Helping to De-Stress Teachers
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Helping to De-Stress Teachers

[Teacher] Well thank you so much. [Reporter] Helping teachers
through this stressful time. With the first semester coming to an end today
members of the Teens for Healthy Youth Club we’re walking the halls of Bluffton
High School giving teachers a bag filled with ways
to help them unwind and relax during this time of year. [Teacher] Thank you sweetie have
a great holiday. [Meredith Odom] We love our teachers here at Bluffton
High and finals week is a very stressful time for them and students as well
so we decided to put together a kit to help relieve teacher stress in a
positive way not you know with alcohol and drugs which can lead to an unhealthy
cycle but it’s with just little trinkets to remind them to stay positive
throughout this hard time. [Tasha Esselstein] I feel like during final weeks everyone focuses on
the students because it’s stressful for studying and I think a lot of people
don’t realize like how stressful it is for teachers to have to like cramming
grades like grade tests prepare their students for tests things like that. [Teacher] Nice thanks guys. [Reporter] Students
filled the bags with information about positive ways the educators can manage
their stress. They also added in some classroom supplies and goodies that are
known to help alleviate stress. [Meredith] We have dark chocolate which has been proven to
relieve stress we have mint which gives you energy confetti for when you feel
like throwing something paper clips to help you hold it together just little
stuff like that to make your day more positive. [Tasha] We added things like pens and
binder clips to promote Teens for Healthy Youth and then we also added
things like tea bags dark chocolate rubber bands paper clips just things
that teachers use or that they want during their day. [Reporter] The Teens for Healthy
Youth Club helps educate students on the dangers of drugs and alcohol as well as
other issues teen face. At Bluffton High School, Ron Lopes Beaufort County School District.

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