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♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪ – (FBE) Today,
we have a challenge for you. – (both) Okay. – It’s gonna be
some sort of competition. – (FBE) Yeah.
– I see a button. – It’s gonna be a music thing. You’re gonna play a second
and I have to smack it and I’m gonna fail like I did last time.
– That’ll be exciting. – (FBE) We’ll play you part of a song,
one second at a time, up to 15 seconds. First person to buzz in correctly
with the name gets a point. Person with the most points
at the end of the challenge wins. – Ooh!
– All right. – All right, dude, I’m winning. – I’ve seen the staff
do this in Staff React, so I’m like, “One of these days,
I’m gonna get on that. Just one day!” Hopefully, I’m gonna do good,
but I’m just like, (sighing) man,
that’s a lot of pressure. (laughing) No!
– (laughing) – I’m competitive,
but I don’t feel very confident. – How are you gonna handle the loss?
– (scoffing) I’m gonna beat his ass. – (FBE) Here comes your first song. ♪ (xylophone playing) ♪ (hitting bell) – No!
– Isn’t it Gotye? But I don’t know the track. – Is it Key and
“Somebody We Used to Know”? (buzzer)
No!! ♪ (xylophone playing) ♪
(hitting bell) – Oh, mother– (giggling) I am sorry! – There’s nothing to apologize for. – “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye. (ding) ♪ (xylophone playing) ♪
(hitting bell) – “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye. (ding)
Yes! (hitting bell)
– Oh, what the–? – It’s Gotye, “Somebody
That I Used to Know.” (ding)
– Yeah. (hitting bell)
– Ah! Ah! Gotye! Um, “Somebody That I Used to Know.” (ding) (hitting bell)
– NO, dang it!! – Shoot! “Somebody
I Used to Know” by, uh… Gotye?
(ding) – Dang it!
– Hell yeah! Heh heh. – This is already going the wrong way. – (FBE) All right, let’s see
if another second helps. ♪ (xylophone playing) ♪
(hitting bell) – “Somebody That I Used to Know,”
Go– Go-tay. Gotye.
(ding) – Son of a gun! (groaning)
– Woo! – I let you have it. They overplayed
the crap out of that song. – In 8th grade, I think
it came out or something, and they used to always play this at lunch and everyone would just go all hype to it. – (anxious sigh) My heart’s racing! I don’t want to get cocky
’cause now I’m nervous. – You shouldn’t have placed
that $50 bet before we started filming! – (FBE) Here is your next song. ♪ (synthesizer playing) ♪ – Okay, now I know I don’t know that. – Okay.
– That was just a harmonious ♪ aaah ♪ ♪ (synthesizer playing) ♪ – What the hell?! No way. – It sounded like
an elevator door opening. Do you want to tell me
the person’s name? – “Love Club,” Lorde?
(buzzer) – I know the artist, always.
I don’t know the track. ♪ (synthesizer playing) ♪ (hitting bell) – Uh, is it “Feel So Close” by…
it’s not Calvin Harris, is it? (buzzer)
No, okay. – I didn’t recognize it, so I don’t know. ♪ (synthesizer playing) ♪
(hitting bell) – I don’t know. I’ve never– – “Somebody Else” by The 1975.
(ding) Yeah!
– All right. Well, I’ve never even heard of that song.
– You’re going down. ♪ (synthesizer playing) ♪ – Yeah, no, I’m totally lost.
– I don’t know what that is. – That was not the “Love Song,” Lorde. – I need vocals.
– It kind of sounded the same though. – I know what it is.
– You know what it is? – 1975, “Somebody Else.”
(ding) – Whoa! Hell yeah. – I think I know the title,
so I’m gonna try to go for it. Is it “Somebody Else” by 1975?
(ding) (sighing in relief) ♪ (ambient synthpop) ♪ – Oh! Oh my god!
– Still don’t know yet. – This is “Somebody Else” by The 1975.
(ding) – I never would have guessed that. – (FBE) We’re gonna skip ahead
all the way to 15 seconds. – ♪ I don’t want your body ♪ ♪ But I hate to think about you
with somebody else ♪ ♪ (soft synthpop) ♪ – For a second, I thought I knew it,
but I don’t. (laughing) (hitting bell) – “Somebody Else,” Major Lazer? (buzzer) (hitting bell) – Ooh, “Leaving
With Somebody Else,” Chainsmokers. (buzzer) (hitting bell) – “Want Your Body” by Gorillaz.
(buzzer) – (FBE) The song was
“Somebody Else” by The 1975. – Aah, I know that band!
– I don’t listen to them. – I know that band!
I’m so dumb. – I knew it! Sorry.
– I totally know it. – I’m gonna bring it back.
– Yeah, you can– – I’m serious now. I’m ready. ♪ (pulsating beat) ♪ – Shit.
– Oh, I wasn’t paying attention. – Ha ha! ♪ (pulsating beat) ♪
(hitting bell) – Justin Bieber, the newest–
what’s the newest Justin Bieber song? (buzzer) ♪ (pulsating beat) ♪ – I think I know what it is! (hitting bell) “Sorry,” by Beyonce?
– No. – [Bleep]!
– No! No, no, no, no, no. – I really thought the first–
– As soon as I say it, you’re gonna be frustrated.
– No! (hitting bell) – “Mask Off,” Future.
(ding) – Oh my god! (hitting bell)
– Uh, “Mask Off,” Future. – Ah, I knew that! – (rapping) ♪ Percocet ♪
– (joining in) ♪ Molly, Percocet ♪ (hitting bell) – “Mask Off” by Future.
(ding) Oh! (hitting bell)
– Ah, damn it! – Let’s go!!
– Nooooo!!! – Wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait. Guys, give me a second.
Give me a second. Give me a second. “Mask Off” by Future!
(ding) Let’s go!! ♪ (pulsating beat) ♪ – (gasping)
– Oh! – I heard that. (hitting bell) – Is it Future, “Molly Percocet”? (buzzer) ♪ (pulsating beat) ♪ – I want to say it’s the song
that goes ♪ Sail ♪ but I also don’t have
a guess for the name. – “Molly Percocet,” 21 Savage.
(buzzer) – (FBE) We’re skipping ahead
to 15 seconds now. ♪ (pulsating beat) ♪ – My friend’s gonna kill me
if I don’t get this. – ♪ Call it how it is ♪ ♪ Hendrix ♪ ♪ I promise ♪
– (chuckling) – ♪ Yo ♪ ♪ (rap music) ♪
♪ Percocets ♪ – I knew it. “Molly Percocet” by Aminé. No, that’s the guy who sang “Caroline.” (buzzer) (hitting bell)
– Future, “How It Is.” (buzzer) Future, “It Is.”
(buzzer) Future, “Is.”
(buzzer) – Okay– – Future, “We’re Never Gonna Get This.” What is it, actually?
– I think I don’t know it. – (FBE) This was “Mask Off” by Future. – Oh, well, we didn’t get either one. – OH!!!
– Oh my gosh! – No!
– I knew that. – I don’t deserve
to wear these headphones. I don’t deserve to touch that buzzer. – I do ’cause I already have two points. ‘Ey! – Hey, my hands are shaking.
– My hands are so sweaty. Feel my hands.
– No! – Feel it! – (woman) I’ve never seen a…
(hitting bell) – I know I don’t know that. I have no idea who that was. – That is definitely “Royals” by Lorde. (ding)
Yep. – (woman) I’ve never seen a…
(hitting bell) – Sh–!
– All right, Lorde… Is it called “Royal”? – UGH!!!
(ding) – Yeah.
– I hate you. – (woman) I’ve never seen a…
(hitting bell) – “Royals” by Lorde.
(ding) YO! Give me mah point!! Woo!
– (giggling) (hitting bell)
– (giggling) Uh, Lorde, “Royals.”
(ding) (hitting bell)
– Oh my god. – Oh, I don’t know the name of the song. Uh, eh, uh– Lorde, “Royals.”
(ding) (victorious grunt)
– ♪ And we’ll never be… ♪ – (both) ♪ …royals (royals) ♪ (hitting bell)
– Dang it!! She got that.
– (cracking up) “Royals” by Lorde.
(ding) – AAAH!!!
– I reacted to that song. I reacted to that song. – That’s so unfair.
– That was one of my first Teens React. – Like, that’s creeping me out. (laughing) – I just heard whisper talking.
– (giggling) She does that.
– (chuckling) – I can’t look at him right now.
– 2-2? Ah, dude, you betta blow this lead!
– No! – (FBE) All right, here comes
your first second of the last song. ♪ (mellow beat) ♪ – Uh… – You had more faith
in us than we deserved. (hitting bell)
– “I Feel It Coming,” Chainsmokers? (buzzer) – “Paris,” Chainsmokers.
(buzzer) ♪ (mellow beat) ♪ (hitting bell) – “I Feel It Coming” by The Weeknd.
(ding) – Good job.
– Uh! Uh! Uh! ♪ Tell me what you really like ♪ ♪ (mellow beat) ♪
(hitting bell) – (screeching) No!
Wait, hold on. Um… “I Just Want Your Love”
by The Weeknd. That’s not the name of the song! (hitting bell) (throaty growl)
– It’s The Weeknd. – No!!
– “I Feel It Coming” by The Weeknd. – NO!!
– Yeah! – Okay, I know it’s by The Weeknd,
but I don’t know. – Yeah, I’m not gonna get it. – I feel like I might have
an idea of who the artist is, but I could be totally wrong. – One second isn’t long enough for me. – I think we should do one more second.
– Yeah. ♪ (mellow beat) ♪ (hitting bell)
– “I Feel It Coming,” 1975? (buzzer) – “I Feel It Coming,” Shawn Mendes.
(buzzer) ♪ (mellow beat) ♪ – Yeah, I don’t know the title. – It might be “Saturday” by The Weeknd.
(buzzer) Or “Friday”?
(buzzer) Or “Sunday”?
(buzzer) Those are all days of the weekend. – (dryly) That was so clever. ♪ (mellow beat) ♪ – I’m gonna go out on a limb.
– It’s the same thing. – Um, “I Feel It Coming” by The Weeknd.
(ding) Yeah! Woo!
– I’ve never heard that song! What the hell?!
– Get rekt! – It’s just sounds. I’m not getting any lyrics from this,
which is why it’s so hard. – (FBE) We’re going
to jump to seven seconds. ♪ (mellow beat) ♪ – ♪ Yeah ♪
– (breathily) “Yeah.” – ♪ Uh ♪
– (vocalizing beat) – ♪ Tell me what you really like ♪ – Okay, I have heard it. – The Weeknd, “I Feel It Coming.”
(ding) – Yay!
– Woo! – ♪ Uh ♪ ♪ Tell me what you really like ♪
– Oh! – Um, “I Feel It Coming,” The Weeknd.
(ding) – (grumbling) – Is it, um, “Starboy” by The Weeknd?
(buzzer) – It sounds familiar, but I know
I don’t know who it is. – (FBE) All right, last chance.
Here we go. 15 seconds. – ♪ Uh ♪ ♪ Tell me what you really like ♪ ♪ Baby, I can take my time ♪ ♪ We don’t ever have… ♪ – (sighing) My god. Okay, like, I know I’m giving it away,
but this is definitely The Weeknd, but I have no idea what the title is. – And I don’t listen to The Weeknd,
so I wouldn’t know. – (FBE) This was
“I Feel It Coming” by The Weeknd. – Ah, yeah, I definitely
would have never guessed that. – (FBE) Mikaela, you won! – Dude, I’m cringing so hard. – I feel really good
’cause we were neck-and-neck. – I’ve never won a challenge before,
so it feels pretty good. – I have still somewhat
of a good music knowledge. I feel validated. – Every time I see a buzzer,
I just assume I’m going to win, so it’s nice to have it validated. – Woo! ‘Ey! I’ll share it with you.
– You’re just giving me an L. – Even though I didn’t win,
I’m still super pumped about it. That was great. You know, we’re gonna call it 4-1
because of how nice of a person she is. I’m giving her one of my points.
– Aww! (ding)
– She’s a real one. – Thank you! – Thanks for watching Guess That Song
on the React channel. – Don’t forget to subscribe
for new shows every week. – Bye, guys! – Hey, everybody, Derek,
one of the React channel producers. Thanks so much for watching
another episode. Make sure you subscribe
and hit that notification bell so you can be
the first to know next time every one of our episodes comes out. Every single one.
Hit that button. Do it. You see it down there.
Don’t ignore it! Do it.

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