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74 thoughts on “Hey science teachers — make it fun – Tyler DeWitt

  1. I had a few teachers who did that. granted, it was a summer camp, so we were already interested, but it was great. they wrote a book called Number Theory: A Lively Introduction with Proofs, Applications, and Stories, which I suspect is equally awesome (everyone in the class got a manuscript and it was hilarious)

  2. I love this idea. However, I find something lacks when we get to college. I have this great professor who was super excited the first day of class, had clearly studied how people learn best, and I thought "wow, it's so awesome when profs are super into their topic." My classmates all felt like we were being treated like middle schoolers 🙁

  3. Those plushes that he's using for demonstration, you can buy them yourself. Look up "Giant Microbes". Highly recommended.

  4. If only all my teachers loved their jobs this much. I wish i would actually learn rather than just try to get a grade.

  5. Tyler you are an excellent teacher. Kids are lucky to have you. I am a 33 yr old returning college student and you helped me get an A in physics. Your videos are VERY helpful. Thank you for doing what you do.

  6. one of the most amazings teachers EVER!

    Imagine how awesome will be the world if everyone could have classes with Tyler DeWitt and Neil deGrasse

  7. Hey..
    M a huge fan of science… nd u.:p
    I love ur videos….bt can u plz recommend me sum 1 like u whose videos can help me in my math lessons…specially in trigonometry…plz lemmi kno….

  8. I started watching this on ted.com but it would get to 5 minutes then cut out. I am so glad he has a youtube channel. I have subscribed and will now continue watching the video about making science fun.

  9. Dude we think alike, for every educational content it should be like this !
    i have been fighting for the same for past 15 years…Who cares…
    All dumbos are there at the top !

  10. I wish I could have a teacher like him 🙁 He's so inspirational!
    @Dan Thanh 東方神起 check this video out. I think we could pass all the subjects and study with all our hearts if we had him as our mentor. He makes us want to learn more and more through his interesting stories.

  11. i'm so upset i never had a teacher like u. I mean i was rly considering becoming an archeologyst when I watched Indiana Jhones. I read the half of textbook before my first history lesson but when i came to my teacher and told her i want to become an archeologyst, she told me (of course she did) that archeology has nothing to do with movies, and it would be ok, if she stopped right there, but no, she continued to explain what is archeology about, and the main point of her speach was (not kidding) archeology is a boring stuff, you will never have any adventures, but reading all the time. I mean not only she ruined my plans on whole life, she was sooo obsessed with this seriosness, that she lied to me. Actualy i met some archeologysts in my life. It's obvious they had nothing common with Harrison Ford, but when they told me about the work, well it was soo cool and sooo interesting…. ah well, all i was saying, you are doing great job Tyler, keep it up.

  12. He's so passionate about what he's doing, Which is a good thing. I'm looking forward to watching his future videos.

  13. His videos are great – my EIGHT year old loves them and they've helped him grasp several chemistry concepts that he wouldn't normally have learned until he got to secondary school. Go Tyler!

  14. Kudos to you Sir Dewitt. Thanks to you I was able to understand all of my chemistry lessons. I am a real fan of you. THANK YOU

  15. He is my favorite Chemistry Teacher. He has a Youtube channel(Tyler DeWitt) but I don't know why he stopped making videos.

  16. Kids nowadays don't have the required inteligence to read a text book so you have to come up with cute stories and analogies.

  17. Literally could not have passed chemistry without Tyler's videos. He is so right, I hope institutions listen and adopt his teaching style. I think we would see a lot more passion and success in science

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