Harvard Business School Commencement 2016
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Harvard Business School Commencement 2016

[MUSIC PLAYING] To the members of
the class of 2016, I’m going to talk to you
today about three H’s– hope, humility, and honor. We made it. We made it. This is what great leaders do. They not only spark
hope in themselves, they instill hope in others. I am specially inspired
by historical leaders like Abraham Lincoln, or Winston
Churchill, or Mahatma Gandhi, who nurtured a hope among
vast numbers of people during the bleakest of times. As you continue your
work as leaders, always remember the
importance of hope. The second quality or virtue
I ask you to consider today is humility. Humility is a broad
quality, but it has a few important dimensions. Intellectual humility
is the virtue of knowing that no matter
how smart you think you are, you can always learn
something from other people. Equally important
is moral humility, which is the awareness that
no matter how self-assured you are about your
moral compass, you are vulnerable under stress or
in certain contexts to losing your way. Personal humility is knowing
that it is so much better to let others talk about
your accomplishments than to talk about
them yourself. You will all become leaders
of teams and organizations, and as you assume
these roles, people will be watching
closely for signs of hubris and self-importance. Marcelle de Souza Goncalves Meira [CHEERING] Like all of you, I can only
marvel at Marcelle’s strength and Pedro’s spirit, which shone
so brightly in her Class Day remarks yesterday. Finally, I ask you to consider
a third virtue, that of honor. Many people like to use
the word honor as a noun, as something you
give or receive. However, I prefer to use the
word honor most frequently as a verb. Honor is something
active that you do. Honor is about making
and keeping commitments. Start first by honoring
people who don’t expect it, but whose work helps make
your leadership possible. [CHEERING]

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