He Had An IQ of 78. Now He Holds 7 Doctorate Degrees!
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He Had An IQ of 78. Now He Holds 7 Doctorate Degrees!

Sid: At age 16, he could not handle special
education classes with children half his age. Then he was tested, and they found out he
was three points above “moron”. Today he has seven doctorate degrees. Next on this edition of “It’s Supernatural!”
[music] Centuries have come and gone offering wisdom
and understanding throughout the ages. Today there should be nothing beyond one’s
power to discover. And yet the strange, unusual and mysterious
world of the supernatural defies understanding. Stay tuned for a unique and powerful investigation
into a curious undiscovered universe only on “It’s Supernatural!” Sid: Hello. I’m Sid Roth your investigative reporter. I’ve been so looking forward to this interview
because it’s so verified, and so impossible. It’s absolutely outrageous that someone could
be three points above “moron”, no hope of reversal, and end up with seven doctorates. Well it starts way before Ricky. Dot: Yes. Sid: It started with the fact that you were
told you should not have any children. In fact, the members of your family were told
this because it would affect your health. Dot: The doctors said that I could die. Told my husband to never let me have
a child; that it could literally kill me. Sid: But one day – and this was highly unusual
– you heard a voice, and you believed it was God. And what did this voice say? Dot: I was praying, and He told me to pray
for a boy. This was a little bit shocking. Sid: How did your husband react? Dot: He said, “Oh no.” I think it shocked him, too. I think he was a little bit doubting if I
had heard God’s voice. And I said, “Yes we will have a baby, and
it will be a boy.” Sid: But, yes, you had a baby; yes, you had
a boy. But you got a lot more than you bargained
for. What was wrong with Ricky? Dot: When Ricky was born, the doctors told
my husband we would never raise him because he came so sickly. My husband’s reply was, “Yes, we’ll raise
him. God gave him to us, and we’ll raise him.” For the first 6 years he slept in the bed
with us. Sid: Why? Dot: For one minute, he’d be okay. It looked like the next minute, we’d be on
the way to the emergency room with him. He was having like pneumonia, bronchitis,
tonsillitis. He was even paralyzed for three months one
time. Had a double set of teeth. The night he was to graduate from Kindergarten,
I think we touched the Throne Room that night. We touched God, because he had his last convulsion
– which was a double convulsion – and we thought we had lost him. Sid: Now, but after that it just stopped? Dot: Well after that, the sick part stopped. He – being sick constantly – began to stop. But he was so bad that I actually went to
his doctor; and got on my knees crying, and asked Him, “Was I bad mother. Why did he stay sick all the time?” Sid: Okay. So the sickness is pretty much cleared up. But what did say about his mental condition? Dot: The doctors gave me no hope; said that
he had severe brain damage and dyslexia. Sid: How did they know this? Dot: We carried him to the world-leading doctor
in his field, and he kept him three days and nights, and analyzed, and tested him. Sid: But Ricky, at age 14, you got so much
hope. Ricky: Yes I did. Sid: From an evangelist who had never seen
you before. Tell me what happened. Ricky: He “read my clock”; he read every
aspect of my life. He described the beginning of my life, all
the way to the age of 14. He said that I was mentally retarded. He said I had no hope, except Jesus was my
hope. And he said that the Lord God was going to
heal me, and the Lord God was going to educate me, and would allow me to go to college. But the Lord said, the prophet said, that
the Lord Himself said that God Himself would teach me His Word. And every bit of that has been fulfilled. Sid: What happened next with that experience? Ricky: Two days later; two days later, the
power – the prophet said that the power of God would overshadow me, that the Lord Himself
would come down and speak to me – person-to-person or face-to-face – as a friend, audibly. When he said that, I went back to my room,
I closed the door, and I waited. The demonic was fighting fiercely. I was crying, “Please speak to me.” And you must understand I was still retarded
at that point. I could not –
Sid: Not just retarded, but “three points above moron”. Dot: Correct. Ricky: That’s right. Sid: What does that mean exactly? Dot: Actually it’s like 75 is the “moron”
stage. Ricky: So it would be like a 78. Dot: 78. Sid: Okay. So you’re pleading with God, to hear from
Him. Ricky: Yes; yes. And I was just crying; tears were just running
down my face, and all of a sudden the presence of God came into my room, and became stronger. Sid: How did you know it? Ricky: His children know. The children of God know His voice; the children
of God know what is of Him. I knew instinctively; there was “no ifs,
ands, or buts” about it. I knew that was God; He literally spoke to
me for 24 straight hours, audibly. He told me – and confirmed – that He was going
to heal me. He said, “I AM”, saith the Lord, “going
to heal you for a new refreshing; a revival; a final awakening.” Sid: Now Dot, you weren’t there, but your
husband was there. What did he say happened to your son? Dot: I was at work. When I come in that morning he was crying. My husband was crying, and he said, “I wish
you could have been here. The Father has spoken to Ricky for 24 hours. He’s been sitting away in the room.” Sid: Did he see anything, your husband? Dot: Not at that moment; he didn’t – no. Sid: Okay, but what did you see? Did you see the “smoke” of God? Ricky: Yes I did. The presence of God was so strong and so powerful
that it visibly appeared as smoke. It was so strong that literally you could
cut it. It was so thick and strong you could literally
cut it with a knife. Sid: Then when you were 16. Ricky: Yes. Sid: Another prophet spoke an important word. Ricky: Yes. Sid: And what happened? What did he say? Ricky: He said that the Lord God had heard
my cries, and that the Lord God at this point would heal me, and fill in seven grades, if
my mom stood on that Word and believed on that Word. Sid: But you actually had to do something
more than stand on it. Ricky: Yes. Sid: You had to do something, Dot. What was it? Dot: Yes. I had to almost enforce this. Sid: You had to go to the school. Dot: Yes. When they called me from the school, they
wanted me to take my son out of school, out of the Special Ed class. Sid: Why? Dot: They couldn’t do anymore for him. They couldn’t do anything; it was over. Sid: Wait a second. He’s just had a prophecy that he’s going to
be okay, and the school says he can’t handle it with eight-year-olds and under. He can’t do that type of work. What is Dot going to do? Don’t go away. We’ll be right back. [music] Hello YouTube mishpochah! Mishpochah is a Hebrew word; it means family. This is Sid Roth. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally
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Sid: Hello. Sid Roth your investigative reporter here
with Ricky and his mother, Dot Roberts. And Ricky was born a very sickly child. He was measured three points above “moron”. But the worst thing of all is here he’s 16
years of age, weighs, what, 300 pounds; weighs over 300 pounds. Ricky: That’s right. Sid: You’re in a classroom with children eight-years
old and under. Ricky: That’s right. Sid: And Dot, you call and find out that they
don’t want him anymore. Why didn’t they want him anymore? Dot: They couldn’t do anything to help him
anymore; it was over. They had done all they could do, and they
said they were just using him as a babysitter. Sid: And what did you say? Dot: I told them the Lord had healed my son,
and put him in the tenth grade. Sid: Huh! They just said he can’t handle Kindergarten. Dot: The Lord gave me the gift of faith, I
believe, at that moment; it was really just come upon me. And I got in the car, and I went to the school. I ran in that school hollering, “God’s healed
my son. Put him in the tenth grade.” They had seen me cry over my boy. They thought at this moment I had completely
flipped out. They just knew they had a mental case on their
hands. Sid: A fruit case. Dot: A “fruitcake”. Sid: So did you give up? Dot: Oh no, never give up. Sid: You don’t look like the kind of person
that’s going to give up. Dot: No, never give up, Sid. They sent me to the principal, and of course
he was really upset, and he told me that they had done all they could do; if I chose to
put Ricky in the tenth grade, I would destroy him. But I looked up, and they had a word on the
wall of Scripture saying that, you know, “With God all things are possible.” So I told him if he didn’t believe God had
healed my son, take it down; he’s a hypocrite. So then he sent my son to their doctor; and
so I went into the doctor’s office, and the doctor said, “I don’t believe in that junk.” I said, “I’m a believer, and God’s Word can
be tested. Test him.” And in a couple of weeks or so, we carried
his Special Ed teacher back with us. Sid: And what was the report? Dot: The doctor said, “I don’t know what to
say to you guys.” Would you believe it if I told you that he
was doing trigonometry he had never had; algebra he never had; tenth grade work he never had. Sid: Ricky, how could you answer questions
on this test – on algebra and trigonometry – if you’ve never been taught? You can’t. Ricky: I can’t. It was amazing, Sid. These answers were coming into my mind. They were just flowing into my mind from God. These answers would pop into my mind. It’s amazing. Sid: So what did the doctor say? Dot: He said, “I just don’t know what to say
to you.” He said, “I don’t have no idea what to say
to you.” Sid: What did the principal say? Dot: Put this boy in the tenth grade. Well when we – the Special Ed teacher was
with us, so she went back and gave him the report. Sid: Had they ever had someone move from Special
Ed to tenth grade? Ricky: No. Dot: Said it was impossible; that was impossible. But when they went back, they had a meeting,
and no one wanted a retarded boy in their class; not at that age anyway. But one teacher decided to take him on trial. Sid: Yes, but wait; he’s not retarded. The tests show he’s not, and he knows trigonometry. Dot: But they didn’t understand it like that. Sid: Okay. They found one teacher. Why did this teacher do it? Dot: He had had a child who had a problem,
and he felt like Ricky needed to be in with his own age group. Sid: So describe to me what happened your
first day in tenth grade, Ricky. Ricky: Well Sid, it was – my whole life was
changed instantaneously. It was like for many, many years, my whole
mind had been dark. And then God just lit a small match in my
mind, and it exploded, and these thoughts were coming into my mind; answers were coming
in. Of course, my whole life had changed at that
time. I walked into this room, shaking, scared to
death. The children knew that I had been retarded;
they still thought I was retarded. Sid: Were the children pretty cruel to you
previously? Ricky: Yes they were. Sid: Did they call you names in front of you? Ricky: Yes they did; yes they did. And what’s so amazing about this, God said
He would never take that away from me. And I asked him why because – God said, “You
must remember where I brought you from.” Sid: So tell me, what was it like being mocked
by the other children? Ricky: It’s a death by itself. It’s a form of death that I would not wish
upon my worst own enemies. Sid: You’re crying right now. There are tears in your eyes. Ricky: Yes I am, because 20 – ten years ago
I could not have told this story, because the power of God – such – comes on me that
I just start crying, because I remember where I was. Sid: So tell me about that first day in tenth
grade. Ricky: I was scared. Doctor, Mr. Haslet sat me at the first desk. He said – he just started writing all the
things that we were going to have to test on in history; it was world history. I just took out my notes and wrote everything
that was needed, and I began to study. The first test, I made a hundred. Sid: Did that raise the eyebrows of the other
children? Ricky: It really did. It really did. And within six weeks, the children that had
giggled at me, I was tutoring them. Sid: The children that were mocking him, that
were laughing at him; the doctor said it wasn’t possible; the teachers didn’t even want to
take someone “three points above moron”. Even though he tested him, they didn’t believe
it; they couldn’t believe the tests. He gets a hundred. You know what? “… all things are possible
to [those] who believe …” the truth. You’re going to find out something so spectacular
that no matter where you are right now, you will have the same faith that his mother had
for your miracle. Don’t go away. [music]
[music] Sid: Hello. Sid Roth your investigative reporter. I mean, that is such an amazing miracle. Ricky, “three points above moron”, and
now he’s teaching the other students in the tenth grade. This is impossible. But God says “… all things are possible”.
“… all things”; that’s pretty inclusive. “… all things are possible to [those]
who believe”. Now let’s fast-forward a little bit. Graduation night. You’re obviously in the audience. How are you feeling at graduation? Ricky: Excited, because Satan has said all
those years that I would never graduate. See, the lie was that I would never be able
to make a living from my mind; only from my hands; and God has reversed this. And God has said that I, you know, I’ve always
said, since God healed me, that it’s God’s ability, not mine. I give God everything. Sid: Dot, I’ve got to ask you. You’re sitting there at graduation. You’re the proud mama. What’s going inside of Dot? Dot: Oh Sid, I can’t even explain it. When – that night that he was to graduate
– did graduate – he came down that aisle with such honor cords around him. And when he went up on the platform to receive
his first award, I believe that was Business Law. Ricky: That’s right. Dot: And the principal said, “You just, well,
stand here.” You’ll walk yourself to death going back and
forth. Sid, that night he got every award but two. Sid: Did the other students acknowledge what
a miracle this was? Dot: Oh yes, yes. Sid: How? Dot: I think they were totally surprised,
Sid. That night when – we had prayed that this
story would come out in graduation, and they said he jumped seven grades is why he
got the “Most Outstanding” award. And the students cried, and the people in
the audience cried. Tears were just flowing everywhere. Sid: But today – today – Ricky, you have seven
doctorates. Ricky: Yes. Sid: He has two PhDs. Ricky: Yes. Sid: Awards. You just got, I just found out – we don’t
have the certificate yet – you got a Cambridge University award for one of the top 1,000
Americans. Ricky: Yes. Sid: What other awards have you won? Ricky: International Youth Achievement; that
was in high school. Only 10,000 worldwide receive that; I received
that twice. Nobody has ever done that before. I’ve received Who’s Who in High School, Who’s
Who in America, and this year I received Who’s Who in the World; and next year I will receive
Who’s Who in the World. Sid: How did you do that? How did you? Ricky: It’s the grace of God. It’s the grace of God. I did nothing. God gave me the ability and the capacity,
and then He said, “Go learn.” Sid: What would you say to a mother that’s
watching right now, Dot? What would you say to a mother who’s got a
child that is physically handicapped, mentally handicapped, or emotionally handicapped? Talk to her right now. Dot: I would tell her to get in the Bible. I would tell her to read the Word of God to
that child. I would also tell her to not give up hope,
because my God – and your God – has no special people. What He did for my son, He will do for you. Hang on. Sid: What do you think when you see your son
speaking, and when you see miracles happen when He speaks? How do you feel? You know where he came from. You know. Listen, you told me that you’ve actually set
an alarm clock every 30 minutes when he was a baby, because you were afraid he might die,
and you’d be sleeping. Dot: That’s correct. We set an alarm clock to watch him. Most of the time wherever Ricky was, his daddy
and I were somewhere close by. But to see him now, knowing what state he’s
come from, words cannot explain it. It’s miraculous. When I see him teaching, when I see him praying
for people and I see God move, and I look at him, sometimes I sit there, tears come
into my eyes, only the grace of God. Sid: Now he’s been prophesying over people. Do you see them come to pass, the prophecies? Dot: Yes, yes. Sid: Okay. Next week, Ricky is going to be on “It’s
Supernatural!”, and he’s going to speak in the power of God. The same power that caused him to go from
“three points above moron”; where his medical doctor said “No hope”; he can’t
even cut it with eight-year-olds; to having seven doctorate degrees. Those of you that have impossible situations
in your life, I urge you to tune in next week. I urge you to do exactly what his mother Dot
said to do, and that is to start reading the Bible. “… all things are possible to those who
believe. “… all things”; it’s very inclusive. All things are possible to those who believe”. What? You can believe anything? No, no. Believe “That God sent His only Son”,
who came to this earth to die for you, and rose from the dead. “… by His stripes”, “… his blood”,
“… your sins were washed away.” Tell God you’re sorry for the sins that you
have committed. Believe the blood of Jesus has washed the
sins away, and now make Jesus Messiah and Lord. You do this with your mouth. Do that right now. Have a fresh start, and recognize you are
as valuable as Ricky is. You are as precious to God as Ricky is. You have a destiny in your life, just like
Ricky does. You have a purpose. There is something great that is going to
happen to you, and next week is going to be the beginning. I’ll see you again on “It’s Supernatural!”

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