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Hands In!

Hi guys, here we are in Newland Park. We’re going to teach you a game today called Hands In. We’ve been practicing a little bit so are we ready? Let’s go, we’ll start from John! The game is really simple, you put your hands in, in front of you and then each player will take their left hand and put it next to the player to their left so that everyone is going to have two hands between their own hands. Then they go around the circle, if they tap once it continues around in the same direction in the circle. If a player taps twice then it sends it back in the other direction. Let’s have a look. If a player makes mistake, and then that would mean they would take that hand that they made a mistake with and put it behind their back and then hand is now out of the game. If they do this twice then they lose both their hands and then they’re going to be out of the game for good. It’s really simple and fun to explain but you can make it more complicated; if you do that they tap three times on the floor then you can say it’s going to jump over one hand so it’s going to skip a hand. So tapping once it goes around in one direction, twice it changes direction and three times it jumps over hand. Try it out and hope you have fun!

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