Hesston College Cultures Fair
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Hesston College Cultures Fair

This is an event that began as
students just wanting food from home. What the students enjoy about this event
is it gives them a chance to kind of show off and brag a little bit about
aspects of their country that they especially enjoy, in some cases that they
especially miss. This event happens now actually every semester, every term. The
students actually do their own cooking. They also coordinate songs, coordinate
dances. We have a game this year called International Flags BINGO where the
students have contributed clues about unique aspects of their country. With the
international students Cultures Fair it gives us an opportunity to talk about
more than just food, more than just fashion, more than just singing and
dancing and really gives a chance for everyone to participate. It gives our
students a chance to say, “These are the things that are great about my home
country and these are the things that I wish that you can experience or that I
could bring to you.”

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