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Heroes: ShoShona

I live in Barrie, Ontario with my husband
and my two beautiful boys and I’m a musician and I’m touring quite a bit and recording
albums and also I do a lot of community activism and animation work, working with other artists
and trying to develop you know, just lots of really good action in the community, specifically
through the arts. I believe the arts really has this unique power to reach our hearts
and spirits and in that way I think, you know, it creates this amazing potential for us to
reach each other and to have real dialogue and to learn new things and to be inspired. I think that right now it’s really important for us to be inspired because I think there’s
a lot of things going on in the world that maybe make us feel a little bit disempowered
or a little overwhelmed, and so, you know, being able to have those moments, those meaningful
moments of being moved and being inspired is really important. The most critical things that we’re talking
about right now are related to land sovereignty and water sovereignty, food sovereignty. The very basic things for Indigenous peoples. Those things aren’t secure, and clean water,
is like, it seems like something in the first world that we shouldn’t be worried about and
so many communities don’t have clean water. I think the way that this impacts a community
when you don’t have security around those basic things are really unhealthy and I think
as a larger community we need to look at this and do something about it because we are in
a position to change it. The things that uplift me are the sense of
real genuine caring for each other that I see and real genuine change that I see happening.
And so what I think I would tell just a human, not necessarily a young human, another person
that I am talking to is, like, we have the power to change things and we aren’t, you know as
overwhelming as things seem sometimes or as small or as insignificant as we all feel at
times we are actually very powerful. The choices that we make in the small ways
in everyday life, the way we take care of our own selves, the way we treat our families,
you know, the way we have a teaching that says walk gently upon the earth. So to me,
I think about that a lot and I think about walking gently and walking with kindness and
so I think those things that actually maybe seem very warm and fuzzy and idealistic actually
are where our power lies and when we walk in that way and treat each other in that way
we actually open this, like, vast space for different things to happen. I imagine that if all of us are doing it then
the world becomes a different place, very quickly. It’s funny, this room that we’re in right now
I actually remember being in when I was a teenager and I was a little bit lost at that time and
not entirely sure what I was going to do with my life and I remember dreaming every day
about doing the kind of things that I’m doing now. I really didn’t understand to get from here
to there, but what I know about the journey is just to put one foot in front of the other
and keep moving towards it. I didn’t have anything that actually told
me that was ever was going to happen for me, I just put one foot in front of the other
and believed that that was the only thing that I knew how to do anyway, but I believed
that at least I was doing something rather than the powerless feeling of doing nothing
and just dreaming about it because I think the only actual difference between dreaming and being
an artist is the doing. Lots of people think of beautiful and amazing
things to do. The artist is someone who actually does those things and takes those risks and
I think it’s really, it’s not an act of courage I don’t think. It’s definitely not an act
of fearlessness, because there is fear every single day. It’s just an act of faith. Just walking, one foot in front of the other towards your dreams. I think like every day we put our one foot in front of the other towards something. It’s just making a decision to go in that particular direction.

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