Happy Holidays from The Fuqua School of Business
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Happy Holidays from The Fuqua School of Business

– Greetings from the
Fuqua School of Business in Durham, North Carolina. As the holiday season approaches, we at Team Fuqua want to send you our very best wishes and
thoughts for the season. As I reflect on this past year, my belief is, this has probably been the most challenging year in the history of U.S. business schools. At the same time, it’s been
one of the very best years for the Fuqua School. What’s behind that
interesting juxtaposition? One word: innovation. First, we announced, and are
launching this new effort in terms of our daytime MBA curriculum that’s focused on three pillars. The idea of creating common purpose in a world of difference. The idea of managing
technology transformations, and the idea of
entrepreneurship for a lifetime or entrepreneurial mindset and action. On top of those changes in the MBA space, we added in a STEM track
to the MMS program. This is critical both because it gives the MMS students access
to critical STEM content which is highly relevant
in the world today, but also because it is STEM qualifying in the eyes of the government and so now all three
of our degree programs, give the STEM qualifying option. On top of those changes, we announced two new degree programs. We’ve added to our efforts
in this technology space by introducing another online degree in the business analytics space and in addition to that, we’ve introduced an accelerated
version of that degree. I’d now like to pivot from innovation to celebration. This year marks the beginning of what will be a three year celebration of our 50th year. In 1969, the charter to form the business school was created and we graduated our first group of twelve students in 1972. We think this is a
fantastic thing to recognize in the history of the business school. With that, on behalf of the students,
faculty, and staff of the Fuqua School of Business, we wish you a holiday season
filled with love and joy. And we wish you a safe,
healthy, and prosperous new year. (upbeat music)

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