Hi! School – Love On | 하이스쿨 – 러브온  Ep.7: Suspicion? Wanting to Believe that it’s Not True!
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Hi! School – Love On | 하이스쿨 – 러브온 Ep.7: Suspicion? Wanting to Believe that it’s Not True!

Lee Seulbi… Just come to me now. Here we go. Woohyun confessed to Seulbi? – What? They’re not cousins? / – Hold my hand. That’s a total mess. If it weren’t for you… My confession of love wouldn’t have been so pitiful. Lee Seulbi! Can’t you see you’re making it hard for her? Did you plant it? Don’t tell Woohyun that you met me. Sign it. Then after a week, you’ll become an angel again. You have one week. See you, guys. I’m off to school. If you don’t hurry, I’m going on my own. I’m going! – How about basketball at lunch? / – Okay. – Play for pizzas? / – Okay! I’ll be the ref. The loser pays for mine. Poor Gisu… Seulbi really eats a lot. Poor poor Woohyun. I’ve starved since dinner last night. Sungyeol! Yeah? Join us for basketball. I’m the ref. Oh, sportsman Sungyeol. Same teams, okay? No thanks. Good thinking. It’s best to pull out if you know you’ll lose. Not bad. See you at lunch. Just how much are you going to fight? Sungyeol! This is all because of you! Is this really a love triangle? You want to grow taller too, right? Where’s your loyalty? Teaming up with Sungyeol. No, no… You think I’m some pushover? Why would I do that? I’m giving you an opportunity. I pity you for always losing to Woohyun. Don’t cross the line. Please. Didn’t you like Shin Woohyun? I’m doing this because I like him. If you like Dayul… You’ll know how I feel. So it’s okay if Woohyun has a hard time? Woohyun… Don’t hurt him please. Well… At least I’ll have fun. Where is it? Take a careful look for it. It’s not here. What will I do? What’s wrong? She lost her cell phone. Didn’t you have money in there? No way. How much? $200. Didn’t you meet Lee Seulbi yesterday? I’m sure I had it before I met her. I think I lost it afterwards. Come to think of it… Wasn’t Seulbi really fascinated that you carried money in your phone case? Yeah, she was. Hey, Lee Seulbi. Did you see my phone when you met me yesterday? No. Why? Did you lose it? Forget it. There’s nothing I can do. What the… Is there a thief in our school or what? Hey, yo. What’s up, Cheonsik. It’s always good to see you. Thank you. That’s all I have. Give me your phone. I can’t… We won’t steal your phone. Put it in Seulbi’s bag. Make sure no one sees. I did nothing wrong. Life’s become harder because of you. The winning team is my team. For a large size pizza. There’s no time. Pass, pass! You’re immersed by my lightning dribbles. Don’t you know the meaning of flash? I’ll allow you to say that today. I don’t need your permission. I can’t bear to watch this. Hand it here. Hand it here already. Hey… – Give it here. / – Don’t exes do that? Give it to me. Both of you are ejected. – Why? / – Why? For being so gross. What a smell. This beautiful smell that pierces my nose. Body odor! That’s what youth is about. Sit down. No need for greetings. Today, we will be improving your fitness by doing independent study. Cheonsik. Teacher’s here. Teacher. My cell phone’s gone missing. What? Your phone’s gone missing? Sure you didn’t leave it at home? I brought it… I had it before lunch. I had money in it as well. Open your bags. Everyone, open your bags. I’m going to inspect them. Right now! Hurry up. We have rights too. You’re not allowed to do this without reason. Rights… We have to catch the thief. Hurry up and open them! Forget your rights. Open them up now. What is this? What’s wrong? What’s that? That’s Cheonsik’s phone. Check it. This is mine. Are you sure? Quiet down! No… There’s been a misunderstanding. Seulbi was with us the entire lunch. That’s right. Who pulled this prank? Teacher… I lost my phone too. She says it was gone after she met Seulbi. She had money in there too. $200. Open your bag. Why’s this in here? I didn’t do it. Keep quiet! Check if there’s money in there. It’s gone. Quiet! It really wasn’t me. Come with me, Lee Seulbi. Seulbi… A mistake isn’t a sin. If you acknowledge and tell us the truth… I didn’t do it. Taking other people’s property is no joke. It’s a crime. Teacher, we have the evidence. No need for words. Do you want to see the police? I’m telling you I didn’t do it. It’s okay now since we found it. It’s my fault for not taking care of it. Cheonsik, what about you? I’m okay too. My money was still there too. That’s okay. Then we’ll call it even with some volunteer work. This isn’t such a simple problem. That’s enough. Teacher Kim. I’ve solved a very complicated problem with a very simple solution. Seulbi, your friends forgave you. If you can’t apologize now, we’ll give you time… Time for what? Time to wait for a wife that’s left home? Wife that’s left… I didn’t do anything wrong. Okay then. I want you to think about what you did while you volunteer for duties for a week. What is going on? I can’t believe Seulbi’s a thief. Shut your mouth. Did you see her? Pretending she didn’t know anything. That’s some amazing acting. Everyone, quiet. Seulbi… I will believe in you and wait for you. What you said to me yesterday… Was that all a lie? What do you think you’re doing? Why are you doing this to me? You’re so shameless. Do you really not know? I hate you. What did I do so wrong? Think about what you stole from me. Being alive is what you did wrong. How much more must I feel sorry? Stop acting so innocent! You’re so annoying! Why did you do it? What? Do you suspect me too? I just want to know the truth. Why were their phones in your bag? I don’t know about Cheonsik. With Yena… I think she put it in there. Why didn’t you tell me you met Yena? Because… She asked me to keep it a secret. How is it a secret when everyone else knows? I need to know the truth to help you. The truth? I told you the truth. I didn’t do it. Why go around on your own and get in trouble? What will you do now? There’s so much evidence against you. Hey, Lee Seulbi. Don’t you get what’s going on? I know that you don’t trust me. That’s not it… The pain should be so unbearable that you can hardly breathe… Please wrap things up and come back soon. I can hardly breathe if I don’t see my grandson. I need to see him to feel that I’m alive. Thank you for looking after me. Did you say the right things to the teachers? What did Seulbi say? She kept saying she didn’t do it. She’s on weekly duty for not apologizing. She’s more tenacious than she looks. She’s much better than you. Seulbi kept saying she didn’t do it. What if they keep asking me for the truth? Why would you ask me that? You’re the one that did it. Me? I just did what you told me to. A good beat up is best for keeping a mouth shut. Try not to get your face hit. Ko Cheonsik. Did you get beat up again? The phone in Seulbi’s bag… Did Choi Jaeseok do it? No… Was it you then? No. Why would I? Didn’t you do it because Jaeseok made you? Tell me the truth. I really did lose it. I don’t know anything else. Seulbi’s been falsely accused because of you. I lost the phone. And Jaeseok beat me up too. I’m the victim. You keep getting picked on because you’re a coward. Don’t you think you’re creating another victim? Are you okay? Who did this to you? It wasn’t me. You didn’t do it, did you? You have to tell me the truth for me to help. How can you help? You stole it. Why blame me? Jerk… You stay out of this. Stay out of it? Who’s the one that made it all like this? Let’s treat your wounds first. This is insane. I didn’t steal anything. I hope you will quickly apologize to your friends. We don’t know the truth yet. It’s not fair to listen to Lee Yena and Ko Cheonsik only. It’s not that I don’t trust Seulbi. It’s the evidence. What if someone was forced to do it? Suspicion can birth more suspicion. Class dismissed. Hey. Do you steal trash now? Nothing’s safe in this school. This isn’t a trash can. How shameless. Let’s not even talk to criminals. Let’s go. Yeah. I should clean my locker. I have been a little messy. Right? I know it wasn’t you. Thanks. You guys have done well too. Thank you. Yeah, I beat up Cheonsik. I never thought you beat up Cheonsik. Then why did you look at me like you didn’t trust me. Sure it’s you that doesn’t trust me? That’s not it. I don’t know why this is happening. I don’t like that you’re being wronged. I don’t feel wronged if you trust me. Grandma! Hey, Lee Seulbi! Hey! This isn’t how it’s supposed to go. Geez. Ms. Gong, why were you gone so long? Didn’t you miss me? That’s why I came back. Wait… Seulbi, are you ill? No. Thank you for the food. Gosh… I can’t believe Seulbi didn’t eat all her food. Did you two fight? As if! This is delicious. Why did she leave food? Your food always tastes the best. Eat up. Psycho Shin Woohyun. Hate you. What’s wrong with this? You can’t fix your picture like that. Older angel… You’re slowly disappearing. What do you mean? I told you to take the oath on the black note. You are no longer an angel and no longer human. If you don’t take that oath soon, you’ll disappear. Why do you insist on staying here even after they’ve branded you a criminal? That was just a misunderstanding. You asked me about the angels that returned their black notes and became human. Because they fell in love with a human? That’s right. And harm came to everyone as a result. Why does loving a human cause harm? For humans, love always changes. It changes? You can just repay the money. How will they repay the hurt they’ve caused. University enrolment fees. Living expenses. Wedding costs. House… Hello. “The customer you have called is unavailable.” What is she saying? Please pick up, Woohyun’s dad! Are you serious? Oh, my. Your desk is gone. Looks like you’ll have to go home. What’s the use in studying? You’ll just be punished for theft again. It’s a bother for you guys to move it. And it’s bother for me to put it back. So let’s not play such pranks. What the… Shameless… I’m getting goosebumps. Isn’t she too shameless? So shameless. – She’s so shameless. / – What’s with that? She must not care. Who knows what she’ll steal next? – I know. / – Unbelievable. Why are you doing this to Seulbi? She stole my phone and didn’t even apologize. Isn’t this obvious. You’re better off telling the truth now. What truth? Why are you always protecting Seulbi? – Look at the evidence… / – The evidence? I warned you to stop being so childish. This is a crime. The criminal is Lee Seulbi. Why am I always protecting Seulbi? She’s fundamentally different from girls like you. Does that answer your question? Just go home today. I won’t run. Since I didn’t do anything wrong. You can solve this by doing this. It won’t be solved by running away. Move. Please listen to me. It gets worse when you butt in. Please just move. It’s hard for you. I’m having a hard time… Because you don’t trust me. It’s not that I don’t trust you, you fool! Sungyeol. I think I should do this. Attention. Bow. Good afternoon. Let’s not be late to class. Okay? I’m sorry. She actually brought it? Unbelievable… What’s with the whispering? Open your books. My gosh. Is it fun being late to my class? I’m sorry. Wait outside. Here’s the money you lost. If you need an apology, I’ll apologize. I’m sorry. Why are you apologizing? Forget it. It’s my fault for letting that happen. You were shocked too, right? About learning that Seulbi is a thief. Why did you meet Seulbi that day? Why did you ask her to keep it secret? I never asked her to keep it secret. Seulbi called me out to meet her. I’ve returned your money now so stop harassing Seulbi. Woohyun! What do you think you’re doing? Are you crazy? Bathing in milk might make her clean. A thief that doesn’t even apologize. Isn’t that crazy? They say birds of a feather stick together. Seeing as you protect the thief, you must be a thief too. You jerk. Woohyun! Woohyun… You need some manners beaten into you! I won’t let it go today! – That’s enough. / – Let go! Come to your senses! Let go. Come to your senses! Move! – Let go! / – Come to your senses! Let go of me! Let go! Everybody, stop! You don’t want to study… All you have is time. Is that why you fight? Anyone can see you’re 1st in the school. And you’re last in the school. And you in the middle… What a combination. Is this a Chuseok special? Look at my face. I was assaulted by Shin Woohyun. Yeah… Gosh, look at you. Why did you hit him? Because Choi Jaeseok is a coward. And you’re not being a coward for hitting him? You would’ve done the same if you were in Woohyun’s shoes. What’s up with you, Sungyeol? You think this is all a joke because I go easy on you? You three… Bring your parents to school. Got it? I won’t do anything to you. Sorry… I don’t think you did it. But Woohyun will probably continue to fight and get angry to protect you. It’ll get harder for him. If you keep acting rash like that, you’re only hurting Seulbi and yourself. Then? Just sit there and watch as they do that to her? Don’t you know that Jaeseok let you hit him? To get me in trouble? Then… Seulbi’s in trouble because of me? Don’t you use your brain? You must have a problem with it. Hey! Keep going. Lee Yena loves you so she hates Seulbi. Jaeseok hates you too so harassing Seulbi is like harassing you. Just like today. So Jaeseok is smarter than you. Jaeseok that jerk. Use your brain. You’ll make things worse for Seulbi. Goodness. How could you tell them to bring their parents? Whether they fight or cause trouble… I take responsibility. Gosh, you are so clueless. Will you take responsibility if Jaeseok’s father calls on a school violence prevention meeting and stops his donations? We need to show initiative first. If we don’t handle this properly, they could get expelled. Isn’t that because you let the kids do as they please? What should I do then? What else? We just have to mend this situation. And limit the damage as much as possible. Woohyun has to beg with his life. Why did you want to see me? Didn’t you say you never wanted to see me? Jihye… This is the money you’ve been sending and a little of my own savings. It’s enough for university enrolment fees and to buy a small shop. Why… Why are you giving this to me? Jihye… Can’t you look after Woohyun? I know it’s hard for you and I know your situation. But you’re all I have. Why are you being like this all of a sudden? I have my reasons. I’m going to be away for a long time. I really can’t understand you. Talk to Woohyun’s father. No, wait… I tried. No… I tried to talk to him… You can’t contact him? You’re all he has. You’re all that Woohyun has left. How will I be able to raise him? It’s only been a little over a year that I’ve started a new family. Just as you understand his father’s situation, please understand mine as well. Jihye… Jihye… So I have to visit your school? Hey… I’m being called to school because of a fight? Are you really Sungyeol? Huh? I’d like to see who it is that’s transformed you like this. Okay. What about your mom? I haven’t told her in case she’d worry. Hey, she’ll know if I go to school tomorrow. She’ll be in a class during that time. She won’t know if you don’t tell her. But… When will you tell the school that you’re Teacher An’s stepson? Okay… I’ll keep waiting. What’s this? Hey! Mom bought this for you! Here, drink up. Dinner is ready. Okay, we’re coming. You have to drink all of this, okay? I helped you so you have to help me. Right? That makes it fair. Okay? Hurry up and come down. When I watched dramas… I’d always be frustrated at how the main characters always got picked on but could never do anything. But now I’m like that. There’s nothing I can do. And Woohyun’s having a hard time because of me. Wait… In dramas, things always work out for the main characters. But what is this? Seulbi went to school first for cleaning duty. Grandma… Today… What does it say here? “Grandma, please come to the school by 2 o’clock today.” “I acted justly but there was a problem with my choice of action.” “So the teacher wants to see you.” You rotten fool! Hey! My goodness… Are your parents coming? My dad wants to meet you. I’m the one that got hit. He wants to see how bad it is. I’m not in the mood for jokes. Ms. Gong is going to kill me. You’re really dead once my father gets here. Whatever. Ms. Gong is quite tough too. She won’t be taken lightly. Go and tell your dad to bring his A game. Oh, dear. Woohyun’s grandma… Those idiots! I’m so sorry, teacher. No, no. We’re sorry for calling you so far on such a hot day. Grandma… Hello. You’re the police officer. What brings you here? My son… He seems to have caused some trouble. That’s the same for me. My grandson caused trouble too… So the friend that Sungyeol mentioned was Woohyun. You two know each other… Right… The girl… Seulbi? She’s still at our house. I’m sorry but what did Woohyun do wrong? I heard that my son… He beat up Woohyun. I’m sorry about this. Didn’t Woohyun beat up Sungyeol? No need for apologies. It’s normal for kids to fight. There is a need for apologies! Jaeseok’s father, whose son was beaten up by Woohyun, doesn’t think that. Wait… What did you say? Woohyun beat up who? You’re the ones involved in that fight? You, Sungyeol? I’m so sorry about this. Please let it slide this once. Jaeseok’s father… Woohyun is repentant of his actions. You rotten fool! Are you a thug? Why would you hit your friend? Let’s just go out and die! Gosh… Please just let it slide this once. Please, just once… Jaeseok’s father, an elderly lady is begging you. Please consider her pleas. Kids like them grow up to be the cancers of society. The point of a school is to remove those tumors and educate. You’re taking it too far, sir. Please just let it slide this once. – Please. / – Grandma! I’m sorry. I did the wrong thing. Jaeseok isn’t a kid to just get beaten up. He deserved to get hit. I would’ve hit him if Woohyun didn’t! Hwang Sungyeol! Hey! Go up to the classroom right now. Now! Your grandma is amazing. Does she not know when to give up? Or does she not have brains? There’s nothing you can’t solve with money. Does she have some money? You jerk! Is money all you’ve got? Beating you up is a waste of energy. We’ll make sure that Woohyun sincerely apologizes. So Jaeseok’s father, please calm down. Do you think I can calm down? I’m their guidance counselor, An Jihye. Just as you say, it is true that Woohyun hit Jaeseok. But demanding expulsion just seems like petty revenge. Jaeseok getting caught cheating… As far as I know, you were very lenient about that. Teacher An, what are you saying? Jaeseok’s father has promised to renovate the gym floor… Mr. Ha! Keep quiet! This is all my fault. I was accused of being a thief and was harassed by Jaeseok. Woohyun and Sungyeol were only trying to help me and got into a fight with Jaeseok. If anyone should be expelled, it should be me and Jaeseok. I’ll take care of my son. Mr. Ha, you deal with the rest. Jaeseok’s father… Sir! We’ll take care of this. You don’t need to worry. Thank you for coming. Seulbi. Go to Woohyun. He needs you right now. Yes, go to him. I’ll take care of grandma. Thank you, sir. I’ll take you home. It’s okay. I can go on my own. You’re awesome, honey. I’m sorry for troubling you like this. It’s on the way. Excuse me… That female teacher… Excuse me? Oh, that really beautiful teacher? Yes. She’s my wife. Are you okay? Should I take you to the hospital? Oh, no. How could this be? My insides are rumbling because I was so stressed. Oh, God! I’m sorry! Oh, no. No, I can’t do this. Oh, no. Oh, my God! Oh, God! We could’ve gotten Woohyun expelled! What a shame. What about Cheonsik. I made sure he won’t speak. The moment he does, he’s dead. Since Cheonsik put it in Seulbi’s bag… It won’t matter if he speaks about it. It does matter! Please constrain yourselves. Too much is too bad. Don’t you know? You’re curious too, right? About how you’ll turn out in life. You boys… Wait a minute. You boys… It’s coming again. Wait right there. Wait there. My goodness. How could this be? What’ll I do about Woohyun? Goodness… Grandma. Oh, you’re home. Grandma. I know how you feel. As if I wouldn’t. But you should fix that temper of yours. Don’t create unfair situations for yourself. Everything can be unfair in life. Understand? I’m tired. I’m going to rest. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come here. What are you on about? You and Woohyun are in pain because of me. We’re not in pain at all. We don’t think badly of you. Just make sure you don’t suffer pain. Then we’ll be just fine too. It’s okay. What are you doing up here? Just… Watching the sky. – Sorry. / – Sorry. You’re studies have been disrupted. You got milk hurled at you, cursed at, and got into a fight. The suspension and school service… I’m sorry. Sorry about everything. I’m sorry too. I couldn’t even protect you… All I did was rage and fight. I made it even worse for you. In the end, I did nothing for you. You’ve done so much for me! I know you didn’t hit Cheonsik. I know you didn’t steal anything. Should we make a promise? What kind of promise? No matter what happens, we’ll trust each other. I’ll protect you from now on. I’ll make you happy. You and grandma. You’ve seen what happens if you stay in this world. Those around you will suffer even more just to protect you. And you’ll suffer just as much. Then you’ll all change. The humans and you. Is that why we’re unhappy? It’s time to go home. You need some manners beaten into you! Thanks for everything. Be happy, Woohyun. What happens to an angel that becomes human? They rescue the human they love and become an angel again. Sorry for understanding how you feel so late. I have to go back now. A love triangle? Looks like you’ll be abandoned. Aren’t you Woohyun’s mom? Good-bye, Woohyun. I’ll miss you.

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