. I was able to lift the 100 but with out anything to get thier they are stuck. Im sure they end up motivated

  11. 24:04 sounds like she means the US is the largest continent in the world and the rest of the world is very small. Typical americans

  12. The gym looks better than my actul gym and its free thats fucking awesome be pride andc happy thats a great thing i wish i had something so cool on my school

  13. Teachers in other country's like germany think a schoolgym keeps you away from learning you know what? Maybe a little bit but they learn way more important things like hard work always pays off or help a friend and he ll help you too thats way more important than all the shit

  14. Damn this is amazing, so happy for them! Wish my school funded sports more… Our gym is a room under the bleachers with a pull-up bar, squat/bench rack and a few dumbbells, but instead they spent $6k on a rainbow crosswalk for the school, better than nothing I guess

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