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– This tastes like the lotion
that I sometimes sample at Bath and Body Works.
– You eat it? – I can taste it in my nose.
I’m breathing in and out the ice cream. ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Today, you’ll be
trying this. – Ice cream!
– Uh. – How is it [bleep] up? – These are the real
[bleep] up ones. The ones that look
like normal shit. What is in here? – (FBE) So, we’re gonna
blindfold you and give you some weird ice cream flavors
and see if you can guess them. – Yes!
– Awesome, I’m down. Let’s go. – How can you make bad ice cream?
It’s not a thing. – True.
– So, I’m feeling very confident. – Maybe this is just very wholesome.
– That’s vanilla. Do I get a point? – (FBE) Here are your blindfolds.
– Aw, it’s so soft. – What if there’s chunks
of something. – Oh no, please don’t do
that to me. Come on, man.
– I’m scared. – Don’t ruin ice cream for me. – (FBE) Here’s your first
ice cream. – (both) Where?
– Right here? – This is a hefty spoonfull.
– I’m gonna miss my mouth. – Yeah, me too.
I’m gonna miss my mouth. – I don’t know where it is. – That’s, um…
– Interesting. – It’s really good. – Is that caramely?
What is that? – Yeah, I know.
Damn, it’s delicious. – It tastes really sweet,
but there’s crunches in it. – You feel it?
I didn’t get any crunches. You feel any saltiness at the end?
– Mm-hm – It’s just sweet.
I don’t know what kind of sweetness.
– It’s a bitter sweet. – I have an idea.
I don’t know that it’s correct. – (FBE) Guess the flavor
in three, two, one. – Pomegranate.
– Lychee. – (FBE) This was actually
beet flavored. – Oh, I love beets!
– Beets. – Licorice.
– Salted caramel. – (FBE) This was beet flavored.
– Oh, wow, that’s so cool. – It tasted like caramel
or maple syrup. – Pecan?
– Caramel apple. – (FBE) This was beet flavored. – What the shit?
– Beet? I don’t know what the hell
you guys did to it, but vegetables in ice cream form,
okay. – (FBE) Here’s your next one. – There’s the end of the spoon.
– Why can’t I find the end of the spoon? – We gotta clink it.
– Bam, nailed it. – Ready? Whoa, whoa, what the [bleep]
is that? – I don’t like it. – Whoa, that’s weird.
Maybe not the biggest fan of this one.
– There was a chunk of something in mine.
Urgh. This is so gross.
– I think I know what it is. – Not a fan of this.
– Whoa. – Ew.
– There’s something crunchy, but then at the center
it’s more like– – Why are you getting
crunchy things? – I don’t know, but it’s
not good when you bite the crunch! – There’s chunks of stuff in it.
It’s creamy and it just has this foul aftertaste
and during taste. – It’s like if I scraped something
off of my shoe and then ate that. It tastes like that. – When I wake up in the morning
and I have really bad morning breath and I can taste it,
that’s what this tastes like. – I can taste it in my nose.
I’m breathing in and out the ice cream. – (FBE) Make your guess
in three, two, one. – Mozzarella sticks.
– Goat cheese. – (FBE) This was goat cheese
and olive brittle. – Oh, no way.
– Yes, does that count? Do I win?
– (FBE) Yeah. – You’re point five. – Cheese.
– Puke. – (FBE) This was goat cheese
and olive brittle, so yeah, Brandon,
we’ll give you the point. – Yes!
I’ve had good fresh cheese ice cream and that–
– Ew. – No, when it’s done the right way,
it’s delicious. – Ranch.
– It’s cheese. – (FBE) This was goat cheese
and olive brittle. – (both) Oh my God!
– I knew there was cheese in there! – The aftertaste is horrible.
– I know. I really want the next one
to happen and be better than this, because I don’t want to have
this aftertaste in my mouth anymore. – (FBE) Here’s your next
ice cream. – All right.
– I’m scared. Clear the palette?
– Need to cleanse the palette, yeah. Ooh.
– This is so good! It’s so sweet! – Ooh, ooh.
– What the– – It’s something floral.
– I’m getting some kind of flower. – This tastes like the lotion
that I sometimes sample at Bath and Body Works.
– You eat it? (laughs) – It’s really, really sweet.
Not sugary sweet, though. Like honey sweet.
I don’t know how else to describe it.
Perfumey, kind of. – It tastes like a wedding. – There’s some kind of mint lime
going on. – You think?
Ooh, yeah. – No, no, no.
There’s a flower. – I really like this one.
– There’s a flower aftertone. Okay, I know what this is, yeah. – (FBE) What’s your guess
for this one? – Rose.
– Lavender. – (FBE) Close enough,
this was rose water. – All right, nice.
– Yes! Whoo!
I love that taste. It tastes so good.
It makes me feel fancy. – Lavender.
– Rose. – (FBE) This was rose water.
– What? – Boom, boy!
I’ve had rose water boba before. – Rose ice cream.
– Lavender. – (FBE) Yeah, this was rose water.
– Argh. – Let’s go!
– How did you know that? – All right, so guys,
I’m Pakistani, so rose water ice cream
is big in– it’s a Persian thing.
– That is so good, though. You literally know about…
– It’s a big thing. – …that ice cream?
– Yeah, it’s a big thing. We eat it a lot, actually. – (FBE) Here’s your next one.
– All right. Is this one lavender? – Cheers. – There’s definitely some cinnamony
clove or something. – It tastes like Thanksgiving. – I like this one.
– Yeah, this one’s actually good. – You tasting cinnamon?
– Yeah, a little bit. – This is good ice cream.
– I feel like I know it. I feel like I’ve smelled this
while I’m getting a massage. – Oh, oh, oh, oh.
I know it. – You know it?
– I know it. – What is it?
– I can’t tell you, cause I gotta win. – There are a few different
directions this could go, but they’re all in the same
umbrella category. – Yeah. – (FBE) What do you think
this one is? – Green tea.
– Lavender. – (FBE) That was gin and tonic
ice cream. – What? – Pumpkin spice.
– Rosemary. – (FBE) Nope, that one
was gin and tonic. – What?
– Oh, okay. – That says a lot about
my Thanksgivings. – Horchata.
– Gingersnap. – (FBE) So, that one
was gin and tonic. – What the [bleep]?
– Whoa! Girl, we gonna get tipsy!
– Gonna turn it up today. I took two bartending classes too,
but they didn’t teach us about ice cream!
– (laughs) – (FBE) Here’s your last one.
– Okay, I’m ready. – (FBE) Tom, somehow
yours spilled on the plate. – On the plate?
– Just scoop. – I’ll just lick the plate. – Mm!
– That was good. – Yummy, yummy.
– This is so good! – Ooh.
– It smells sweet. – What is that?
– That tastes good. It’s like a sorbet or something.
– That’s what I was gonna say. – It’s definitely like a sorbet.
– I taste lemons. – I taste a citrus. – It’s fruit, limey kind of, lemon.
– Yeah. It’s very tropical. – It’s really refreshing.
– Oh, yeah. – I feel like that’s something
you would eat by the side of the pool. – (FBE) Last one.
Guess in three, two, one. – Raspberry.
– Pineapple. – (FBE) This was Red Bull tang.
– (both) What? – Red Bull?
I just had a Red Bull this morning. I’m so disappointed that I
didn’t get that. – Orange sherbet.
– Strawberry lemonade. – (FBE) This was Red Bull tang.
– Ooh. – Red Bull tang?
– I bet Labib would’ve got this. Labib loves Red Bull. – Orange creamsicle.
– Orange tangerine sorbet. – (FBE) No, this was
Red Bull tang. – I was gonna say Mountain Dew.
I kinda thought it was maybe a soda. – This was so good. – (FBE) You guys tied.
– Oh, really? – Yay.
– Let’s go. – Good job.
High five. – (FBE) Brandon, you won.
– Oh, that’s right! I did win!
– I did enjoy eating ice cream with you. You were a worthy opponent.
– It was so fun. – (FBE) Morgan, you won.
– I won? – Yeah.
– Whoo! – I can’t be mad at losing,
’cause I just got five free ice cream.
– Right? – It’s great. – Thanks for watching
Guess That Weird Ice Cream on the React Channel. – Don’t forget to Subscribe.
We have new shows for you almost every day. – Thanks, guys.
I gotta find my way home now. – Hey guys, I’m Katie,
a React Channel producer. Thank you so much
for watching this episode. If you have any ideas for what
you wanna see the college kids eat next time, let me know
in the comments. Thanks, guys!

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  2. Please react to weightless by Marconi Union. It’s a song that is supposed to make you feel very relaxed and possibly induce sleep.

  3. Tbh if yall want to do a blindfolded challenge and guess the whatever food you should make sure you take into account the food that some reactors cant eat due to religious beliefs and such. He wouldnt have eaten that ice cream if he knew what flavour it was but since you gave it to him as a way of guessing but didnt make it halal (which he has mentioned that he only eats halal before) it's rather disrespectful in my opinion

  4. I love Brandon so much! Ever since he came to react, it’s been so funny. He and him could 100% be best friends

  5. Brandon is the freakin best!!!!!!!!!! I love him, he's hilarious!!! XD
    3:57 "This tastes like the lotion I sometimes sample at Bath & Bodyworks."
    "You eat it?!"
    Says nothing. XD
    6:06 "MMMM" XD I love him, he's awesome.

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