Hi! School – Love On | 하이스쿨 – 러브온 Ep.1: Destiny? Irresistible trouble! [2014.07.29]
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Hi! School – Love On | 하이스쿨 – 러브온 Ep.1: Destiny? Irresistible trouble! [2014.07.29]

I’m sorry. Sorry… Wait… Excuse me! That necklace… You… When everything about me was still young… We loved. And now… I hoped it was you. What are you doing again? Gosh. I’m going to do it anyway. Why bother? I don’t want to see you cry. That’s not crying. It’s because the onions sting. Anyway, don’t cry. You are so sly. I bet you’re going to be so rich! I’ll become rich and let you live in luxury. Even if you don’t get a job I just want to be with you for a long time. Right? You’re so realistic. – I’ll be back. / – Alright. Bye. Are you going to keep acting this way? What did I do? Your mom’s worried because you only eat instant noodles. Which mom? Both. They are both probably lying. Why don’t you like your stepmom? She’s not my type. What? That’s nonsense! Mister! Wake up! Mister! 1, 2, 3, 4. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. I’m a police. Please step back. Please step back just a little. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10… A man passed out at the intersection in front of Myeongseong High School. Please send an ambulance as soon as possible. Yes. Please move back a little. 1, 2… Come on out now. Lee Hyeongdong, 59 years old, male. Died on June 13, 2014 I’m really dead? Humans all die. That’s how it’s supposed to be. You are… I guide the humans that are dead. And humans call us angels. Come with me. I’m late. Hey! Thank you. Humans and angels live in different worlds. So we don’t feel anything even if our bodies pass through each other. But after meeting that human boy, strange things started to happen. He’s so amazing. How can he be so courageous? Wow, he’s so charismatic! Goodness. Even his heart is perfect! Give it to me when I’m being nice. Tell me if you need more. I heard you missed your academy and followed around my sweetie yesterday. Mind your own business. Can you keep being the top student like that? Here. Here… Who didn’t have breakfast today? Return to your seats! Hurry up and sit down! You are so loud! The distance between An, Bn is labeled as An. This is the first point. Let’s say that the length of the instersection is An. So what’s the formula for An? Let’s approach the problem step by step. The two graphs… Good catch! That rascal… Hello, Jinyeong’s mom. Who’s Shin Woohyun? Shin Woohyun. Mom. How dare you seduce my daughter? If Jinyeong fails to go to university dating a fool like you, will you take responsibility of her life? You just need to stay as a fool so my daughter can keep being the top student. Put your phones away! Those who have two phones… I’m going to take them all! It’s your fault too, teacher. You shouldn’t have let him approach my daughter. He doesn’t even know his place. Mom, please… I followed him around. Was it easy to seduce my innocent daughter? I’ve never seduced her. And I’ve never fallen for her. How rude of you… Do you think I paid for your expensive tuitions just to make you sell spicy rice cakes? And you. If you seduce Jinyeong ever again… I’m going to kill you. Jinyeong doesn’t seem to take after her mom. She’s really embarrassed unlike you. What? Do you know who you’re talking to? What are you doing? Put your phones away! I count on you, teacher. Follow me to the teachers’ room. You guys keep studying! Why do you like humans’ dramas? It’s always the same story with just different people. Why are you so curious? Feeling of being hurt, happiness and feeling of love… Why do humans love when they know they have to part? Why do they live when they know they’ll die? I feel like I can understand that when I watch it. Humans don’t let us take breaks for sure. Bye! Keep your nose out of the human world and do your job. Yes, yes. Goodness! Gosh, this is the climax! I ought to… Jinyeong! What are you doing? Wait… You again? It’s… It’s not the first time. Every time I felt frustrated and helpless… I came up here every time I didn’t want to see my mom. I hate my mom and even myself for being like this. Let’s die together then. Woohyun… Hold my hand. Are you guys shooting a drama? I have no time for this. I’m ready. Are you ready? It said Jinyeong before. What’s going on? Who is it? What’s wrong with this? What’s wrong with this? Gosh! Gosh, move! What? What is this? My car! It’s been dented! – What are they doing? / – Jinyeong! – Jinyeong, come down! / – My daughter! My sweetheart! Jinyeong! Goodness, what happened? What on earth is going on? What? Am I okay? You woke up. Excuse me… Is she alright? It’s a temporary shock. She can go after she gets the IV. Are you alright? What’s going on? Can he see me? Are you hurt? Are you okay? Hurt? Are you really okay? No way… Are you talking to me? What are you saying? What is it? What is it? Black Note! What is that? My Black Note! This is ridiculous. I can’t believe it. Black note? Are you looking for a black notebook? Tell me so I can find it for you. I can find everything except for your senses. Your address, phone number… Don’t you remember anything? Why do I have to remember that? Try to remember where you came from. Even if I tell you, you won’t believe me. No, tell me. I’ll trust everything you say. I knew you wouldn’t believe me. You should’ve said you’re from the ground. That would’ve been more believable. What is it? It’s beating. Is it the same for you? Don’t touch me! How could this happen? What are you doing? Your heart’s beating too. Have I really become a human? Hey! Older angel! Hurry! What is she doing? She’s scarying me. What have you done? The thing is… I was trying to save him and this happened. The Black Note is gone. What? The Black Note is gone? I’ve looked everywhere but I couldn’t find it. – I can’t find it. / – Who is she talking to? I don’t know where I lost it. Has she gone mad? Because of me? It can’t be… No way, right? You’ve become like this trying to save him? Let’s go. We need to go somewhere before it gets worse. Please look into how I can go back. I think this guy is the answer. I think this is the only place you can go. Your name. She doesn’t know her name or her address. I think she’s out of her mind. Oh, you’re the student from this morning. The kind boy. Do you know these kids, team manager? I don’t think I can help them. What should I do? Can I ask you a few questions? Gisu? What is it? What? Police station? What are you doing there? Yes… Why is Woohyun at the police station? I’m glad he’s already at the police station. Let’s go. Wait… Gisu, mind the shop for me. Okay. I’ll see you later. You don’t remember your name? Yiseul. Yiseul. Oh, then… What’s your last name? Bi. Bi? Bi… Bi Yiseul? Oh, Lee Seulbi! Yeah, Seulbi. Lee Seulbi. Oh, Lee Seulbi. That’s cheap. You didn’t tell me that before. So you remember your name now? I guess you’ll remember other things too then. Please help her. If you find something about her… Please send me a message. I’m busy so… I guess you know your place. What? Teacher! What brings you here? I want to sue this little boy. For aiding and abetting suicide and for school violence. Hey. My daughter tried to kill herself because of him. Gosh. You ruin your own life. Don’t try to butt in and ruin someone else’s life. Goodness… Oh, my! Oh, my goodness! – Grandma! / – What is going on? You can talk to me. Well, let’s talk this out rather than sueing… Sue? A policeman taking the side of the perpetrator? You can’t sue someone without evidence. And they’re just kids so let’s hear them out. He saved your daughter! I saw it. Who are you? Gosh… That’s a report made by the students against him for school violence. That’s good enough as evidence, isn’t it? Please take care of it as soon as possible. Teacher. He didn’t do anything wrong. I saw everything. Who are you to keep butting in? Me? I’m Lee Seulbi! Who are you? How dare you talk like that to your elder? Do you even know who I am? You’re a bad woman! Stop it and go outside. I saw everything. I said get out. Don’t move and stay quiet. Hey! How can I not move? Quiet? You are so much noisier than me! Please forgive my grandson. Please. Please stand up. He needs to graduate high school at least in order to get a job. That’s none of my business. This is so annoying. You’re so clingy! Hold on. Wait! Are you okay? Did they really write that report? So why keep creating trouble? Detective Park, compare their handwritings. Okay. If you lie, I’ll go by the law even if you’re an adult. And I’ll be stricter. Ma’am, that’s a little… That report is fake! What is it? Are you that scared of Jinyeong’s mom? Is it because she’s the executive? Or is it because she provides the funds? The new school is going to be in the same area. That was the best I could do. Thank you, sir. Thank you. I was trying to save Jinyeong. I’m the victim! I didn’t work hard and raise you for you to keep making troubles. Grandma, you don’t believe me? I’ve been wrongly accused! If you get called by the police again, I won’t see you anymore! Oh, my God! Wait a minute… “Liar?” Who did this? “Fool and a bad woman?” Who did this? Goodness. “Noisy and ugly lady?” Ugly? I’m not ugly! Who did this? Put it in your mouth. Chew. And swallow. Okay. Hey! Geez… You did that on purpose, didn’t you? Sorry. I ought to… What’s with this? Spicy rice cakes are supposed to be spicy. Spicy? How old are you? I don’t count my age. Same as him. You’re 18? Right, 18. You must be lying. You look younger than me. I want to do that. Have you worked before? Don’t even think about staying here for good. It’s just for today. Do you have parents? You don’t remember? If you eat well and rest, I’m sure you’ll remember. Since you saved Woohyun, you can stay here as long as you want. Grandma! She saved your life! Go get changed and come back down. Thanks. Thank you. You’re welcome. You didn’t get hurt at all from that incident? That’s so amazing. Yeah… The car didn’t break either. When are you going to transfer? Just come to our school. Girls at our school are so pretty. There’s nothing I can do. Stop it. Just come to our school. Being cowardly is the quickest way. Being popular is so tough. So if you teach me how to become popular, you won’t have to suffer… Hey! Wait for me! You idiot! Ms. Gong! You earned a lot today! Do you have something to say? Ms. Gong… You’ve washed up. Why touch dirty money? You say it’s dirty but you love it. Money gives you strength when you get old. It’s for your birthday. Is it from dad? Your dad is such a fool. Why does he always send the same size? Just ask him to give money like mom does. You can have it. Really? Thanks. Did your dad send it from the U.S? Where’s your mom then? She doesn’t live here? You must be tired. You better get to bed. I’m not transferring. Never. What? You want to sleep with me? Why not? We can’t sleep together? They all sleep together in dramas. Do you even know what you’re saying? Did you see the next scene? It was dark. I guess you really did see it. Goodnight, grandma. Hey. Don’t talk about his mom in front of him again. If you do, you can’t stay here. Got that? Why not? Alright… Where does my mom live? This is it! Geez… Sorry. Let’s not see each other again. I don’t want to get expelled. No matter how hard it is, don’t kill yourself. You were just trying to save me. Just talk to my mom and… Plead with her? I can’t let you transfer. I’m going to stop it no matther what. I’ll stop it. So my tranfer depends on you and your mom? If you go out with me, I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen. Trust me. I’m sorry but can you leave? My girlfriend’s here. Why did you come at this hour? What? Well… Let’s go. It’s late. Shin Woohyun! Don’t look back and just keep walking. Hey! You idiot! You’re so clumsy! Wow, you’re really good! I can’t do it. I told her that you’re my girlfriend… It’s okay. I’ve seen something like this a lot in dramas. It’s kind of fun. I’m a girl in the end. So it’s not wrong to say that. I wish you were a boy. Are you really not going to transfer? Is that a bad thing? I guess it’s bad… It’s not. It’s just getting your memories stolen. Getting your memories stolen? That’s a bad thing then. There are some memories I want to forget. Getting stolen, forget… That’s so complicated. Humans are too complex. You talk like you’re not a human. When will I go back? Can I go back? Hey, I’m right here. I’m right here too. Who are you talking to? You’re really crazy. How much longer do I have to live as a human? Until I find the solution. If you fail, then will I die? I guess. I die? Please find the solution for me. By the way, why are you doing this? I found out that humans are all about using chopsticks. You need to know this in order to eat and live. Their foods are pretty good. You should try some too… You’re not a human. Don’t forget that. I’m going. Older angel… – I’m sorry. / – About what? That you’ve become a human? I don’t know… Just everything… No, avoid him! What are you doing? Were you talking to someone? I was alone… Are you acting this way because of that accident? Does it hurt here? What’s hurting? How does it feel? Geez… Grandma. I don’t think she will come to her senses. Don’t say such a thing! Seulbi, come here and watch me. Place green onions like this… This is Ms. Gong’s spicy rice cake shop. Yes. Apartment 510, unit 104? A meal set? Okay, I’ll bring it right away. Let’s eat, son. Let’s eat separately. I don’t want to eat with you either. Come on out. The soup’s getting cold. We’re coming. Huh? I didn’t invite anyone… – I’ll go. / – Okay. We didn’t order. Apartment 510, unit 104, right? Yes, but we didn’t order. Wait. It’s correct. You didn’t order? We didn’t… It’s you, right? I’m hungry. Sungyeol ordered it. Hold on… Silly me. I ordered it but I totally forgot about it. Why did you come so late? I’m sorry. I don’t have change… Here’s my card. You have to tell us in advance for us to bring the card reader. Then what do you want me to do? I’m sorry. It’s my fault that I didn’t bring any change. Enjoy the food and you can pay next time. Here. Keep the change. Thank you. Oh, and we deliever if your order exceeds $10. The gas price has gone up. Really? I guess we’ll order from somewhere else then. You could do that but my grandma’s a great cook. If you order at least $10 next time, I’ll throw in some freebies. Let’s eat, son. Please enjoy and call us again. Keep up the good work. “Let’s eat, son.” I hope you get indigestion. What is it? Okay, I’ll be there soon. I should start attending cooking classes. Maybe it’s because he’s growing up. He’s lost his appetite. How about some royal cuisine? Sungyeol, aren’t you even curious about the person who passed out yesterday? I’m more curious about my mom. That little… Who does he take after? Don’t embarrass him. It’s because he feels awkward around me. You could win an acting award. The same goes for you. So superficial… Sometimes you need to pretentious. Or else, they’ll get sick of you quickly. You ruined our family and you teach ethics at school. Isn’t that ironic? And that person is your stepmother. I’m not the cause of the breakup. I’m here to take responsibility for this family. No. If it weren’t for you… My dad would’ve never broken up with my mom. Is that a compliment? Thanks but… That’s your dad’s and my business. You should just focus on your studies. I heard that the exam’s going to be hard. $10,000? It costs that much to repair your car? Did you really do it? You and Woohyun can have fun in jail then. The two of you. Are you doing this to make me transfer? Yes. I guess you’re pretty smart. I’m sure I said this before. That if you keep seeing Jinyeong, you’re going to get expelled. But you called her out again yesterday night. She called him out. You stay put. Look at you two. I’m not going to transfer. Okay, fine. Do that. You get punished, I get my money and you get expelled. You’re rich and successful. It’ll be faster to make Jinyeong transfer. That’s not right. There’s no guarantee that Jinyeong maintains her grades in other schools. So you go. Then, I won’t take this $10,000. Woohyun, you don’t need to transfer. I’ll pay you so if you ever show up again in front of Woohyun you’re dead. What? What are you saying? What? Expel? Want to get expelled from your life? Gosh, talk about being unrefined. Yeah! She’s such a bad person. Gosh, hey! It’s all because of you… No, it’s your fault! You, follow me. Goodness… Did you do it? Did you do really do it? It wasn’t fair for you… She’s a bad person. You’re worse. Keep butting in, making trouble… You’re worse! – Because of you… / – I was trying to help you… Help? You don’t even know your name, your home! That’s… I don’t know you from now on. I only know you. I don’t know you. So get lost. No? Fine, then I’ll go. Woohyun. You’re the only human I know. Wait for me. Why me? It’s already hard enough for me as it is. Since I met you… Nothing’s working out for me. Don’t follow me. I have to have the Black Note to find clues to go back. The older angel told me not to trust humans. He was right. You are just like me… So this a feeling of betrayal. I even saved his life! How can he return my favor like this? That fool! Not you. I was talking about someone else. You’re just like Shin Woohyun! For me? Really? Thanks! I take back what I said! I don’t have the Black Note. And a place to go… Am I going to die as a human like this? What do I need to do to go back? I want to go back. I’m going back.

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  4. I've learned about this drama when I was on my 7th grade and now I'm on my senior level. Some things never really changes..

  5. When I saw sungyeol for the first time I was like wait is that my childhood friend? I was so shocked it wasn't him the similarities though

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