Happy Holidays from Guilford College
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Happy Holidays from Guilford College

Seasons greetings from the campus of Guilford
College! 2019 has been filled with highlights, and the new year promises to be bright. This
year we sent nearly 300 extraordinary graduates into the community and beyond to work and
serve. We welcomed a large and diverse first year class to a revitalized campus, and we
launched the Guilford EDGE with a brand new curriculum and academic calendar, featuring
an intensive 3-week term each semester. Guilford is being transformed not only by changes on
campus, but by the engagement and support of our alumni, parents, friends, faculty,
and staff. Let’s hear from some faculty, staff, and students about how key decisions as well
as your investment of time and resources have impacted the Guilford educational experience
this year. The 3-week program through the Guilford EDGE has brought an unparalleled opportunity for Guilford College students, faculty, and staff to engage in programs from
Alabama to India, looking at complex social, environmental, scientific, and interpersonal
ideas. The Guilford EDGE and the 3-week has opened up a great world for our students. Studying abroad in Spain and walking part of the Santiago de Compostela was extremely rewarding. The 3-week program made it very convenient to briefly detour from my major and study other topics like pilgrimage and hospitality. The Spanish
culture was really embracing, and we were all sad to leave after 10 days. During my time at Guilford College, I’ve developed my collaboration skills, something that has been
extremely beneficial for my learning. As a Chemistry major, I have been a part of two
research teams. In each project, teamwork and collaboration has been fundamental for
our success. The Guilford EDGE creates an environment in which students explore the
life cycle of a discipline or idea, gaining a better understanding of any topic from an
inorganic chemistry lab to shadowing physicians in Spain. Guided Discovery has really embodied
the focus on “Teaming for Success” here at Guilford. As a Guide on the career side I
try to meet with my students at least three times a semester, to check-in on their well
being academically, financially, and personally, so we know that they’re going to be successful
here at Guilford. On the career side, some of my colleagues are doing a lot of work with
the Alumni Volunteer Program to make sure that we continue to build our collection of
internships and opportunities for students, and to provide some really strong career coaching
so that students get the opportunities that they need to be successful outside of Guilford.
The Guilford EDGE and its focus on rallying campus spirit has positively affected our
department by getting our student athletes more involved in campus wide activities. Working
with Barbara Lawrence and the DEI office, from an ethical leadership perspective, has
enabled us to train our student athletes and coaches about important issues surrounding
diversity and inclusion. Guilford College made great strides in 2019 and will continue
to do so in the coming year. We are excited for your continued journey with us. From all
of us at Guilford College we wish you a joyful holiday season, and a Happy New Year! Happy

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