Hi! School – Love On | 하이스쿨 – 러브온 Ep.20: Fate? The distance between your heart and mine: 3 inches!
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Hi! School – Love On | 하이스쿨 – 러브온 Ep.20: Fate? The distance between your heart and mine: 3 inches!

Woohyun, it’s not your fault. What if he never wakes up? What will we do? He’ll wake up. You’re next to him, watching over him. It should’ve been me who got hurt instead of Sungyeol. You saved Sungyeol’s life. That’s right. It’s not your fault, Woohyun. That necklace… You… For one day. No, just one hour. Or even one second. If I could see you just once… This is heaven. Hey, stop searching for your ideal woman and come to class. The sun is high, there’s a cool breeze… And they’re all my ideal type. So sign the roll for me once more. Okay? I’ll see you later. Babe! Yep, that’s me! Hey! Hey! Hwang Sungyeol! Hey! You’re unstoppable. Two spicy rice cakes. I’m home. What about Sungyeol? He says that he has a blind date. That’s quite some skill. How can he go on a blind date every day? He should take me at least once, that punk. You still need some sense beaten into you. Oh, I’ve been beaten so much, I lost my mind for a sec there. Since Woohyun’s here, let’s go watch a movie. Let’s get some more sense beaten into you there. How about beating me with your lips then? Why you! Get over here! Thank you. Thank you, bye-bye. Thank you. Hey, leave it. I’ll clean it. Go up and get changed. What about mom? Does it make sense not to have a dream? I can’t even be bothered to dream at night. But you can achieve all of your dreams. We’re not rich, we have no connections and we’re not good at studies. Our faces are hopeless without surgery. We’re just being realistic. You can earn money and buy connections. And you can improve on your studies. Look how pretty you are. What the heck? Heck? That’s what I want to say about you not having any dreams. Here. Keep writing in these until you get a dream. It won’t come right away. But if you keep it up, it’ll hit you one day. What the? So we can go now, right? Oh, my God! So hot! Who are they? Don’t you want to go to university with hot guys like this? They go to the same university. Which university is this? I want to go right now! That’s why you need a dream. Sons, I owe you another one. What are your hobbies? Well… Meeting women. Seducing them. Playing with them. Then breaking up. You’re really honest. I like that. I don’t like girls with no tact. I’m sorry! Yeah, it’s me. I’m busy today. Why are you here so early? Let’s go in. Didn’t you cause any trouble today? Didn’t break any cups? I didn’t break any cups but I spilled coffee… On a customer. Of course. Are you done? Let’s go. I’ve only finished half. You’ll catch a cold. It’s acid rain. It’ll make your hair fall out. Why would you hold an umbrella but not use it? I seem crazy, right? Yeah. But it’s not only when you get wet in the rain. What are you planning to do after I drink? I’m going to have my way. Why you! You want some of this? Huh? – Call me big bro. / – Stop messing around. Call me big bro, you punk. It hurts, you moron! Moron? Is it that hard to call me big bro? I was born earlier than you so I’m older. Did it hurt that much? You’re getting good at acting. You should’ve just said it before I hurt you. Big bro. There you go. You miss Seulbi, don’t you? You miss her, right? Big bro? Why did you drink so much? You have uselessly long legs too! Miss Gong’s Spicy Rice Cakes? Miss Gong? What kind of name is that? But I’ll keep this for now. When you get this letter… I hope I’ll be there to read it with you. I pray that every single day. But even if I’m not there… Even if we can’t recognize each other… Our necklaces will bring us back together. Then let’s love each other again from day 1. Good-bye. I’m Lee Seulbi. The one who loved Shin Woohyun. Woohyun, did I ever tell you this? I love you. Even in the moments we can’t remember… I still love you. Where have you gone and left me behind? I miss you, Seulbi? What a sight you two are. Do you go to university to get drunk? You punks. Why is Woohyun always carrying you home? You carried me without letting my limbs drag, right? I swept the entire neighborhood with your legs. You jerk. Hey! Don’t say that to your older brother! Don’t hit him with your spoon! I’m unemployed now. I quit my job. I’ll look after Sungyeol. It’s a big accident. I want to be a good father from now on. A good father for Sungyeol. And a good father for Woohyun. You… Lee Seulbi? Seulbi! Where have you been all this time? Lee Seulbi? My name is Cheon Sarang. Seulbi… My surname doesn’t need to be Gong and my name doesn’t need to be Seulbi to work here, right? I have to earn tuition fees and I’m behind on rent. What are you saying? Of course you’ve got the job. Thank you! I’ll do my best. Where do I start? Seulbi! Seulbi… What do you think you’re doing? Seulbi… What is wrong with you people? Who on earth is Seulbi? I’m sorry… You shouldn’t have hugged a stranger. Your tears… Your tears are so warm. What are these scribbles on the wall? I’m going to wipe all this clean as my first order of business. They’re someone’s memories. You can’t erase them by wiping them clean. That’s good then. I was worried you might make me erase them. My umbrella. What brings you here? Did you know that I work here? Seulbi, do you remember Sungyeol? So his name is Sungyeol. That’s a cute name. – She’s not Lee Seulbi. / – Why? You think Lee Seulbi will forget me? I can understand her not remembering me. But why can’t she remember you? She just looks like her. Her name’s Cheon Sarang. No, I’m pretty sure it’s Seulbi. So you think it’s amnesia or something? Is it not her? I don’t know. I don’t know… You saved Seulbi. Thanks to you she didn’t disappear. But she’s lost all of her memories. What will you do with her? I can’t let go of Seulbi. Now you know that there’s a love that doesn’t change. My love hasn’t changed. I want to remain this way even if it’s only as her guardian. Woohyun’s holding on to all of Seulbi’s pain by himself. That means that your love is hurting Woohyun and Seulbi as well. We’re here to make the humans happy. But I’d prefer Seulbi to never remember. She may not remember but they still cherish their memories. They’ll feel something even now. They’re connected by an invisible thread. Just let her go now. Let her live as Lee Seulbi and not Cheon Sarang. 3, 2, 1. Ding. My time is done. Oh, right. Good work today. Get home safe. Where do you live? Just a few blocks from here. It’s close. Woohyun, go on and take her home. It’s dangerous at night. It’s okay. I’m fine on my own. No need to worry. Is it really not Seulbi? I don’t know… She talks and looks just like her. Is she acting because she feels bad about coming back so late? You live here? Yes. You didn’t have to take me but thanks for making my walk home uncomfortable. Do I make you uncomfortable? I met you for the first time today. First time? By the way, you know Sungyeol? Does he have a girlfriend? How old is he? Why? Just… It might help to get in his good books since he’s the owner’s brother. Hey, you should get in my, the owner’s, good books first. Good-bye then. By the way why do you talk down to me? Shouldn’t you speak formally to strangers? You shouldn’t do that just because you’re the owner. Shouldn’t do that from a young age. And how old are you? What about you? I’m 20. I knew it! We’re the same age but you’re the owner? Life’s just not fair. Same age, one’s a part-time employee, the other’s the owner. You can talk informally too then. You’re not going to fire me or reduce my pay for this, right? Age is the fairest thing in this world. I’m Shin Woohyun. I’m… Cheon Sarang. Why aren’t you coming inside? Brother, this is my boss. Let’s go in, it’s cold. See you tomorrow, friend! Brother? You’ve met Seulbi, right? So it is Seulbi. Why didn’t you tell me when you’ve known everything? We just needed time for everything to get back in order. Waiting is a part of love. Seulbi doesn’t remember me. I know. There was an accident when she saved you. Accident? That fateful day… Seulbi sacrificed herself to save you. Then there was another sacrifice to save Seulbi. Another sacrifice? Could it be… Her brother? That’s right. He was an angel. He’s an angel that’s become human now. Will Seulbi’s memories never return? Even I can’t say for sure about that. I just hope that your love will make her memories come back soon. Is there something on my face? What? Yeah.. What is it? Familiarity. I know your face. Your face is covered in familiarity. It’s me! Gisu! That’s it! You remember, right? You remember me, right? You’re an expert on deliveries, right? When did you start working here? Hey, stop messing around. I’m going to cry. Are you the owner’s friend? He pays the wages on time, right? He seems like the type to overwork you. Seulbi… Woohyun… You’re here early. Would you like spicy rice cakes? Sweet and spicy rice cakes that cheer you right up! You remember that? Remember! Remember! Remember! Am I supposed to remember? Sorry… Let’s just talk down to each other. This is awkward. Shall we? Sungyeol? What’s wrong with her? Woohyun! My poor Woohyun. Too much of anything is no good. Hey, are you into guys by any chance? I just respect Woohyun. Whatever… She really wouldn’t recognize me. How come? She’s forgotten that she loved Woohyun? Why would you forget that? Well, it doesn’t amount to money or anything. What are you saying? She went all googly eyed for Sungyeol. So much betrayal. Won’t her memory come back if she gets shocked in the head? That happens in dramas and movies. I’ll do it. That’s my specialty. Hey, calm your girlfriend down. Eat up. Isn’t there a better way? Just find her memories. Hey, do you have a good idea? Aren’t we here to find her memories? – Fool… / – Geez. Just eat this. Can’t you skip work today? I have a fever… That’s because you drank too much. Is your job more important than me? – Of course. / – What? Do you mean it? Yeah. How can you say that so easily to me? You never hesitate once. Am I really nothing to you? Why are you getting angry? You could be affectionate to me at least once. You should ask why I want to be with you at least once! I can’t believe you get fooled every time. You could act surprised at least once. Your work isn’t too hard? Does the boss treat you well? His gaze bothers me a little. His gaze? Sometimes he gazes upon me tenderly. But mostly it’s a really sad gaze. It’s like he’s earnestly saying something. They’re connected by an invisible thread. I have so many papers to write. I think I’ll be up all night. Hey! What are you doing? At this rate, they’ll break the fence. I’m going to get rid of them all… Stop! They symbolize people who have locked in their love with each other. They represent our shop. Don’t you remember? Stop asking me that, will you? One can only remember something that has happened to them in the past. I’ve never met you before. And things like this don’t stop love from changing. If they did, no couple would ever break up. Love can’t help but change. Haven’t you ever been in love? And have you? You can experience them through dramas! – Move! / – Stop it. Put that down unless you want to be fired. You always threaten to fire me. You’re so cheap. Just take those off then. They’re too random. Touch them and you’re fired. You’re such a human tyrant! Geez! Calling me a human… I guess your memories are locked in here too. Fine, I lose. Again… How can you not call once? Didn’t you go to class? You deferred again without my permission. If I work for this semester, I should have enough for the next one. It’s strange. Customers just stopped coming. I rented this place for an hour. Do you really want to show off your money to me? We haven’t had one hour to each other because we’re always working. If you’re going to waste money, donate it instead. Just get out. What are you doing? This is the money I’ve saved from working. Are you showing off your money again? I thought I was saving money, but they were memories. Take it. And enroll back in this semester. Get up. I don’t need your money. I’ll do it on my own. Just as I’ve done so far. You’ve had me by your side so far. Are you… Going somewhere? It’s so you that you won’t suffer while I’m gone for 2 years. Rely on this money instead of me. And at least feel sorry to me… So you can wait for me. Are you going to army? Don’t smile at other guys. Always sit in the corner alone in the library. And always cover your face with a hat. Alright? If it gets too hard to wait… Then don’t. Jerk! You jerk! If you don’t wait… I’ll just wait for you. Until you come back to me. I’m going to wait. Don’t be in pain. My partner for life. Make sure you always lock the door, Seulbi. In the end, I couldn’t get to your heart. I’m sorry for making things hard for you. Are you leaving? It’s time for me to leave. Please take good care of Seulbi. Thank you for saving Seulbi. It’s your love that saved her. So her memory will return. Even though she was with me, she was always with you. I’ll love Seulbi even more. I’m late enough as it is! Tears keep dropping from my eyes as I slice through these onions… This is my special know-how. I can’t bear to keep watching. That sounds really familiar for some reason. Thanks. I tell you, it’s not Seulbi. How so? It looks like Seulbi. Seeing that she has the hots for me, it’s not Seulbi. Seulbi only ever loved Woohyun. Don’t stare at me like that. My tastes have totally changed. She’s not my type anymore. You have around 1,000 different types, right? No way. It’s more like 10,000. Geez. Just pay up, will you? We need money to live too. Just enough for food. Make some sense will you? Kids these days have no rules. Don’t you know not to steal from repeating students? Do you know how much they suffer? – What? / – What the? Hold it. Hey, bring me your wallet. I don’t have a wallet for you. Get lost, alright? I don’t believe this. What is wrong with this guy? Hey, watch yourselves. – You know back in my day… / – Search him. – Let go of me. / – Are you insane? Let go of me. What is that? Don’t you know you shouldn’t mess with kids these days. I was never that bad. Wow, you are so clueless. A repeating student with a girlfriend. Geez. What’s with his attitude? I beat him in English. For real? How did your audition go? It’s okay. There will always be more auditions. You get more time to practice now and improve. They said I could train with them! Serious? I knew you’d make it! It’s not easy making a living, is it? It might not be easy but it’s fun. It makes me feel alive. Hey, hey! I’m sure that’s the look you give when you’ve fallen for someone. Huh? Me? Seeing as you’re embarrassed… Am I right? I saw it in a drama. I’m a fan of dramas. I know. You know? How? Are you stalking me? Hey, you’re really good. I can’t do that properly. It’s something I’ve always done. Tie them properly or you’ll fall over. When you fall, take my hand. Then you’ll fall over too. It’s less embarrassing if you fall together. And you can get back up together. Then I’d better not fall over. I don’t think you should get hurt. Why’s that? You’re my boss and my source of income. I do exist in your memory somewhere. I can walk home on my own. But thanks for today. That necklace… I don’t know where I got it but it’s like a part of me. It’s a miracle necklace that makes you meet the person you love again. Again? Then I’ll meet that person again? But I want to fall for someone new. I’d better take this off. No, it helps you meet someone new too. Really? You have a similar necklace too, right? More people believe in superstition than you’d think. You’ve been fooled. See you tomorrow. Yeah… Bye. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the same Seulbi from before or a different Seulbi for now. Just as it didn’t matter whether you were an angel or a human. Just stay by my side. Yes! I got two! I finally did it! Congratulations. My brother left because he got a job. Now there are two things to celebrate. I get a feeling of a feeling that something great will happen today. You still copy what others say… What a small world. Can’t believe we’re in the same university. And you dislike that? Nothing to like about it. People always starring. It feels like I’ve done something wrong. I’m pretty popular here. Great at singing. Great at dancing. Great at sports. Hey, wait for me. I have way more things I’m good at. So you’re 21 this year. Call me babe. Just a minute. Hey, why do you keep distracting me? You’re not my style. I never asked you for anything. Can’t I even have a crush? You can’t! Why not? Why can’t I? That’s my choice. Woohyun lived to protect you. And you and I always made him wait. So if you’re not going to remember that, just get lost. Good job. You’re pretty cool, Hwang Sungyeol. Yes, it’s me. You bad umbrella guy. Fall over! You’re so handsome! Teachers. Mr. Cheon, say hello. These are our teachers. Oh, hello. Hello, I teach literature. I’m Cheon Changjo. Nice to meet you. Oh, hello. You seem like you’re from another world. Finally we have our F4. Director Lee… Me… Mr. Cheon… Let’s make it F3. I think that’s better. Nothing to be concerned about. They’re not bad people. So no need to avoid them. Just play along. Then looking at your style, you must be… Gu Junpyo! Gu Junpyo! Good thing I wore this jacket today. Oh, yeah! What could I have forgotten? Is it painful to not remember? Waiting is what’s painful. Then is it a bad thing to have a crush? That’s not a bad thing. That too, is painful. I got rejected by Sungyeol. Big time. Really? I’m okay. But it was the first time I confessed to a guy. Are you serious? Lee Seulbi, just come to me now. To tell you the truth… This is my very first necklace. It’s a miracle necklace that makes you meet the person you’re meant to. It’ll make sure we never lose each other. About getting angry earlier… I’m sorry. You must’ve been shocked. Get home safe. My little Woohyun… I… I… I’m sorry for taking so long to remember. Seulbi! I’m sorry for making you wait. I missed you. I really missed you. Present. Give me my present. Present! Present! How can you do this? Let me see. – It turned out well, right? / – Is it good? Are you two finally going out? Party! Get over here. Everyone’s here now. Let’s celebrate Seulbi’s return. Cheers! Congratulations! Don’t you dare lose your memory again. It’s enough that I have the bad memory here. You don’t have a bad memory, you just have a bad brain. You need a brain before memory. What about my Christmas present? About that… You’re all I need. – Hey, come on! / – Enough with that! Your present is… Me! – We said enough! / – Geez! Merry Christmas! Party! We met again like we were destined to and we’re still in love. My youth and love will be locked in someone’s memories. The fact that we’re in our 20s is reason enough to rejoice. And today we love each other even more.

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